Multiple Anal Orgasms – Time to Really Get Things Going!

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Anal orgasms can be intensive and special. And they can conjure up all kinds of fantasies, especially for beginners. But how do anal orgasms actually work? And do you always need to stimulate the sexual organs to have one? At pjur, we’ve taken a closer look at how anal orgasms feel, what triggers them and what steps you can take to make sure you experience multiple anal orgasms.

How does an anal orgasm feel?

An anal orgasm basically feels the same as any other orgasm. Which means it’s different for every one of us. Sometimes, however, anal orgasms can feel a little stronger or more intense. During an orgasm, many people feel a sense of release and their leg or pelvic floor muscles also contract. Most anal orgasms also feel like this. If the penis and vulva are stimulated at the same time, it is possible to experience multiple anal orgasms.

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at how anal orgasms actually work.

What causes anal orgasms?

An anal orgasm occurs when the anal opening, the anus, butt cheeks or the prostate or clitoral area are stimulated. Even though the prostate isn’t an actual erogenous zone, it can still trigger an anal orgasm if stimulated in the correct way along with the penis. Multiple anal orgasms can also occur through indirect stimulation of the clitoris, clitoral crura and the entrance to the vulva. Special muscles around the anus transmit sensations directly to the vulva region and can trigger a simultaneous clitoral or vaginal orgasm there. This is all thanks to the pudendal nerve, which runs through the penis and clitoris and is connected to the anus. Simultaneously stimulating the penis, vagina and anus triggers a real firework that can take your orgasms to the next level.

So, we’re all capable of experiencing multiple anal orgasms. But what steps should we take to get there?

Eight steps to multiple anal orgasms

The following tips should put you on the right track for anal orgasms:

  1. Turn yourself on mentally and get in the mood

    You really need to be in the mood for anal sex if you want to experience good anal orgasms. A sexy fantasy in your mind, erotic stories, good pornos or even meditating beforehand can help get you horny. Try not to overthink things or worry about pain or being embarrassed – the more relaxed you are, the more pleasure you’ll get from it. And you’ll be more likely to experience multiple anal orgasms.

  2. You can’t use too much lube!!!

    No matter how you want to start! Even if you only think about anal sex for two seconds, please use enough personal lubricant. Ideally, personal lubricant that is specially designed for anal sex – this makes it a much more pleasant and safer experience. Even if you think you’ve already used too much, use a bit more. Insufficient personal lubricant is the main reason for pain and injury, and it can also stop you experiencing multiple anal orgasms.

  3. Start slow and finish big

    If you want to have multiple anal orgasms, you should start small, ideally, using your fingers or smaller anal sex toys first. You can read about the best ways to use these here. Smaller anal plugs are also good at the beginning – they’re not only great for preparing your anus but they can really turn your partner on. Wearing anal plugs or anal chains, for example, during sexual intercourse, oral sex or masturbation can lead to multiple anal orgasms. Skilfully rubbing or massaging with the tips of your fingers (index finger or thumb) and switching between them (you could use multiple fingers if you’re both ready for it) can also quickly lead to an anal orgasm – or even multiple if you follow up with penetration.

  4. Be open with each other

    Always be open and say what you like and what you don’t like. Above all, the person who’s being penetrated should provide frequent feedback to a) prevent pain and b) ensure you can both experience intensive anal orgasms. To make sure you both have the best orgasms, you should communicate your needs clearly and say exactly how things feel. You’ll both feel safer and this will free up your minds so that you can really experience the pleasure. Make sure you also say when you need more personal lubricant. It’s totally normal for you to make sure that everything’s running smoothly.

  5. Put the focus on your anus

    Yep. It’s your anus. And although we may be curious about it, we still get a bit embarrassed about letting something in “down there”. Yet we should really pay it more attention. Think of it as a clitoris, or like the head of your penis or the G spot. As we’ve already mentioned, fingers, rimming and anal sex toys can be a great way to put the spotlight on the anus. Talk about it openly with your partner. Above all, paying more positive attention to your anus can change your mindset and the way you get horny, paving the way for you to have better or multiple anal orgasms.

  6. Breathing and relaxation

    Holding your breath or tightening your anus is not a good starting point for great anal orgasms. Even if we don’t realise it, we all usually hold in our breathe in a bit during sex or contract our sphincters. You can, however, train yourself to always take deep breathes and allow your body to relax because your sphincter will automatically contract if anything tries to penetrate it. This makes it difficult to have multiple orgasms. So just let go and breathe.

  7. Speed versus depth?!

    After the right preparation and foreplay, getting in nice and deep can also trigger some extra special sensations. However, deep penetration is certainly not a guarantee for multiple anal orgasms. Even though pornos often show deep – and what looks like unprepared – penetration, we really want to emphasise here that using your hand, mouth or anal sex toys during foreplay is the best way to get your partner to experience multiple anal orgasms. Speed is also not always a decisive factor. As with all sexual practices, individual needs and preferences are the most important issue here. Anatomy also plays a role. While deep and very fast works well for some, others prefer a slower, more gentle approach.

  8. Extra stimulation of your primary sexual organs

    Multiple anal orgasms can almost only be achieved if you stimulate the sexual organs at the same time. The prostate, which is located behind the penis and scrotum, and the clitoris can be stimulated through the anus. There are even special techniques for the penis and vagina that can help you achieve multiple anal orgasms. These include the Jen Mo acupuncture point near the penis and tapping techniques for the vagina. Multiple anal orgasms can also be intensified with pelvic floor training. Tensing the muscle helps control prostate and vaginal contractions. Wearing or pulling out a plug or toy during sex can double your pleasure and trigger multiple anal orgasms.

So, we’ve looked at how anal orgasms feel, at what triggers them and what steps we can take to achieve multiple anal orgasms. So now it’s time to indulge yourself and your partner – and make sure you talk about your needs every step of the way!

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