The Christmas List – Discover 6 Erotic Gift Ideas For a Red-Hot Christmas


Christmas is just around the corner, so it’s only right that we reward ourselves with a special treat –especially as this year turned out so completely differently to how we imagined it back in 2019. So how about not just treating your loved one to a special gift but making your own erotic gift wishes come true as well? There’s no harm in a little extra rustling beneath the Christmas tree. Check out our ideas for the perfect erotic Christmas gift and tips on how to prepare for a steamy Christmas.

Anticipation is half the pleasure

Finding presents always has the potential to be stressful at Christmas. This year, we may even lack the motivation required, as we are all preoccupied with the coronavirus situation. Even so, we shouldn’t let it spoil the excitement we feel as Christmas approaches. Instead, we should use our newfound time to reward ourselves and our partner. And what could be better than an erotic gift?  We’ve taken a look at the latest trends to give you the inspiration you need.

6 erotic gift ideas that really pack a punch

  1. Lingerie with a difference
    Sexy lingerie is a classic gift idea – and it’s always a good choice. It doesn’t matter if you treat yourself to some lingerie or if your partner gives it to you as a present. With sexy stockings and suspenders or some peephole lingerie, you’ll be right at home lying by the fireplace or under the Christmas tree. Anything that looks sexy and is appealing to the eye will of course arouse our desire too 😉 If you want to add a little extra spice to your love life this year, why not try lingerie that sends a message as well? Take ‘oral panties’, for example – knickers that are made specifically for oral sex. These will get you in the mood – especially because of the message they send – and nothing will get in the way of a hot Christmas night.shutterstock_1006718932
  2. MasterClass with Emily Morse
    A night of passion based on science? It may not sound that sexy at first, but things can get pretty spicy when you learn more about how to achieve sexual satisfaction. An online course is a great gift for couples or singles alike, because a little coaching on love and orgasms is always worthwhile.  In Emily Morse’s MasterClass you will not only learn how to open up about your sexuality, articulate your needs and improve your orgasms, but the course will also mean you get to spend time together actively as a couple or with yourself and do something special for yourself!
  3. Stimulating personal lubricants
    If you prefer your passion a little more practical than theoretical, you can always buy your partner an intensifying personal lubricant. This gift sends a very clear message: get in the bedroom now, because we’ve both earnt that extra warming stimulation. As well as stimulating personal lubricants, sprays and serums also make excellent gifts of course. And the messages they send are guaranteed to result in an intense sexual experience. 😊shutterstock_546666646
  4. A different way of wearing jewellery
    Besides lingerie, online courses and stimulating personal lubricants, jewellery is another great option. This year, how about getting an extremely personal piece of jewellery with an aphrodisiac effect or erotic significance? An item of intimate jewellery is the perfect way to make sparks fly between you. Or how about a vulva necklace to show the woman you love how much you desire her? Do you like things to be even more explicit and enjoy trying new experiences together? How about a jewelled butt plug? You can choose from all sorts of designs, including gold butt plugs set with precious stones and elegant designs made of glass.
    Disclaimer: These gift ideas really are very intimate, so you should only consider this if you have already discussed it with your partner and it is something you are both generally open to 😉
  5. Try being the dessert yourself
    And for all you gourmets out there, there is even an erotic Christmas present that might go well with your Christmas dinner. Chocolate body paint offers a sensual experience for you both, especially at Christmas. The scent of the chocolate as you apply it gently with a soft brush has a powerful aphrodisiac effect. And you can really indulge each other like this too. Give it a try 😊
  6. Sensual games
    Christmas is also a time for playing games. This year, when you’ve finished eating Christmas dinner, why not retreat to somewhere cosy, just the two of you, and enjoy lots of time ‘playing’. Love tarots or couples’ quiz questions are great for this and are sure to inspire you to explore new sexual experiences.

As you can see, there are some erotic Christmas gift ideas that definitely deserve a place on your wish list. Needless to say, there are also a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind when you’re shopping for erotic Christmas presents. Read about these and other ideas in this blog article.

How to prepare for a red-hot Christmas in the pre-Christmas season


It goes without saying that finding the right erotic gift is vital to get that extra sparkle under the Christmas tree. This year, however, take the stress out of giving presents and enjoy your time at home to the full. Perhaps you’re feeling much more inclined to spend some time together and get cosy at home at the moment? Then why not use the run-up to Christmas to work on your orgasms ready for Christmas?  After all, don’t forget that the best gift of all is having an orgasm together. 😊

Here are our top 3 tips for an intense pre-Christmas period:

  • The special wish list
    Make the most of the festive season and simply try talking to your partner about what’s on your bedroom wish list.
  • Warm biscuits, fresh from the oven
    The more you are able to switch off, the better your orgasms will be. Why not bake some biscuits together to help you relax? The delicious smell can be a real aphrodisiac.
  • Fireplace and candles
    The crackling, the flickering and the warm blankets. How about giving each other a candlelit massage by the fireplace as Christmas Eve draws near? Why not try massaging your partner‘s erogenous zones. 😊

So now we know how to choose the perfect erotic gifts and how to use the time leading up to Christmas to prepare for a red-hot Christmas. With this in mind, we hope you have a wonderful third Sunday of Advent 😊

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