Christmas and New Year At Home – Good Resolutions That Will Keep You Both Satisfied


As 2020 draws to a close, we look back on what has been a very turbulent year for us all. Yoga has become our number one hobby and we’ve all cooked like world champions. So at the end of 2020, we really ought to take the opportunity to get creative when it comes to ‘resolutions’ and perhaps finally do away with those old, well-worn resolutions. Why not simply transform resolutions into genuine love resolutions? Alongside tips for how to prepare properly, we’ve also put together some creative suggestions that are easy to put into practice and will make 2021 a truly love-filled year for you, no matter what your circumstances.

The resolutions

Despite the fact we often laugh at ourselves for once again failing to keep our resolutions, it’s still worth making them. After all, no matter what resolutions we make, setting ourselves goals will help us to achieve them. Perhaps what 2020 has also taught us is that it’s not necessarily about achieving everything we set out to do, and that plans can be completely derailed. This last year has shown that what really matters is being at peace with ourselves and our loved ones. And since that also includes having a fulfilling love life, it’s always a good idea to make a few love resolutions.

The preparation

Getting the preparation right is always important, because if you are serious about making and keeping love resolutions, you can’t wait until New Year’s Eve and then hastily come up with something. It is vital that you take a little time and think about both your own needs and those of your partner.

So let’s start with three tips to help you make your love resolutions and then actually stick to them. 😊

  1. Plan your New Year’s resolutions well in advance

Do you always wait until New Year’s Eve before you start thinking about your resolutions? Why not give yourself a little more time, as this is the perfect time to do some soul-searching and use the festive season to work out which resolutions will really be worthwhile.

  1. Be present

Are you relaxed and present or do your thoughts drift somewhere else – despite the festivities? Try listening a little more closely this year. What are your hopes for the year ahead, and what are your expectations? Be open to the needs of your partner too. You’re sure to come up with one or two love resolutions if you do this.

  1. Listen to your impulses

Crazy ideas? Spontaneous moments? Why not? This is a great time to listen to your impulses and turn them into resolutions – and with no pressure whatsoever. Just write down whatever pops into your head and take another look at it after the festivities are over. 😊

Merry (SE)Xmas – Which love resolutions are worth making?


Christmas is a time for love, and this year we will be spending it at home with those closest to us. There will be no going away on holiday and no big celebrations, which makes it all the more important to focus on yourself and your loved ones.

Tiny steps can help you to keep your resolutions moving forwards. Why not try to do one little thing every day until New Year’s Eve? Are you still not sure what would make a good love resolution? Did you miss the ‘right’ moments to figure it out this year? No problem.

We’ve created an ‘awareness roadmap’ for you so you can evaluate your own desires and better understand your partner’s too.


Resolve to follow these love resolutions one by one over the next few days:

Date Attentive acts
23 December


Start your day with a relaxing massage, which could evolve into something more, and ask your partner how they feel or if they have any suggestions on how you can improve.
24 December Exchange loving words and glances with your partner and be actively aware of each other. Why not write a Christmas card just for your sweetheart?
25 December


How about a quick romp between the sheets on Christmas morning? Let your tongue do the talking and let it glide over your partner’s body. What are you in the mood for?
26 December Share your fantasies tonight. Take your time and try to tell your partner about a fantasy that you have to try out afterwards.
27 December Bored of sitting in front of the TV? Not today! Gently kiss the back of your partner’s neck each time there’s an ad break. Ask them what their hopes are for the coming year.
28 December Have a quick ‘sugar fix’ in the afternoon and smother your sweetheart in delicious melted chocolate. Sound good?


29 December Oh so wet. No words necessary. Grab your partner and massage their intimate area with personal lubricant. Discover something new that you’d like to try.
30 December Something for the ladies this time: how about a little ‘fitting’ today? Give your partner a sneak preview of your sexy lingerie. If you haven’t already, ask him about his taste in lingerie.
31 December   Stuck for ideas for New Year’s Eve? How about enjoying a dinner in the dark, naked? It’s guaranteed to be a very special experience.

Now we know the best way to prepare over the next few days and what attentive acts can help us identify love resolutions, let’s take a look at five creative love resolutions you can make in 2021.

  1. Our number 1: Be clear about what you want and need
    Openness, listening, being present. These are ALWAYS good resolutions. Because focusing your attention on yourself is worth its weight in gold. Clearly saying what you want is not only a great resolution to make about matters of the heart, but also for your everyday life. Have you noticed over the festive season that you really enjoy a massage with personal lubricant? Next time, tell your partner clearly and ask for whatever you need.
  2. Our number 2: Don’t put off till later what you can – and want to – do now
    In the mood for oral sex? Has it got to be now and not some other time? Why should you put it off until later if your partner wants it now too? Speak your mind and don’t be afraid to live in the moment.
  3. Our number 3, which should in fact also be number 1: Be thankful at least once every day
    Be thankful for your health, your family and your favourite people. This is always the best resolution to start a new year with in any case. Next year, how about taking the time each day to be grateful for your relationship or your orgasm? You could start writing down your thoughts about this, for example, or express your gratitude to your partner more often.
  4. Our number 4: Introduce micro dating
    Although it actually also comes under the ‘be thankful’ resolution, micro dating can keep our relationship fresh over the long term and make it more satisfying in everyday life.  With that in mind, a resolution to be or continue to be ‘satisfied’ and to let your actions do the talking would be a great idea, wouldn’t it? 😊And last but not least, a resolution that’s a little bit different:
  5. Our number 5: Creating spaces
    How about simply turning one of the resolutions above into a project? What about a private sauna? Or a ‘snuggle room’ in your flat or house? We are likely to be spending a lot of time at home in the beginning of 2021 as well, so why not take your New Year’s resolution to ‘spend more time together’ and turn it into a project?

As you can see, the preparations you make and the small acts of attentiveness will help you to identify the resolutions that are worth making for 2021 and that will bring you satisfaction and contentment. 😊

On this note, we hope that you will make lots of wonderful resolutions about matters of the heart, which will hopefully translate into an intensely satisfying love life. Above all, we wish you a very happy and healthy 2021. Stay safe and love each other!

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