Popular Sex Positions – and a Few Worth Trying

Popular Sex Positions – and a Few Worth Trying
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Men and women are at odds on plenty of things. Yet, when it comes to the world’s favourite pastime, that doesn’t seem to be the case. An American and British study found that the favourite sex position is doggy style – among both men and women. The cowgirl position comes next for men, while the next favourite among women after doggy is the missionary position. Here at pjur love, we asked ourselves what the most popular positions really are, and which unusual ones are worth trying.

The most popular sex positions

The 69

The 69 is still one of the most popular sex positions. It allows both partners to be pleasured orally. The woman has her mouth around her partner’s genital area, while the man gets to work on her, too. When a man pleasures a woman orally we call this cunnilingus, and when a woman pleasures a man orally we can it fellatio. The 69 position is incredibly stimulating for both men and women. The only potential problem comes from having to concentrate on two things at once – pleasuring your partner and being satisfied yourself. But if you can manage it, the 69 promises the two of you hours of erotic pleasure!

The Missionary position

Also known as the classic sex position, this is one everyone will probably have tried. The woman lies on her back and spreads her legs, while her partner penetrates her. For women, however, there is no guaranteed orgasm with this position, since there is little or no stimulation of the clitoris. The woman has a more passive role in this position, too, which can be a drawback for those who like to take a more active part. However, a few adjustments to the missionary position can give the woman more freedom of movement. Placing a cushion under the hips to lift them can help with this.

the classic sex position

The Spoon Position

Many people write this position off as boring, but it’s one all couples should try. The woman lies with her back against her partner’s chest while he penetrates from behind. The advantage of the spoon position is definitely the close body contact and the high level of intimacy between the two partners as a result. In addition, the man can easily reach the woman’s clitoris in this position and stimulate it at the same time. The woman also has her hands free to touch her partner’s body, which can be stimulating for him, too.

The Cowgirl position

Men really go for this one – the cowgirl position. While the woman sits on him and ‘rides’ him, he can surrender himself and be the passive partner. Men also particularly like the fact that they have their hands free and have a good view of their partner’s breasts. But this position is a good one for women, too, as they can decide how fast and how deep to take it. For the more adventurous among you, read on for a variation on the cowgirl position below.

Doggy style

Doggy style is another of the most popular sex positions. In the traditional doggy-style sex position, the woman kneels on all fours while the man penetrates her from behind. This position is usually a lot of fun for both men and women. Not only does the man get a fantastic view, he can also reach the clitoris or the breasts with his hands while he is penetrating his partner. This sex position is great for women, because it’s perfect for deep penetration, so it can also stimulate the G-spot. It’s important to be careful at first, however, as it can be painful for the woman initially when the man first enters. So it’s worth being cautious at the beginning, before increasing the speed gradually. There are plenty of variations on this sex position: leaning against a wall, kneeling on a chair or with the woman supporting herself on her elbows instead of her hands. The doggy position is really versatile – making it the perfect sex position for just about anyone.

Unusual sex positions – something for the more adventurous

Sex standing up

Instead of always doing it lying down, try having sex standing up from time to time. At this point, many people will ask how that would even work. Simple. The woman simply has to lift one of her legs and wrap it around the man’s leg or hips. This tilts the woman’s pelvis forwards slightly, and if the woman then bends her upper body backwards a little, the man should have no problems penetrating her. The only potential issue is if the height difference is too big. This standing position works best if you are roughly the same height. If not, it is still possible to have sex standing up. The man simply lifts his partner, while she wraps her legs around his hips. It is best for the woman to lean against a wall in this position, so that her partner does not have to take her full weight. This way, even couples with a height difference can try sex standing up.

Unusual sex positions – something for the more adventurous

The Reverse Cowgirl

Traditional doesn’t always have to mean boring. The cowgirl position can also be modified, for example. Instead of being face to face with your partner, simply try turning your back on him. This gives you both a new perspective on the traditional cowgirl position, and allows you to enjoy a new penetration angle.

The Lotus

In the lotus position, the man sits with his legs crossed, while the woman sits on top of him. This sex position is particularly intense if the woman draws her legs up close against her partner’s upper body. The woman dictates the speed, and thanks to the close body contact it gives the man great access for caressing the neck and breasts.

The Elephant

Also known as position number 22 from the Kama Sutra, the elephant position involves the woman lying on her front with her legs closed or slightly open. The man leans over her and penetrates her from behind. By placing a cushion under the woman’s pelvis, the man can really hit the G-spot when he penetrates her. The man or woman can also stimulate the clitoris with his or her hands.

The Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow is one for the more advanced among you. In this sex position, the woman leans head down – supporting herself either on the floor, on the bed or on the sofa. The woman bends forwards, while her partner holds her thighs and lifts her lower body until their hips are level. The man then holds her hips and penetrates her. This is another good sex position for intense G-spot stimulation. But be careful – there is a real risk of injury with this sex position, and it’s not all that suitable for couples who aren’t very athletic.

The Viennese Oyster

For most people, the name Viennese Oyster probably conjures up images of food rather than an unusual sex position, but it’s actually something worth trying. The starting position is the missionary position. The woman lies on her back, while the man bends over her. The difference comes in the position of the woman’s legs. The woman lifts her legs up until she is able to rest them on her partner’s shoulders, or even cross them behind his head. This enables really deep penetration, which is stimulating both for the man and the woman.

Beside the classic sex positions, it’s worth trying something new every now and then. Try it for yourself! We at pjur love hope you have a lot of fun ❥

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