Feel the Real. – Experience Sensual Sex With All Your Senses

Experience Sensual Sex With All Your Senses
Experience Sensual Sex With All Your Senses

Sex should be sensual, passionate and intimate. You should let yourself go and free your mind and body from boundaries. But, as we already mentioned in our last blog post, it’s not always that easy to switch off your mind. In this post, we’ve got more tips to help you engage more with sex, because all your five senses can and should play a key role in your sex life. Read on to find out what they can bring and how to go about making them a part of your life between the sheets.

Sensual sex – Experience sex with all your senses

We’ve all heard of the word sensuality, but few people actually know how it relates to sensual sex. It’s all about experiencing everything more consciously and intensely. You need to be mindful of all your senses during sex to really enjoy sensual sex. When you start paying attention to whether you are present with all your senses during sex, you’ll quickly notice that you try to engage maybe one or two of your senses, but never all of them at the same time. Sensual and therefore mindful sex will help improve both your sex life and your self-confidence. And the best part? Sensual sex is something you can learn and ingeniously make a regular part of your sex life. Simply give your senses free rein and see what happens 😉

All five of your senses for better sex

Think back to the first time in a relationship: you’re all loved up and want to really get to know your new partner. Do they smell good? What do you remember about their smell? What does your new partner’s voice sound like, and does it change in more intimate situations? Did you have your first date in a restaurant, or did you cook and then eat together? Maybe you fed each other? Did you like how your partner got all dressed up for your first date?

Exploring your partner’s body is particularly exciting at the start of a relationship. Everything is new and unknown. You might notice that we use all our five senses at this time, to really get to know each other. So why do we lose that as a relationship progresses, and let the daily grind and our mind influence us – unfortunately not in a positive way? The good news is that it’s easy to bring all five senses back in longer relationships. Why not try the following tips to experience sex with all your senses?


Bring taste to your sex life
Bring taste to your sex life

When it comes to bringing taste to our sex life, most people immediately think of using aphrodisiac food in some way. Of course, that’s one option. But you can make it even easier. Do you actually know what your partner tastes like? Do they taste different right before they orgasm? Or do some parts of their body taste especially good? If you concentrate on how your partner tastes, you’ll be astonished to find that most people have their own distinct taste. You could also eat aphrodisiac food off your partner’s body. We’ll leave exactly which body part up to your fantasies and preferences. Just give free reign to your creativity, and most importantly, tuck in! 😉


Do you still look at your partner in the same way as in the early days of your relationship? No? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. When was the last time that you looked your partner right in the eye? Watching your partner’s reactions during sex and responding to them is one way to involve your sense of sight. Or perhaps you can pay more attention to what your partner is wearing and what you like about it. Do you think they look particularly good in a certain outfit, or do you especially like particular parts of your partner’s body? When you pay closer attention, you’ll probably find plenty to look at that you haven’t noticed before, even if you’ve been together for years.


Discover your partner's body through touching
Discover your partner’s body through touching

How does it feel when your partner touches a certain part of your body? Is it enjoyable, or even arousing? Maybe it’s not the right place to turn you on? Realising how you feel during sex with your partner and then telling them that is an important way to improve your sex life. For example, a sensual massage is the perfect chance to discover your partner’s body and thoroughly explore every part of it. Being blindfolded and just concentrating on touch can really bring this special sense to the fore. Playing with warm and cold, using some wax, an ice cube or even a feather, for example, can bring very new sensations. It’s entirely up to you whether you decide to explore your partner’s body by touching specific places, or feel how your partner touches different parts of your body. Either way is thrilling, and you have enough time to try everything once in a relationship 😉


Concentrate entirely on the sounds your partner makes
Concentrate entirely on the sounds your partner makes

Concentrate entirely on the sounds your partner makes during sex. Does that sound like a classic moan? Do they sound happy/satisfied? Your partner’s noises can tell you a lot about exactly how they are feeling then and there. And of course, nothing sends a thrill up your spine like having your partner whisper in your ear. Pay attention to how your partner’s voice sounds during sex. They might have an entirely new pitch you haven’t noticed before. Don’t forget to use your own voice too. You’ll be astonished by how arousing you’ll find your partner’s voice when you concentrate on it exclusively. Try to remember their voice and what they say, and feel the effect go right through you.


For many of us, what a new partner smells like is critical, particularly in the early days of a relationship. Unfortunately, over time we notice our partner’s smell less and less. There are even studies that suggest we choose a new partner based on their smell. Women in particular are influenced by this in their choice of partner. Whether fresh from the shower, after a long day at work or during sex – we all smell different over the course of the day. It’s worth paying attention for once, and giving your partner a good sniff 😉

To really have sensual sex and listen to our own senses, remember the following tip: focus less on having an orgasm, and far more on your sensations in the moment. You can completely let yourself go and enjoy yourself. We’ve already discussed the teachings of tantra or even tantrism in a previous blog post, and discussed their importance for our sex life. Here again, a more mindful and conscious approach to life plays an important role.

Experiencing sex with all your senses, being completely in the moment, and giving yourself up to your partner won’t just improve your sex life; it will also boost the intimacy in your relationship. Take your time and concentrate fully on each other. It will be worth it, we promise!

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