Annoying Situations Single People Repeatedly Find Themselves in

Annoying Situations Single People Repeatedly Find Themselves in

Single life isn’t always fun, as there are some situations that you end up getting into time and again that can leave you wishing the ground would swallow you up. We have compiled some of these annoying situations and come up with a few suggestions which will hopefully help you avoid them in future 🙂

Friends who try to play matchmaker

Completely unsuspecting, you meet up with your friends and suddenly there is another single person you don’t know, who you’re supposed to hook up with. Your friends may have good intentions but it usually backfires. Not just because everyone is frantically trying to set the two single people up, but also because having everyone else watching isn’t the best situation for two people to get to know each other. To avoid situations like this, you should ask your friends outright not to do anything like that to you. If you do end up in this situation, you need to make the best of it. Usually, the other single person isn’t particularly interested in hooking up, and perhaps you can both just enjoy a nice evening together without it having to lead to anything else.

The only single person surrounded by couples

No matter where you’re invited, usually it will mainly be couples there. But it’s particularly bad if you’re the only single person surrounded by couples. In fact, there’s only one solution here: escape. A single person can barely survive an evening like this without feeling completely depressed by the end of the evening. To help you avoid situations like this, it’s completely acceptable to ask who is going to be there. If it’s only going to be couples, as a single person you can either be honest and say you just don’t fancy being surrounded by happy couples or you can think up another excuse. After all, there has to be something better to do with your evening than spend it talking to couples and no-one else.

‘Are you still single?’

This question and others like it really are the worst thing you can ask single people. They are already well aware that they are still single and most would love to change the situation, too. But everyone knows you can’t force it. The only thing you can do here is retaliate with an equally brash question, such as, ‘Are you still so unhappy in your relationship?’ 😉

Surrounded by single people moaning

Single life doesn’t have to be all bad. After all, you only have to worry about yourself and you can decide for yourself what you fancy doing. Unfortunately, there are far too many single people who don’t appreciate their freedom, instead constantly whinging about being alone and about how they’d love to be in a relationship again. Single people like this are really bad company because they just bring you down. It’s definitely best to keep away from people like this. Single life can actually be pretty good – you just have to be able to enjoy it.

The only single person surrounded by couples

The constant advice to help you “finally” find a partner

No matter how long you’ve been single, there will always be someone who loves to tell you why you’re still single and what you could do better. Advice that single people often have to listen to includes gems like ‘you’re just too picky,’ ‘you should socialise more, you’re bound to meet someone then,’ ‘you haven’t got forever, your biological clock is ticking,’ and ‘you shouldn’t go looking for someone, the right person will come along one day.’ The best thing here is to find something suitable to say in response to statements like these. If you let things like this drag you down, you certainly won’t be able to enjoy single life anymore.

Holidays with your parents?

Unfortunately, most people in a relationship think all you need when you’re single is a bit of company. So it’s not uncommon for parents to suggest going on holiday together. It’s just that, usually, that’s not what single people have in mind when they think of a good holiday. All you can do is say thank you and find a good reason why you don’t have time to go on holiday with them. Perhaps you’re already planning another holiday or you simply can’t get the time off for the dates your parents are suggesting 😉 Or you could go on holiday with your parents but plan to spend some time on your own when you get there. You can always have breakfast or dinner with your parents before doing stuff on your own.

Single people should always remember that they don’t need to worry about anything or anyone except themselves. They can decide for themselves where they want to go on holiday, what they want to eat for dinner, and who they want to meet up with. As nice as it is to be in a relationship, it’s something that single people are envied for. So in spite of all the annoying situations they find themselves faced with, single people should all enjoy their single life. pjur love hopes you have lots of fun ❤

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