25 Years of pjur&you – How You Use Our Personal Lubricants

25 Years of pjur&you – How You Use Our Personal Lubricants

Having found out who we are in a relationship with and what our relationship looks like, it goes without saying that we are also interested in how you use our personal lubricants. After all, they play a special role in our relationship. We got some useful answers from you about this too – thank you! We have also made it our aim to establish a relationship with many more of you. But how can we win over those of you who aren’t yet so closely involved with us? Well, now that we have the answers we’d love to share them with you 😊

How you buy and use pjur personal lubricants

The way you use our products is one thing, but naturally it was also important for us to know which of you buys your personal lubricant, where you shop for your supplies and what is most important to you when you do.

First of all, it seems to be the men among you who make sure there is always a good supply of lubricant:

How you buy and use pjur personal lubricants

You usually do this through an online sex shop (27%) or on Amazon (20%). But you also use high-street sex shops (16%), the pjur online shop (14%) and pharmacies (11%) to buy our products. We found that when shopping for personal lubricants, what’s most important to you is that they are kind to skin/hypoallergenic and reasonably priced:

How you buy and use pjur personal lubricants

Personal lubricant use is also closely linked to how much sex you are having. So naturally we were curious about your sex life as well. Most of you enjoy having some fun together at least once a week. We love that!

To be more precise, you gave us the following answers:

  • 53% need sex two to three times a week
  • 19% need it every day
  • 17% of you told us that once a week is enough
  • 5% have sex several times a day
  • 4% of you get it on once a month
  • 2% don’t need it more than once a month

More than half of you told us that you often or always use personal lubricant when you have sex:

Always use personal lubricant when you have sex

So now we know how often we are having sex and using personal lubricants. But when are we most likely to use lubricant? Once again, you gave us your answers, and you simply cannot be without lubricant if…

We are so glad we got this right, because that’s exactly what our products are designed for 😉

We will win you over too!

Our survey also included people we don’t yet have a relationship with. The main thing we wanted to know here was what your first impressions were, whether there is already another brand of personal lubricants in your life and whether we stand a chance of starting a long-term relationship with you.

We didn’t expect anything less, but we are delighted that we managed to impress right from the word go. A total of 83% of you have a positive or predominantly positive view of us. Even better, we found that 67% of you who aren’t in a relationship with us yet are not committed to another brand. So we have high hopes of having a relationship with you, and we will seize the opportunity to win you over – that’s a promise 😊

In addition to those of you who aren’t using any other brand of personal lubricant yet, 22% of you also said that you don’t use any lubricant at all. If you don’t mind us saying so, as experts in this area, you’re missing out.  But since most of you just haven’t tried it yet, we are confident we can convince you that using personal lubricant can add so much more to your sex life. Give it a try!

Any other reasons you have for not using personal lubricants – for example, if it doesn’t feel nice (2%), if you haven’t had a good experience with them in the past (8%), if your partner doesn’t like them (5%) or if you use alternatives (9%) – are things our products can help you overcome. You won’t have any bad experiences with us, our lubricants will never feel uncomfortable or unpleasant – we promise – and perhaps your partner will like our products and just didn’t like the ones you have always used before. We will be happy to give you advice to help you find the perfect lubricant for you and your partner. Check out this blog article to find out more.

It is only thanks to all of you who took part in the survey that we were able to learn so much about you and our relationship. Thank you!

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