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A heterosexual couple wants to make their sex more exciting and spoil themselves half-naked with erotic foreplay in bed. He lies behind her, takes her gently in his arms and kisses her neck
There’s nothing more exciting than consciously enjoying sex together.

Do you ever feel like your relationship has become stuck in a rut? Do you want to discover something new, make your sex life more interesting, or just have more fun in bed? Nothing could be easier! In our blog, we’ve put together some tips to make your sex life more passionate. We discuss the importance of emotional balance, fresh lovemaking ideas, and exciting sex toys. In our blog, we’ve put together some tips to make your sex life more passionate. We discuss the importance of emotional balance, fresh lovemaking ideas, and exciting sex toys.

Exciting Sex – Easy at the Start?

Yes, at the start of a relationship everything is exciting and passionate, and it all seems so effortless. That’s completely understandable, because at the start, absolutely everything is new. 🤷 

We explore each other and discover our sexual desires together. These romantic journeys of discovery are both exciting and, like most things we do for the first time, inspire a bit of bravery. Our pulse rate increases, our heart beats like mad, and we can clearly feel the sexual frisson and butterflies in the belly.

But at some point, the mystery gives way to trust, and our urge to discover recedes. It’s a completely natural process and totally normal, because over time we develop a mutual routine – even in bed.

While it might seem like a loss at first, in reality it can actually be a gain. Because intimacy doesn’t mean that sex in long-term relationships is automatically worse than for new lovers – in fact it’s often the opposite. 🤔

Psychological Foundations for Exciting Sex

In many cases, communication is the first step to getting psychological ballast off your chest and feeling freer. It’s also the best way to become mentally closer again, and more carefree and passionate in bed.

Couples in long-term relationships are at an advantage, as they already have experience communicating with each other, and they have probably already successfully dealt with their first negative challenges and figured out a “tried and tested communication strategy”.

This is a very good foundation for managing stress. Let’s be honest: there are plenty of reasons for emotional stress (and therefore less sex) in day-to-day life – and that’s something to talk about!

Openly Talking About Emotional Stress

When our brain is busy solving problems and dealing with conflicts, logically there’s not much space left over at the end of the day for thinking about sex.

  • Stress at work,
  • Tensions in the family,
  • Financial worries, or
  • Health problems

are just some examples of things that dominate our intellectual world every day and stop us thinking about sex. But don’t worry, we’ve got a few basic tips on how to clear your mind for exciting sex. It has a twofold impact, because you don’t just create room for nicer thoughts in your head, but also automatically increase your general quality of life.

Communicating Sexual Desires

To lay the foundations for a healthy relationship and exciting sex, you need to communicate your desires and fantasies too, not just your worries and concerns. After all, our sexual preferences will only be satisfied if we talk openly about our sexual needs. We need to mutually trust each other and communicate openly before we are ready to let ourselves go – and that includes in bed. 😜

Do you find it hard to talk about your desires and fantasies? Don’t worry. We can all learn how sexual communication works. You’ll be surprised at the positive changes to your sex life if you simply trust and listen to each other.

A heterosexual couple sits together at a wooden table. He speaks, she holds his hand and listens to him sympathetically. They create the basic conditions for exciting sex through their open communication.
Trust and affection are the best basis for exciting sex

How Can I Make Sex More Interesting?

That’s enough psychology, let’s get down to brass tacks. There are many ways to make your sex life more exciting. The most important thing is always that you both want to discover new things, and that no-one feels forced in any way. Then nothing will stand in the way of your erotic journey of discovery. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

Making Sex More Exciting with Sex Toys

The range of dildos, vibrators, and other love toys is growing every day and becoming increasingly imaginative. Here are a few of our favorites.

Butt plugs

The anus is a particularly sensitive and highly erogenous part of your body – for both men and women. Butt plugs are especially designed for anal use, so they titillate you in all the right places. To get down to experimenting without worrying, we suggest you first find out the right way to use butt plugs.

And here’s a fun fact that not many people know: the anus doesn’t have its own lubrication, so we can’t get “wet” back there. It’s therefore essential that you use personal lubricant with your anal toys so you don’t experience discomfort in your anus. Hmmm, maybe it’s not such a fun fact after all. 😂

Personal lubricants penetrate the most sensitive parts of our body. Which is why it’s best to always use personal lubricants that are certified according to the medical standard MDR. These products guarantee safety, as well as comfortable yet exciting sex.

Remotely-operated vibrators

These toys don’t just mean you can control your sexual stimulation remotely – you can also completely hand over the controls. Some apps even make your vibrator react to environmental noises through the cell mic, or stimulate you in time to your favorite tunes on Spotify.

These gadgets are also the perfect way to make sex more interesting in long-distance relationships. The apps can be conveniently controlled by smartphone and are generally available as a free add-on feature for certain sex toys.

Couples’ vibrators

These special sex toys are available in many different shapes and sizes, and are used for clitoral, vaginal, or anal stimulation – and naturally the penis too. Many models can be inserted into the vagina and bring twice the pleasure during sex. Some couple vibrators also include remote control via an app, making listening together to your favorite erotic podcast even more thrilling. 😵

Can Porn Make Your Sex Life More Interesting?

Watching porn films together can be exciting – and even insightful. They give you the opportunity to test out new fantasies without having to try them out yourself. Maybe you’re attracted by the idea of a three-way or voyeurism? Porn gives you the chance to try out new fantasies and quickly end the experiment if you don’t enjoy it.

But take care: porn films can also fuel false expectations, overexert with their topics, or cause jealousy or, in the worst-case scenario, even discomfort. Make sure you always choose your film carefully and, most importantly of all, together.

If the world of the porn industry is really not for you, but you still want erotic film material – what about filming yourself during sex? You are completely in control of filming. You decide what happens and what doesn’t happen – and then enjoy the movie together at the next opportunity.

It’s best not to use your cell phone to film though; use an analog camera that you always leave at home and is not connected to the internet. This way you’re sure that no-one else gets to see your Oscar-winning performances. 🤫

A lesbian couple stands in front of a mirror holding a camera. They kiss and look forward to filming their exciting sex
When filming your own porn film, you decide your own rules.

Exciting Sex Thanks to Role Play?

Slipping into another role and changing perspective brings variety and can often help us discover a completely new side to ourselves. Here are a few ideas for sexual role play games.

Reenact everyday scenes

When we reenact scenes and slip into another role, we create new and exciting environments. Everyone knows the typical ones, like “doctor and patient” or “boss and secretary,” but you can also be more creative. For example, you can meet as “strangers” in a bar, or reenact and relive your first time together again.

You can even swap the active and passive roles – and try out the sex trend pegging using a strap-on dildo. It’s a great way to get a whole new perspective on sex!

Role play with costumes

Who says that cosplay is only for comic cons? Transforming our appearance in the bedroom inspires fantasy and even makes it easier for the shyer among us to immerse ourselves in a new identity – and then discard it again. From comic characters through professional uniforms to animal costumes, you can try out anything you think will be fun.

Dominance and submission

Exercising or giving up control is an interesting and very exciting sexual experiment – but mutual trust is an absolute must. Admittedly, the whole idea of dominance and submission might seem strange to many people. But you can quite easily sneak a peek at the world of BDSM and just dip a toe in to see what it’s like. You don’t have to dive straight in, and start whipping each other.😝

More Tips for More Fun in Bed

There are many ways to make sex more exciting, develop your relationship, and rediscover yourself. Hopefully today we’ve given you a couple of ideas. But of course, there’s plenty more where that came from. Our blog has even more tips and ideas for a satisfying sex life. Take a look. 😘

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