Sensual Massage – Perfect for Extended Foreplay

Sensual massage - that's how it works
Sensual massage - that's how it works
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Intimate, erotic massage can be the ideal foreplay, offering quality time with spine-tingling fun as a couple. Indulging your partner can also help to strengthen your relationship. So how about giving your partner a sensual massage? Just a few simple moves are enough to create a sense of physical closeness and intimacy. That’s why pjur love have put together a few basic techniques and tips for your next sensual partner massage.

A guide to an intimate massage

Rather than helping, if you get massage wrong it can even be painful. So it’s important to make sure you only use specific techniques on certain areas. Here are a few basic massage techniques that anyone can try to treat their partner to a relaxing – and perhaps even erotic – massage:


Long, smooth, sweeping stroking movements over large areas of skin can aid general relaxation. Your hands can wander from one body part to another with gentle stroking movement, pampering your partner.


Kneading the skin is supposed to have a relaxing effect in sensual massage and can relieve tension. To do this, knead the skin between your thumb and fingers exerting light pressure on the skin. The back, chest and stomach can all be kneaded, as can all other areas of the body.


Pressure can be applied using the base of the thumb, the knuckles or even one hand on top of the other. By moving back and forth using light pressure like this, it is possible to selectively ease tension in specific parts of the body.

As well as these basic techniques, naturally there are also certain areas of the body that are a common and popular focus for massage.

Sensual massage – Which areas of the body benefit from massage?

Sensual massage for extended foreplay
Sensual massage for extended foreplay

The back

The back is a particular favourite for massage. It is also the area most likely to carry tension. A back massage should begin and end with what is known as ‘effleurage’. ‎To do this, move your hands in a stroking movement from the lower back up to the base of the neck, over the upper arms, and then back down again. So it’s all about stroking movements at the beginning.

You can then knead the entire back and indulge your partner with stroking movements or using pressure. Again, you should include the upper arms, shoulders and neck region in the sensual massage. It is important to make sure your massage is symmetrical. So use the same massage strokes first on one shoulder and then on the other, for example.

You can try almost anything on the back and there are virtually no limits to what you can do. You just need to be careful around the spine. It is fine to use light strokes over this area, but kneading and applying pressure are not a good idea.

The bottom

Once you have finished on your partner’s back, you can get started on their bottom. The lumbar portion of the spine and the coccyx in particular take a punishing in people who spend a long time sitting down. There are also lots of muscles and connective tissues in the bottom that really benefit from massage. This is an erogenous zone and men especially like touching their partner’s bottom. You can try out all the massage techniques above on the bottom without any problems.

Other important factors for a good massage

To make sure your sensual massage session has the desired effect, it is also important to set the scene. The room should be pleasantly warm, and music can help create a relaxed atmosphere. To make the intimate massage really nice, it is essential to use a massage lotion. Before you start looking for a good, suitable lotion for massages or a massage gel, just have a look in our shop. Our silicone-based personal lubricants are perfect to use while giving a sensual massage and can be used for the fun that might follow, too 😉

Other tips for your sensual massage session with your partner

If you really want to pamper your partner, here are a few extra tips you should follow:

  • As mentioned above, you should use one of our silicone-based personal lubricants, like pjur Original. It serves to make the movements softer and thus more pleasant.
  • The surroundings also play a role in whether or not a massage will really be successful. First, make sure the temperature is right. After all, no-one wants to lie down in a cold room for a massage. You can also use candles to create a little atmosphere. And as mentioned above, some suitable music can also be a good idea.
  • To apply the massage strokes outlined above, you can use the palms, the base of the thumb, the fingers and thumbs.
  • You can add a little variety to your massage by alternating between long and short massage strokes and firm and light pressure. You can also add variety to your intimate massage with a change in rhythm and tempo. Either use slow or faster strokes, or even pause briefly.
  • If you know your partner is particularly sensitive in certain areas or is carrying tension in specific areas, you should be especially careful in these areas. Watch your partner’s reaction and make sure you only do things he or she finds enjoyable.

Here at pjur love, we hope we have been able to help you pamper each other. Enjoy the time together ♥

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