Dive into Infinite Pleasure – How to Get the Most Out of Your Sexuality

Dive Into Infinite Pleasure
Dive Into Infinite Pleasure

Rediscovering your passion, letting yourself go and freeing your mind and body from boundaries – over the last few weeks we’ve given you plenty of inspiration for how to get the most out of your sexuality and all the opportunities it offers you. Now we’re giving you a short recap of everything here, so you only need to look in one place for a guaranteed satisfied sex life!

Inspirations for a satisfying sex life & getting the most out of your sexuality

Use personal lubricant for a better sex life

For us, personal lubricants are part of a satisfying sex life: they help you enjoy sex for longer, masturbate and give sensual massages, & support your body so that you can be happy with your sex life! Personal lubricants can improve your wellbeing & sex life, because you’re finally free to stop worrying and talk about your sexual desires.

Pamper yourself with a sensual massage

A sensual massage is the ideal foreplay for a couple of spine-tingling hours with your partner. It won’t just get you in the mood – it also strengthens your relationship with each other. You just need to know a few simple techniques to pamper your partner. And it brings you physically closer together and boosts intimacy. Our pjur INFINITY silicone-based is the perfect aid.

Use sex toys alone or as a couple & spice up your sex life

If they aren’t already, sex toys should be a part of your sex life. They can help you pleasure yourself, experience different types of orgasms, enjoy intense love-making together or alone and try out new things. So, you’ve got plenty of good reasons to use sex toys. If you haven’t had a chance before, try them out now. Our pjur INFINITY water-based is ideal for use with your sex toys.

Be sex positive & grow as a person

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Sexpositivity is worth it.

Sex positivity is a way of thinking that focuses on sexual freedom, tolerance and acceptance. The movement promotes a positive, affirmative, consensual and self-determined approach to your own and other people’s sexuality. Sex-positive people are open to the broad spectrum of sexuality. And this openness means they are far more likely to have better sex in their relationships.

So, are you already sex positive, or will you take that step with us?

Take time for mindful & intimate sex

Insist on spending some quality time with each other. Mindful and intimate sex can bring you much closer together as a couple. Mindful sex is about being more attentive during sex. It is the opposite to a quickie or spontaneous sex. Mindful sex is conscious and intimate, taking sensuality to a completely new level in the bedroom.

Be physically & emotionally intimate with your partner

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Be physically & emotionally intimate.

A deep connection and an intense inter-personal relationship – that’s how we tend to define “intimacy”. Your partner knows you inside out. But, being intimate with each other doesn’t just mean being physically close. It’s almost more important to be emotionally close in a relationship. To be happy together, you need to care for both the physical and emotional elements of your relationship. So: work on your intimacy together.

Experience sex with all your senses

If you want to bring more sensuality to your sex life, you should try to use all five of your senses – taste, sight, touch, hearing and smell.  To enjoy sensual sex, you need to experience everything connected with it more consciously and intensely. Explore your partner’s body with all five of your senses. Don’t worry if you’re short of ideas: you can learn how to have sensual sex. We’ve put together some inspiration for you in this post.

Talk openly about your sexual needs

Many of us find it difficult to talk about our emotional and sexual needs. Misplaced shame or fear of our partner’s reaction prevents us from admitting our needs and wishes. But communication is the foundation for a satisfying and happy sex life. Interaction with a partner – and not just physical, but also mental contact through conversation – will improve your sex life. It’s about time you talked to each other. We’ve got some tips on how sexual communication works for you as a couple. Find out more here.

Become familiar with your body and your needs with masturbation

Boosting your self-esteem, getting to know your own body and its needs better, or even awakening your fantasies and sex drive – these are just a few of the positive effects of masturbation. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a relationship or not. You need to know your body intimately to know what is good for it and be able to share that with your partner. So, make masturbation part of your sex life – whether alone or together with your partner – and discover exactly what you do and don’t like.

Work on yourself and your relationship to have satisfying sex

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Work on Your Relationship by Communicating Openly.

The longer you’ve been together, the better you know each other. You love each other, you’ve built a life together. Unfortunately, your sex life often suffers. The sexual appetite tails off, and you don’t really desire each other anymore. Yet, it can be so easy to still have a satisfying sex life in long relationships. The secret is to continually work on yourself and your relationship. Taking time for each other, being conscious of your partner, not taking them for granted and discovering new things together will all help you have a satisfying sex life in long-term relationships. And, importantly, it will also keep your sex life exciting and satisfying!

Our pjur INFINITY is the ideal product for getting the most out of your sexuality. And we haven’t just created water- and silicon-based formulas; we’ve also put it in an elegant glass bottle that feels good and looks the part on your bedside table.

So, let yourself go and get the most out of your sexuality!

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