Special Gifts for Her – Find the Right Christmas Gift for Your Girlfriend

When Christmas rolls around, men usually face a huge problem: ‘What’s the perfect Christmas gift for my girlfriend?’ Instead of handling the situation with skill and considering what makes their darling’s heart sing, most guys simply haven’t got a clue. If they buy their girlfriend a gift that she doesn’t like, then an argument usually follows – and that’s surely not in the spirit of Christmas. This year, why not have a sexy Christmas and give a special gift for her that excites? But you first need to consider whether or not your partner would like such a Christmas gift since not every woman appreciates gifts that could perhaps lead to a few erotic hours for the two of you. If she is the kind of woman who would cherish a sexy Christmas, then the following gift ideas are exactly the right surprise for her.

Togetherness – the perfect Christmas gift for your girlfriend

Spend time together

Every woman loves spending time together with their sweetheart. So it could be a great idea to give her a romantic weekend – maybe at a place with lots of snow? Simply take time for yourselves and focus on being a couple. So a sexy Christmas for two is already on the cards if you’re planning to take a trip this year at Christmas time. And a romantic dinner, perhaps at the restaurant where you ate together the first time, would be a wonderful surprise for your sweetheart. Spending time together at Christmas is a special gift for her with which you really can’t go wrong.

Christmas lingerie for a sexy Christmas

Which type lingerie do you like seeing your girlfriend in most? For a sexy Christmas, simply give her the lingerie that you would most enjoy seeing her wearing. But bear in mind: You should take into account her tastes, too. If you know that she wouldn’t wear the lingerie that you like, then give some thought to what might please you both. But you need to be sure about the correct size. Just take a quick peek inside the underwear that your girlfriend already has. Then you can be sure to pick out the correct size. Nothing is worse than buying a woman Christmas lingerie that is too small or too large. It would only serve to illustrate that you don’t know your girlfriend’s figure and, instead of a sexy Christmas, you’d be exchanging angry words under the Christmas tree. If you get it right, after your girlfriend unwraps her Christmas lingerie, you’ll soon be unwrapping her 😉

Sex toys/vibrators – for having lots of fun at Christmas

Do you enjoy experimenting in the bedroom? Then give a sex toy or a vibrator as a Christmas gift for your girlfriend. They make for exciting hours together and plenty of variety. There’s a whole assortment to choose from. A vibrator for two, for example, can make both of you climax, and in a completely different way than you’re both accustomed to. But that isn’t the only way to surprise your sweetheart with a sex toy or vibrator. There are several possibilities:

  • Rabbit vibrator
  • G-spot vibrator
  • External vibrator
  • Love balls
  • And many more…

There are also special sex toy sets for couples. So to get started, maybe they would make a useful Christmas gift for your girlfriend? You know your sweetheart’s preferences best. Look for a vibrator that will make Christmas a sexy one for both you and your girlfriend.

It’s best to give the vibrator with a personal lubricant. Personal lubricants can minimise the friction that arises during sexual intercourse and also during the insertion of sex toys and vibrators, and make it more enjoyable for both of you.

And just so that you don’t cause your sweetheart any embarrassment, you probably shouldn’t give such a gift in the presence of your relatives. A gift such as this is best given in private. And if you’re in the mood, you can test out the gift immediately!

Give a sensual massage for you both

As you know, foreplay is very important to women. So how about a sensual massage? Give her a massage course where you learn, as a couple, how to touch one another in all the right places in order to stimulate or relax. To apply what you’ve learned later at home, you can also include a massage device, massage oil or a massage candle as part of the Christmas gift for your girlfriend.

Erotic pictures – capture the moments forever

Another great Christmas gift for your girlfriend is an erotic photo shoot of you both. The photo shoot will not only be a wonderful experience in itself, but great memories will also be created which you can adorn the walls of your bedroom with. Alternatively, you can have erotic pictures of yourself taken and then give them to your sweetheart as a special gift for her.

A particularly exciting Christmas dinner

Do you have anything concrete planned for Christmas day? How about cooking a Christmas gift for your girlfriend? When you spice up the meal with aphrodisiac ingredients, you can get your sexy Christmas going at the dinner table. The following foods are some of the ones that are believed to have an aphrodisiac effect: asparagus, oysters, chilli peppers, basil, nutmeg and ginger. There are numerous dishes that you can add these to.

Chocolate fondue is perfect for dessert because chocolate, as well as strawberries, grapes and bananas, are all said to exude an aphrodisiac effect.

An exciting Christmas dinner is just the perfect Christmas gift for your girlfriend.

Christmas gifts for your girlfriend – a summary

Special gifts

for her

Pros Cons Costs
Togetherness You spend time together and can strengthen your relationship. If your trip lasts for several days, you have to invest quite a bit. Starting at €50 to several hundred euros
Lingerie If your girlfriend likes her Christmas lingerie, you make her happy and yourself, too. If you buy the wrong size, it may lead to a dispute instead of harmony. Here too, prices can range from around €30 to several hundred euros.
Sex toys/vibrators You can explore new territory in bed and pep up your love life. If your girlfriend isn’t fond of sex toys/vibrators, such a Christmas gift for your girlfriend could be badly received. From €20 to €200
Sensual massage You learn to touch one another in places that are especially exciting and revitalising. Before you can try it out as a couple, you must first take a massage course. From €40 to several hundred euros – depending on the scope of the course
Erotic pictures Beautiful memories. Your girlfriend might not like the pictures or perhaps doesn’t enjoy being photographed. For a good photo shoot and nice pictures, you should budget least one hundred euros or more.
Exciting Christmas dinner A dinner involving aphrodisiac foods can make for a sexy and erotic Christmas. If your girlfriend doesn’t like your cooking, this can backfire. Here it all depends on what you want to cook. For the meal including a nice bottle of wine, you have to spend at least €50.

Enjoy exchanging gifts with your sweetheart and have a happy and sexy Christmas – you just need to decide on that special gift for her 🙂

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