A Really Good Relationship – What It Means to Men and to Women

A Really Good Relationship – What It Means to Men and to Women

Is there really such a thing as the perfect relationship? Hardly anyone would be likely to claim their own relationship is perfect. The problem here is usually that men and women have different ideas when it comes to what makes for a really good relationship, which is why you’ll rarely hear anyone claiming that theirs is in fact perfect. However, this has less to do with whether or not two people are compatible and more with the fact that men and women simply have different ideas about what makes a perfect partner. What are the things that men think make for a really good relationship, and which aspects are important to women?

What men want in a relationship

At this point, there are probably lots of women thinking that what mainly interests men in a relationship is sex. And sure, sex is an important part of a healthy and good relationship – even if it is more important to men than to women. But there are other things in a relationship that are important to men, too. Here are some of the aspects that are particularly important to men:

  • A partner should also be a friend: Being able to listen to each other is the foundation for a healthy relationship. For men, it is often particularly important to be able to turn to their other half with their problems. Whilst women discuss things a lot with their friends, many men will often only confide in their partner. A sympathetic ear and understanding from their partner is therefore particularly important to men.
  • A partner in crime: Plenty of laughter and occasionally even trying something a bit crazy together – that’s what a man wants from his partner. If a man can do the things he enjoys with his partner because she gets involved and they both have fun doing it, that in itself is almost enough to make her a perfect partner.
  • Open communication: To a man, there is nothing worse than a woman who is being touchy and won’t be straight with him about what’s bothering her. In a relationship that men see as perfect, their partner will talk openly about things they are not happy with, meaning it will usually be possible to find a solution. Unfortunately, being needlessly moody and touchy without telling them what’s wrong is far from a man’s idea of what makes for a perfect relationship.
  • Independence: Behaviour that is completely normal at the start of a relationship can, over time, start to become irritating. Men really don’t like it when women put their own lives on hold and their lives start to revolve around their partner instead. Men prefer to have partners who are independent women.
  • The same sense of humour: In a relationship, it is really important to be able to laugh with each other. For many men, finding a woman with the same sense of humour is therefore essential for a healthy relationship.
  • Self-confidence: A self-assured woman who knows what she wants. That’s exactly what men want in a perfect relationship.
  • A little mothering is allowed: Although women should be self-confident and independent, many men do like to be mothered. A woman who will cook her sweetheart his favourite meal or look after him when he is ill – in men’s eyes, that’s the perfect partner.

What makes for a really good relationship in a woman’s eyes

What makes for a really good relationship in a woman’s eyes

Just like men, women in a relationship also consider various aspects important when they’re looking for a really good relationship with a perfect partner:

  • Adequate attention: Women need much more attention in a relationship than men, otherwise they will quickly feel neglected. So men should always make enough time for the woman in their lives and give her attention. Only then can they be the perfect partner.
  • Togetherness and affection: ‘But we see each other every day, we live together after all.’ It’s something men like to say sometimes, but it usually doesn’t go down well with women. Because the feeling of togetherness is often lost in day-to-day life. And because it is very important to women to do things as a couple and to spend time together, men who see it differently or who don’t see the point of spending dedicated time with their other half is anything but a perfect partner.
  • Faithfulness: This should be a cornerstone of any relationship. Yet this is usually more important to women than to men. A man who attaches just as much importance to being faithful in a relationship can therefore make the perfect partner.
  • Compliments: Whilst a man will tell his partner how great she looks at the start of a relationship, this is something that often disappears over time. Women in particular then don’t feel good about themselves. To women, the perfect man is therefore someone who can still find time for compliments, even in a long-term relationship.
  • Vanity: A man who spends longer in the bathroom than their partner is not what most women have in mind. Men need to give some thought to their appearance, too – but not too much.
  • He must make her laugh: Like men, humour is important to women as well. The perfect man must be able to make her laugh and have the same sense of humour. Because laughing together a lot is just as important to women as to men.
  • A man with flaws and quirks: The perfect partner should be anything but perfect. Instead, he should have his own flaws and quirks.

Of course, everyone has their own preferences. Whilst some people have a problem with women who are too independent, there are others who like it. Equally, some women like a man who takes care of his appearance, whilst others find vanity in a man a real turn-off. As a result, the aspects discussed here can only be seen as a guide. Yet these aspects are true for many men and women and play a major role in whether men and women feel they are in a really good relationship.

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