10 Reasons To Feel Comfortable Using Personal Lubricant


New year, new lu…bricant? Yes! After all, we want to carry on being true to ourselves this year, don’t we? We can use this year to let go of one or two limiting thoughts, especially when it comes to love. That includes the way we think about using personal lubricant. Ultimately, the most important thing is that we feel comfortable when we’re having fun in the bedroom! What do I like? What turns me on? What do I need? These questions would be a good place to start if you want to feel comfortable using personal lubricant. You will already be familiar with what lubricant is and how to use it correctly, and you can read more about this on the blog. 😊 In this post, we want to take a closer look at why you should be using personal lubricant, why you can feel confident and safe using it, and why we should be talking openly about it.

So why should we even be using and talking about personal lubricant?

Do you find that things start to heat up, but your body doesn’t quite keep up? Whether it happens when you’re having sex with your partner or when you’re playing by yourself with your favourite toy, vaginal dryness simply isn’t fun. When you are having sex or masturbating, it can make things start to feel uncomfortable and even painful. In fact, there are plenty of women who are familiar with those feelings of frustration and disappointment if this dryness is something they experience frequently.

When nature goes on strike, there is NO reason to panic. 

The basic fact is that many women simply don’t have enough natural lubrication during sex. This can simply be a natural tendency, it may be because mental arousal doesn’t happen ‘fast’ enough, or it can be the result of stress, pregnancy/childbirth or a hormonal imbalance. We won’t go into the causes in depth here, because this post is more about encouraging you not to feel any misplaced sense of shame about using personal lubricant. After all, using lubricant makes it easier for women to become wet and therefore helps make your sex life more fulfilling.


It also depends what your idea of a ‘fulfilling’ sex life looks like, of course. To help you out, we’ve listed ten reasons why you should feel comfortable using personal lubricant whenever you feel like it.

  1. Love yourself and your body
    Do you sometimes find that you don’t get properly wet and then blame yourself? That’s a load of rubbish, because your body isn’t always prepared to signal your arousal immediately. This is actually a natural behaviour that is both unconscious and uncontrolled and is thought to protect us from making ‘unintended’ decisions. Using personal lubricant can help both your mind and your body by making you feel less pressured to be wet.
  2. Enjoy pain-free pleasure  
    Pain is also your body’s way of giving you a clear warning signal, which makes it a complete turn-off in bed. We need to be careful to avoid pain, especially in that sensitive intimate area. Personal lubricants help with this, because the special lubricating properties of silicone or water-based personal lubricants provide ideal protection for your skin, so there’s no pain during sex or when you masturbate.
  3. Find out what you like
    Oh yes! This is exactly what it’s all about when we talk about having a fulfilling sex life. Using lubricant can help you find out exactly what you like when you’re making love or masturbating. Perhaps you’ll suddenly feel differently about a particular sex position when you use lubricant, or maybe you’ll discover new spots that turn you on when you masturbate! Whatever the case, pjur can help you find out which lubricant is right for you.
  4. No more frustration in the bedroom
    As we’ve already seen, there’s no reason to panic when nature goes on strike. Whether you suffer from vaginal dryness or at least a lack of natural lubrication, THERE’S NEVER ANY REASON TO BE DISSATISFIED with it! We all have the right to sexual satisfaction and therefore the right to something that will help. By using personal lubricant, you can avoid becoming dissatisfied with your sex life and prevent it from ever happening in the future. We recommend keeping it on your bedside table so there’s always some ready to hand, or just replenish it yourself.
  5. It’s completely in your hands
    Quite literally. Women often tend to be a little more reserved when it comes to sex, but also when it comes to talking about sex. That’s something we really have to change, ladies, because it is in our hands. If we can be really open about using and buying personal lubricant, then we will find it easier to open up about sex generally and our needs, as well as to talk more openly about what we want in bed.
  6. Feeling comfortable in your own skin
    If we can avoid pain, insecurity and even dissatisfaction in the bedroom by using lubricant, then we will naturally feel more comfortable in our own skin too. Touch will feel more intense and we may also find it more pleasurable. The result? Our hearts beat a little faster, and our skin trembles.
  7. Look after yourself and the mucous membranes in your intimate area
    Vaginal dryness leads to unwelcome friction, which in extreme cases can result in damage to the sensitive mucous membranes inside the vagina. Using lubricant will help you to protect yourself and your intimate mucous membranes so you can enjoy all forms of intimacy with your partner without having to worry. As well as using personal lubricant (please don’t use home remedies, as these can be harmful to your vaginal flora), you should also be careful about which lubricant ingredients you tolerate well and which you don’t to ensure your delicate vaginal lining stays intact.
  8. Enjoy your sexuality and orgasms more
    We’ve already looked at how using lubricant can make us more open about our needs, but can it enhance our sexuality and even our orgasms? Yes! Using personal lubricant allows us to let go and relax more – and that added lubrication not only makes for a more comfortable and pleasurable experience, but also helps us climax more easily.
  9. Your relationship will improve
    If you look at all the reasons given above for using lubricant, you will notice that it helps you to be more open and relaxed generally. It goes without saying that can enhance your relationship with your partner. When we feel comfortable, we are better at responding to each other’s needs. It also makes it easier to talk about your sexual needs if you can reach for the lubricant confidently when you need it. Give it a try!
  10. You feel liberated
    Unfortunately, there is often still stigma surrounding the use of lubricant, and this stems from the lingering misconception that women who do not get wet enough must have something wrong with them, either physically or emotionally. We want to change that and empower all women to feel free to use lubricant whenever they want and talk about it. And we can change that.

So now we’ve seen why we should be using lubricant, why we can feel comfortable and confident using it, and why we should talk openly about it as well.

So feel free to talk about it and have a fulfilling and satisfying sex life, just the way you like it. 🙂

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