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Why sex toys, and who uses them?
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Since our first blog post on sex toys only discussed the different types available and why sex toys are no longer taboo, this post will look at why so many people use sex toys, who uses sex toys, and also how men and women can use the various toys.

Why sex toys, and who uses them?

Not only are sex toys ideal for anyone wanting to pleasure themselves, but many couples also like to use them to spice up their lovemaking, which often gets slightly lacklustre after a little while in a relationship. Whether you want to pleasure yourself, experience a different kind of orgasm, enjoy more intense moments with one another or simply try something new – there are lots of reasons to use sex toys. And because surveys reveal that fifty percent of women and fifty percent of men use sex toys, these aren’t confined to one sex or the other. Both men and women like to use sex toys, then – but how exactly do you use a cock ring, a dildo or love balls?

Cock rings, dildos, love balls and the like – How to use them properly

Using dildos and vibrators

Dildos and vibrators are probably the most commonly used sex toys. Indeed, it should be obvious to most people how to use a dildo or vibrator, but there are still a few points worth mentioning here.

With dildos, the stimulation comes from their length, girth and surface texture alone. They can be inserted either vaginally or anally. A man can use a dildo to please a woman, or watch as his partner uses it on herself. The important thing whenever you use a dildo is lubrication: a dildo should always be used together with a lubricant to make sure it glides in as it is supposed to. Unfortunately, many lubricants are not ideal for use with sex toys because they drip when you try to apply them to your toy. pjur Toy Lube, on the other hand, has a creamy consistency with ultra-long-lasting glide. When buying dildos, it is best to go for silicone or latex. Other materials often contain plasticisers, which can be harmful. Dildos and all other sex toys mentioned here should always be cleaned after use. We’ll take a closer look at that later on in this post.

In addition to length, girth and surface texture, vibrators also provide stimulation thanks to adjustable vibrations. Vibrators are mainly used for vaginal stimulation. As with dildos, the material of vibrators is also important and lubricant should always be used. The vibrations produced can sometimes be either very loud or much too strong. The volume of the vibrations is something that can be tested before buying. The strength of the vibration is often a matter of personal preference. You may need a little experience with vibrators to find the strength that suits you. As a rule of thumb, a good vibrator is quiet, water-tight and has various vibration settings.

Couples’ vibrators

Couples’ vibrators

If there is a sex toy that’s designed with both men and women in mind, it’s the couples’ vibrator. This is usually U-shaped and in women is intended to stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot. The vibrator slides inside the woman, resting against the clitoris at the same time. When the man then enters, the vibrations produced by the couples’ vibrator pleasure him as well. Women get hands-free stimulation in two particularly sensitive spots – and men get something out of it, too.

Cock rings

Most people have probably heard of cock rings, but not everybody knows what they do exactly or how to use them. The aim of a cock ring is to give men a better-quality erection, making the erect penis harder and producing an erection that lasts longer. However, if the cock ring is too big or too small, it will either have no effect, or – if it is too small – lead to a painful build-up of blood in the penis. Before buying a cock ring, it is therefore worth measuring your penis and working out the diameter. This will help when it comes to shopping.

Before you buy your cock ring, you then have to decide on the material and where you want to wear it. They can be worn either on the shaft or around both the penis and testicles, or even around the head of the penis. Beginners should start with more flexible materials, such as latex. Metal cock rings should only be tried once you have a little experience.

Cock rings are not just made for men – some also vibrate, allowing them to stimulate the woman at the same time. When using these, both the man and woman must decide together what feels right for them.

Love balls

Love balls are inserted in the vagina. Lubricant should be used for this as well. The two balls are attached to a string and are usually hollow, with a metal ball inside. They come in a range of sizes and a variety of weights. Many women use love balls to train their pelvic floor, and this can be the key to faster, easier – and apparently also better – orgasms. Love balls can also be used as a toy for couples, if they are remote-controlled balls at least. That way, the man can control the vibrations and stimulate his partner in whatever way she likes.

Couple using sex toys

Anal sex toys

Butt plugs are basically dildos for the anus. Although they have a tapered tip to aid insertion, it is vital to use a lubricant when using a butt plug as there are no natural lubricants in the anal area. The tip of a butt plug is very narrow, becoming gradually wider, and it can therefore be used during sex, too.

Anal beads consist of a string of beads, with the first beads also being smaller than those nearer the base to aid insertion. They are often used for stimulation at the beginning of lovemaking.

Anal vibrators are thinner than traditional vibrators used by women, making them easier to insert. They are intended primarily for men wanting to stimulate special areas, in particular the prostate. Anal vibrators are also tapered, becoming thicker towards the end.

Afterplay is almost as important as foreplay

When using sex toys, lovemaking should always be followed by afterplay – cleaning your sex toys. This is very important if you want to be able to have more fun with your toy next time as well. If a sex toy is used both anally and vaginally, in particular, cleaning is vital. A sex toy will have lots of bacteria on it after use. If you simply put your toy back in your bedside table without cleaning it first, these bacteria can multiply, making it far from hygienic next time you come to use it. Unfortunately, soap and water are usually not enough to clean your toy hygienically. Our pjur Toy Clean is unperfumed and alcohol-free and guarantees gentle yet hygienic cleaning. The product is also dermatologically tested.

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