Superfoods For Your Libido: Spice Up Your Date Night

Spice up your date night with superfoods for your libido
Spice up your date night with superfoods for your libido
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Do you spend evenings snuggled up with your partner on the couch, but then realize that you don’t actually desire each other anymore? You need to start including these superfoods for your libido in your diet! They’ll get you pouncing on each other again in no time 😉 We’ve even put together some recipe ideas for starters, mains, and desserts. So nothing gets in the way of your next thrilling date night.

What are superfoods?

We’ve compiled a list of some superfoods with aphrodisiac effects, and even given you a couple of recipes and tips on how to include them in a romantic dinner. But first, let’s start by explaining what superfoods are, and why they’re seen as real nutritional “superheroes.”

Superfoods have a particularly high concentration of nutrients. They have numerous vitamins, minerals, and even phytochemicals, and therefore do the body a lot of good. Not to mention the libido…

Superfoods that stimulate the libido

In a previous post we introduced you to a couple of love foods, which will put the spark back into your love life. But it’s worth adding the following superfoods to your diet every now and again as well. Maybe at the weekend, on a fun night out? 😉

Enjoy the aphrodisiac benefits of …

… ginseng

The ginseng root comes from Asia and has been used there for centuries as an effective aphrodisiac and superfood. It is believed to have particular benefits for women. More precisely, the arginine amino acids found in ginseng can contribute to an increase in sexual desire. Ginseng is also believed to lift the mood, boost stamina, and reduce tiredness.

Due to its positive effects on lust, we’ve even harnessed the benefits of ginseng in some of our products, for example, to help with female stimulation in our pjur myglide.


Ginseng root can be eaten raw, steamed, boiled, roasted, or even deep-fried. Ginseng can be used as a side vegetable, as well as added to soups or teas.

Why not try a Korean chicken soup as a starter for your next date night?

… goji berries

The perfect main dish with goji berries
The perfect main dish with goji berries

Goji berries come from China where they are known as “happy berries.” They are orange-red berries from the Lycium barbarum which resemble rose hips. They are said to have anti-aging effects, and traditional Chinese medicine even attributes life-prolonging effects to them. They contain large quantities of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin B1. They are also rich in protein, iron, and fiber.

But more importantly for desire, the red berries are also believed to be a sexual stimulant that can brighten the mood and act as a tonic. We think it’s worth giving them a go, so here are a couple of suggestions for meals and a tasty recipe:


You can buy goji berries in the form of tea, powder, capsules, juice, spread, or dried fruit. Simply scatter them over a salad or bowl, or use them as a topping for soups or desserts. Goji berries also taste delicious added to couscous or rice dishes.

Why not try this tasty pasta recipe. Ideal for a main dish 😉

… maca

You’ve never heard of “maca,” otherwise known as the “sex tuber?” Then it’s about time! The healthy tuber from Peru was eaten by the Incas, who used it to boost fertility. It is also believed to increase virility and performance, as well as help ease the transition of the menopause. And while the effects of the maca tuber have not yet been scientifically proven, this superfood contains a whole range of vitamins, including B1, B2, vitamin C, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, valuable fatty acids, and quite a lot of proteins. Definitely a superfood that belongs on the table at your next date night!

Superfoods for your date night
Superfoods for your date night


The root tuber maca is pretty difficult to get hold of as a fresh vegetable in Europe. But if you do manage to find it somewhere, simply prepare it like a carrot and bake it in the oven, for example. Dried maca root as a powder is a lot easier to find, and can be used as a replacement for flour in baking and cooking, or even dissolved in water or milk as a drink. You can also use maca like a fruit puree. Maybe on your next dessert?

What about a maca pudding? Check out this recipe for it here.

… ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is also a berry. It’s known as the “sleep berry” and is associated with several positive health effects. It is said to help with insomnia, depression, low fertility in men, and impotence. It is even used as a natural potency remedy for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, as ashwagandha can counteract low levels of testosterone.


You can buy ashwagandha in the form of capsules, tablets, powder, tea, or as a root. The powder can be dissolved in water or milk, the tea is simply brewed as usual. You can drink the powder dissolved in milk before going to bed to improve sleep. Or you can take it as a tonic, to give yourself more energy, and even that much-needed burst of desire.

Now you know exactly what to put on the table for the ultimate date night, there really isn’t anything standing in your way. 😊 We’ve given you enough superfood suggestions for a lovely evening as a couple, which will hopefully boost your desire for each other again. Have fun trying them out!

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