Sexting – What Is It and How Do You Do It Right?

Sexting – What Is It and How Do You Do It Right?
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Sexting – still such a new word, and one which most people have probably heard before but don’t know exactly what it means. Sexting is the sending of erotic messages by smartphone. In this article, pjur love reveals what it is exactly and which tips you should always bear in mind.

Sexting – what exactly is it?

The word sexting comes from the two words ‘sex’ and ‘texting’. It involves two people sending each other naughty messages. Usually, it’s all about getting each other aroused. Whether you do it in a relationship, in an affair or with the flirt you’ve been hooking up with – all these forms of relationships can be spiced up with some sexting. That way, you look forward to the time you spend together even more. And it’s not just about sending indecent text messages – you can use pictures or certain smileys here, too. But to make sure your sexting is a success, follow these tips:

Tips on how sexting works

  1. Both partners should be into sexting! If only one person is enjoying it, it can quickly become unpleasant for the other person. So, if you send your partner a steamy message and your partner doesn’t really respond to it, then you probably shouldn’t send any more indecent sexting messages.
  2. Always double check who you are sending it to. If your sexting message ends up going to the wrong person by mistake, it could be really embarrassing.
  3. Use ambiguous wording! This gives your partner plenty of scope for the imagination 😉
  4. Pet names, rhymes and diminutives don’t really have any place in sexting. They therefore shouldn’t be used in this context.
  5. Sexting should not be a byword for coarse and vulgar. Reminding your partner of the last night you spent together and asking for more of the same can be quite classy yet still be particularly arousing.
  6. During the day, if you have a fantasy that you want to try out, tell your partner. Then they can look forward to it for the rest of the day.
  7. Often, it’s not even necessary to explain everything in detail. Begin a thought and simply end the sentence with three dots. Then your partner can imagine themselves what exactly you want to do to them.
  8. Indecent photos or nude pictures can also be sent when you’re sexting. You should be cautious about doing this, however. If you do, you should have known your partner for a long time already and trust them. What you don’t want is your picture being misused at some point for other purposes, do you?
  9. If you do send photos when you’re sexting, less is usually more. Instead of taking a photo of yourself completely naked and sending this image, it’s better to take a photograph of just a part of your body – such as your breasts or your behind. Your flirting partner can then imagine what the rest looks like.
  10. Sexting works best with short, concise sentences. Tell your partner exactly what you want, but leave room for ambiguity.

Sexting – what exactly is it?

How to go about it the right way

If you’re still quite new to sexting, the examples below may help you with how to start an exchange like this and things could unfold:

First of all, you should start with a cautious ‘I’ve been thinking about you’ or ‘I miss you’. Wait to see how your partner responds. Perhaps your partner will answer straight away, in which case you can continue by telling them what you’d like to do with them if you were together. If your partner takes a long time to respond, it may be that your flirting partner is not into sexting. You should always be considerate of that since sexting only works when both partners are having fun. But if you’re both okay with writing erotic sexting messages, after telling your partner what you’d like to do with them you could follow it up by asking what your partner is wearing. It can also be worth a sexting message to tell your partner what you’re wearing. Another way to begin a chat can be to remember a few hours of passion you’ve already spent together and to remind your partner of some of the details. Tell your partner you want more of the same next time you see each other and they won’t be able to get you out of their head.

Abbreviations to help sexting go smoothly

It’s no longer possible to imagine the world of text messaging without abbreviations. It’s similar with sexting too, as abbreviations have now been developed that are used specifically for this form of communication. We’ve put together a few examples here that you could use in your next attempt at sexting:

GYPO: Get your pants off

MSNUW: Mini-skirt no underwear

FYEO: For your eyes only

PHAT: Pretty hot and tempting

DURS: Damn you are sexy

PTMM: Please tell me more

H4Y: Hot for you

Sexting is not for everyone, but if both people enjoy it then it can add a little extra spice to a relationship or even an affair or some flirting. This way you can create a little passion, even when you’re not physically together. Give it a try and have some fun with it 🙂

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