Aloe Vera, Hyaluron, Jojoba and the Like—The Effect They Have in Products

Our personal lubricants are not just made from silicone and water. The pjur product range is very diverse, and pjur products therefore also contain a number of different additives. Hyaluron, aloe vera and jojoba are just a few of the ingredients we use to enhance our products. Yet what other ingredients do we add to our products, and what effect do they have?

Aloe vera, hyaluron, jojoba and the like—Additives used in pjur products



Hyaluron is found in numerous cosmetic products. This is because it has a high water-binding capacity. As a result, it forms little water cushions, which enhance the lubricating properties of our personal lubricants immensely. Hyaluron is also incredibly popular because it can have regenerating and moisturising properties. Hyaluron is found in the following pjur products: pjur analyse me! Comfort Water Anal Glide, pjur BACK DOOR Comfort Water Anal Glide, pjur med REPAIR glide

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is another ingredient that it’s impossible to imagine the cosmetics industry without. Thanks to its properties of promoting cell renewal and aiding healing, there are large numbers of products which use the sap from the aloe vera plant as an ingredient. It is also a moisturiser. Aloe vera is used as an ingredient in the following pjur products: pjur WOMAN Aloe, pjur med AFTER SHAVE Spray, pjur WOMAN After YOU Shave


Aloe Vera

Panthenol is found not only in numerous cosmetic products but also in nasal sprays, ointments and eye drops. This is due to its healing properties. For example, it helps our skin regenerate and also has anti-inflammatory properties. What’s more, panthenol is also credited with having soothing and moisturising properties. Panthenol can be found in the following pjur products: pjur BACK DOOR Regenerating, pjur AQUA Panthenol, pjur WOMAN After YOU Shave, pjur med PRO-LONG spray


Jojoba or jojoba oil is another ingredient found in our products. It nourishes the skin and can aid in the skin’s regeneration processes. Jojoba is also extremely popular in the cosmetics industry because it increases the elasticity and water-binding capacity of the skin, and therefore protects against dehydration and wrinkles. pjur analyse me! Relaxing Silicone Anal Glide, pjur BACK DOOR Relaxing Silicone Anal Glide and our pjur med SOFT glide are all enriched with jojoba.


Menthol may be something usually found in toothpaste, but we use the mildly cooling effect of menthol in our products too. This ingredient adds a tingling burst of freshness to our pjur MAN STEEL Gel.


If you find ginseng in a product, it is designed to have a warming and stimulating effect­—and in our products its aim is to enhance sexual pleasure. We use this ingredient for female stimulation in our pjur myglide, for example. Ginseng is also found in our pjur MAN XTEND Cream.


Ginkgo has been well known as a medicinal plant for thousands of years, especially in China and Japan. To this day, gingko still represents growth, strength and energy. As an ingredient in our products, it is designed to have an invigorating and stimulating effect. Ginkgo is present in the following pjur products: pjur superhero glide, pjur MAN XTEND Cream

Provitamin B5

Provitamin B5 has hydrating, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. You find Provitamin B5 in our pjur med AFTER SHAVE Spray.


Most people are probably more familiar with paprika as an ingredient in the kitchen. Yet this ingredient is also found in one of our products. This is because paprika is invigorating and can have a stimulating and regenerative effect. Our pjur MAN STEEL Gel contains paprika.

Oak bark extract

Oak bark extract is an ingredient found in our pjur med PRO-LONG spray. It is combined with panthenol to soothe the skin and reduce hypersensitivity. In our pjur med PRO-LONG spray we use an oak bark extract called tannic acid.


Ginger is another ingredient that most people don’t expect to find in cosmetic products. Yet we have harnessed the power of ginger. Ginger extracts can have a stimulating effect, whilst at the same time reducing hypersensitivity of the skin. That’s why we use ginger in our pjur superhero STRONG PERFORMANCE spray.

What can camomile do?

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals and can repair damage to the skin barrier. It also helps improve the skin’s moisture-retention properties and promotes cell renewal.


Camomile is recommended as an aid to healing wounds. Furthermore, it can have an anti-inflammatory effect. In our products camomile cares for and soothes sensitive skin in the intimate area. That’s why we use this ingredient in our personal lubricant pjur BACK DOOR Regenerating.

Whether it’s aloe vera, hyaluron or jojoba—the ingredients in our products always have specific benefits, which lend the products particular properties and effects. There’s something for everyone in our range. And of course for those who prefer their products without any additives, there’s even our pjur WOMAN Nude, which has nothing added whatsoever 😊

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