Anal Orgasms – Myth or Reality?

Anal Orgasms – Myth or Reality?

Plenty of couples have already tried it and do it regularly – anal sex. The reason it’s so popular is that the human anal region is highly sensitive, which can make stimulation of the area extremely arousing. Time and again, the subject of the anal orgasm crops up. But does it really exist? If so, how does it come about? And are there differences in men and women?

No doubt about it – the anal orgasm really does exist

Many still consider them a myth, but they really do exist: anal orgasms. The anal region is host to a vast number of nerve endings, which makes for enormous sexual excitement when this area is stimulated. If these very nerve endings are stimulated with the penis or with a butt plug, it is especially arousing – and usually in a different way to anything we’ve experienced before. As a result, both men and women are able to experience an anal orgasm in this way. Yet women usually find it more difficult to reach orgasm from stimulation of the anal area. This is because complete relaxation is absolutely vital to be able to achieve an anal orgasm from anal penetration. And that’s something men simply find easier. Women often struggle to relax enough for a vaginal or clitoral orgasm as it is. Added to which, anal orgasms are more difficult for women from a purely anatomical perspective, too. But more on that below. And there are other differences between the male and female anal orgasm, too.

The anal orgasm in women

Besides finding it difficult to relax, the chances of women having an anal orgasm are lower generally anyway. The reason is their anatomy, plain and simple. Whereas men have a sensitive prostate that is stimulated during anal sex and can result in sexual arousal, stimulation is more indirect in women. But that doesn’t mean that women can’t enjoy an anal orgasm. They, too, can experience such intense backdoor stimulation that they reach orgasm. This requires complete relaxation on the one hand and, of course, anal penetration with a penis or a sex toy on the other. When women are stimulated with anal penetration, it is not just the anal area that is aroused. Instead, the arousal is also felt in the vaginal region and even the entire pelvic area. Women have a particularly good chance of enjoying an anal orgasm if their G-spot or clitoris is stimulated at the same time as their anus.

No doubt about it – the anal orgasm really does exist

The anal orgasm in men

As already mentioned, men have a better chance of having an anal orgasm. This is due to the male G-spot. Yes, that’s right – men have a G-spot, too. This is what a man’s prostate is often referred to as. It is located by the intestinal wall, behind the penis and scrotum, and can be found roughly five to seven centimetres in from the anus. And since men can enjoy exceptional stimulation of the prostate through anal sex, men simply have a better chance of getting the stimulation they need directly from anal sex. To do this, the prostate must be stimulated with a butt plug or with a man’s penis.

Another option is to stimulate the sphincter muscle to bring a man to orgasm. Again, a butt plug or a man’s penis can be used for this.

Of course, men will also find it particularly arousing to penetrate another person in the anal region. This is all down to the tightness of the anus, which can mean more intense rubbing.

Whereas we can quite clearly talk of a pure anal orgasm in men, in women stimulation is possible using a combination of the clitoris, vagina and anal region. However, this can result in an outstanding level of sexual excitement in both sexes, the likes of which you won’t have experienced before.

Anal orgasms – here’s how

To allow you and your partner to experience this level of arousal, however, there are a few points to bear in mind when it comes to anal sex:

  • Use a personal lubricant: There is no natural lubrication in the anal region, which means that it will be far from enjoyable without personal lubricant.
  • Preparation is everything: Prepare for anal sex by having a shower or even going for a bath beforehand. Not only will you be ‘hygienically’ clean, but it will also help you relax.
  • Speed is crucial: Take it too fast or too hard and anal sex can quickly become painful. That’s why it’s important for both partners to be responsive to one another and to take each other’s needs into account.
  • Sex toys for preparation: To prepare the anus for anal sex, you can use a butt plug or your fingers. This is the ideal way to get your anal area ready for the anal sex that is to come.
  • Protect yourself: Sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted during anal sex just like they are during ‘normal’ sex. So you should wear a condom to protect yourself during anal sex, too.

You will find even more tips for anal sex in our blog article about Anal Sex – a Taboo That Can Be Lots of Fun. And since we’ve just established that the anal orgasm does exist, it’s high time you gave it a try. Have fun!

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