Getting Back in the Dating Game – How to Get Flirting Right, Online and Offline

Getting Back in the Dating Game ¬¬¬– How to Get Flirting Right, Online and Offline
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Has your relationship come to an end, but now you’re over the initial pain and you want to check out the dating scene and start flirting again? It can be difficult at the beginning, especially when you have been in a relationship for a long time. How do I flirt properly, can I even do it still, and how should I behave on a date? No problem – pjur love will help you get back in the dating game.

The traditional approach of going to a bar to flirt and get talking to someone is unthinkable for many single people today. There are simply far too many other ways to meet people online. Dating apps are booming, and although it can all feel very strange if you’ve never tried it before, there are plenty of success stories. Lots of people meet online and then fall in love in real life. That’s why we’ll be taking a look at dating apps below. But of course we don’t want to overlook the traditional way of getting to know someone – flirting.

How to get flirting right and get to know people – offline

Flirting – something most people only know how to do online and by text. Offline flirting, on the other hand, is something many people find difficult. Yet it’s really not that complicated. If you like someone, very slowly start making eye contact with them. Glance over at them when they’re looking somewhere else. We notice when someone is looking at us and it arouses our interest. But it’s important to be subtle. You definitely shouldn’t stare. Keep making eye contact and, if they return it, just go over and start a conversation. The onus is usually still on the man to go and talk to a woman, though. A lot of men will be scared off if a woman is too forward. But men shouldn’t just go rushing in either. It’s worth thinking of something to say that will either start an interesting conversation or make her laugh. Acting macho and arrogant, on the other hand, will put a woman off. And if you sense that they’re not really all that interested, it’s best to beat a retreat.

You should treat flirting as a game, at times being open yet holding some things back. Your body language should show you’re interested – listen attentively and look them in the eye. However, you don’t want to give the impression that you’re desperate and are frantically searching for a new partner.

Dating apps

Tinder, Lovoo and Badoo – most people have probably heard of at least one of these dating apps before, and many people will even have registered with them already. Browsing through profiles and deciding who you like the look of and who you don’t is child’s play. But what dating apps are available?

  • Tinder: To be able to register on Tinder, you must be 18 years old and have a Facebook account. You can then upload pictures and descriptions of yourself. Once you have entered your preferences regarding age etc., the app then looks for singles who fit the bill. These profiles are shown to you, and by swiping right or left you indicate who you like and who you don’t. If two people like each other, this is a match. They can then write to each other and get to know each other.
  • Badoo: The flirting app Badoo comes from Russia but now has lots of users around the world. Like Tinder, you need a Facebook account to be able to register. The unpaid version allows users to contact ten people every day. Anything beyond that requires VIP access. For around €5 per month, for example, you get premium features. With Badoo, too, if two people like each other they can contact each other.
  • Lovoo: This flirting app doesn’t require a Facebook profile. It has roughly three million members in the UK. Like Tinder and Badoo, Lovoo also looks for singles in the same area who want to flirt and brings them together. The app is free, but there are some additional features only available with paid VIP access.

There are lots more dating apps besides these three, such as Jaumo, Lovescout24 and Parship. So for people who like going online to look for a suitable partner there’s plenty of choice. And in fact there are lots of good examples of how well online dating can work, too.

How to get flirting right and get to know people – offline

How to behave on the first date

Once the time has come for the first date – whether you’ve met online or offline – it’s normal for you both to be a little on edge. Try to put it to the back of your mind. Your date will be anxious as well, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with admitting you’re nervous. In fact, it can even make people friendlier and can help break the ice. Where you meet is important on the first date, too. If you just meet in a restaurant and you quickly run out of things to talk about, you can end up with awkward silences. If you already know that you find it difficult to make small talk or find things to talk about, it may be better to go to the cinema – or at least not just sit in a restaurant. You can always combine a trip to the cinema with a meal in a restaurant or a drink in a bar. It’s best to book tickets in advance. That way, you have a specific time to be at the cinema, and if you run out of things to talk about then it’s not so bad.

Who should get the bill: the man or the woman? This is a question that comes up time and again on the first date. Some people think the man should pay, whereas other women find it insulting if a man reaches for his wallet straight away and assumes he will be paying. The easiest thing is probably for the person who wants to get the bill to ask their date if that is okay. If it’s not okay, then splitting the bill isn’t a problem.

What about a kiss on the first date? Opinions are divided here, too. Some think a kiss is an essential part of a good first date. Others prefer to wait until a few dates in. Whether or not there will be a kiss usually depends on how the date itself goes, however. Women will actually give signals to indicate if they’re happy to be kissed. Men, on the other hand, shouldn’t be too forward about wanting a kiss.

We hope our tips will help you get back in the dating game quickly and find a new partner very soon ❤

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