Intimate Shaving and Pubic Hairstyles—the Low-down

Intimate Shaving and Pubic Hairstyles—the Low-down

These days, it’s almost become common courtesy to shave your bikini area. But not all shaves are the same. Do you prefer the Hollywood, do you swear by a landing strip or do you like to go all romantic with a little heart? Intimate shaving can be all of that. No idea what we’re talking about? We’ve put together a list of the most popular pubic hairstyles for your bikini area—as well as a few more striking ones.

Removing the hair

Before we get to the pubic hairstyles, let’s take a quick look at the different hair-removal methods out there. When it comes to your bikini line, there are a number of different methods you can use:

  • The classic intimate shave: To do this you will need a razor and either shaving gel or shaving foam. Simply rub it onto the areas you want to shave and then shave them with your razor. For tips on how to avoid shaving rash when you’re shaving your bikini area, take a look at this article.
  • Epilating: An epilator is used to pluck the little hairs out by the root. However, the hairs need to be a certain length for you to be able to epilate. They need to be a few millimetres long for the epilator to be able to get hold of them. Since people aren’t keen on leaving the hairs to grow so long, for many epilating isn’t an option. Epilating can also be painful—another reason why many people baulk at the idea of it. That said, once you’ve done with your epilator you can enjoy smooth skin for up to four weeks.
  • Waxing: Waxing involves removing the hair with wax, with the option of using hot wax or cold wax. You can buy cold wax strips from the chemist and they are easy to use. Simply warm the strips between your hands, smooth them onto the area you want to remove hair from, then pull them off in the opposite direction to the direction of growth. You can also get hot wax for use at home but it’s not so easy to use. You’re better off making an appointment with a beauty therapist, especially if it’s your first time trying it.
  • Sugaring: Similar to waxing, the technique of sugaring uses a sugar paste to remove hair instead of wax. The sugar paste is made of sugar, lemon and water and is very gentle on the skin. Just like wax, it is applied to the areas you want to remove hair from and then pulled off again using strips of material.
  • Hair-removal cream: Hair-removal cream is probably the easiest way of de-fuzzing down there. Simply apply, leave it to work, then remove the cream together with the hair.

The most popular pubic hairstyles

The most popular pubic hairstyles

When people talk about a Hollywood or a full bikini, this means there’s not a single hair left. The bikini area is shaved bare. This is probably the style most people go for.

The Brazilian is also extremely popular, however. This pubic hairstyle is also known as the landing strip or the Mohican. To create this style, all the hair is removed with the exception of a thin strip extending from the top of the labia up towards the belly button. But only far enough that it is still hidden inside your pants, of course.

The bikini is very popular, too. A triangle of hair is left behind in this pubic hairstyle, which is reminiscent of the shape of a bikini—hence the name. Obviously, it’s important here to make sure there are no hairs peeking out of your underwear or your bikini.

With the European, all the hair is removed except for a small bush on the pubic mound. This pubic hairstyle is very popular in Europe, which is where it gets its name from.

The most striking pubic hairstyles

When it comes to so-called freestyle pubic hairstyles, anything goes. Your bikini area could be home to a shape like an arrow, a heart or even a butterfly. To achieve a freestyle look like this, you’ll need to use a template to get the right shape. Then your striking pubic hairstyle will be guaranteed to work!

The runway is similar to the landing strip, except to be a runway this style has two strips. Instead of just one strip extending up from the labia, there are two.

The moustache – yep, you heard right. It may be standard for men to have one, but some women like it too. Just on their privates instead. To create the moustache style, women leave behind a moustache—a strip running across rather than up towards the navel.

A letter can have its place in your shaved bikini area, too. Whether it’s a T, an A or an E—it’s completely up to you. With the right template, you can have any letter you like adorning your nether regions.

There are some people who prefer to go completely au naturel, of course, not shaving down there at all. They may be the exception, but there is still a name for it. We call this a bush, and hairs are free to sprout wherever they please.

These pubic hairstyles are more for women than for men. Men tend not to make as much effort when it comes to the hair in their intimate area. Most simply trim the hair down there or shave it off altogether. It would be rather unusual to find a man sporting one of the styles described here.

Whatever your bikini area looks like, the main thing is that you feel comfortable!

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