Valentine’s Day Gifts – How to Treat Your Partner

Valentine’s Day Gifts – How to Treat Your Partner

It’s nearly that time of year again when millions of people give flowers and chocolates to the one they love – 14th February is Valentine’s Day! Do you want to give your sweetheart a special treat this year? We’ve put together a list of classic Valentine’s gifts, along with some unusual ideas that your partner certainly won’t be expecting.

Who should actually give presents on Valentine’s Day – and who to?

Before we get to gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, many people wonder who should be giving presents on Valentine’s Day and who to. It isn’t strictly necessary to give Valentine’s presents, it’s simply a nice gesture to treat your sweetheart on the day of love. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a man giving to a woman, a woman giving to a man, a man giving to a man or a woman giving to a woman – or whether they both give each other presents or do something special to treat each other. In some countries, people also exchange gifts with friends and relatives. All that matters is to show your partner that you’re thinking of them on Valentine’s Day.

Classic Valentine’s Day gifts


Roses are obviously a classic. Roughly 12 million of them are sold worldwide on this special day, but women like other flowers too, of course. If we’re being honest though, flowers – roses or otherwise – aren’t exactly the most original gift idea for Valentine’s Day, guys. Statistics show that around 73% of men and 23% of women buy flowers on Valentine’s Day, but we can probably think of something better 😉


Chocolates are another absolutely classic Valentine’s Day gift and there’s hardly a chocolate maker around who won’t be bringing out a special edition for Valentine’s Day. Most of them are heart-shaped, of course, and that’s not surprising, as the very first box of chocolates was made especially for Valentine’s Day in 1868. However, it’s important to choose chocolates that your sweetheart will like 😉 These days, you can get Valentine’s Day chocolates in other shapes, too ­– such as a motorbike or sports car for your fella and a pair of high heels or a flower (for a nice twist on an actual flower) for your special lady.

Valentine’s cards

Around a billion cards are sent for Valentine’s Day globally. These are usually sent with a small gift. Cards come in a vast range of designs with a variety of different messages inside, so there’s something for everyone.

Unusual Valentine’s Day gifts

A love letter

In the digital age, it would be nice to write a letter telling your partner how much he or she means to you. Just write down how you feel about the person you love. If you’re thinking that’s a bit out-of-date you’d be wrong – even today, about a billion letters are posted on Valentine’s Day.

A poem

Another unusual idea that’s also rare in our digital world is to write a poem for your partner. Putting your feelings into words and packaging them in a particular form is bound to go down well on Valentine’s Day.

Beautiful lingerie (so you both get something out of it 😉)

Valentine’s Day gifts

This is a great gift idea for both men and women – either to give or receive. If a woman buys herself some sexy lingerie to surprise her man, that makes him the lucky recipient. But men can buy lingerie for their partners too – and give themselves a little treat while they’re at it 😉

Do some home baking

Instead of buying some chocolates, how about something homemade? A little heart-shaped cake, for example? Check out this website for a recipe that you might want to try out for Valentine’s Day this year 😊

Pens, paper and scissors – Get to work

Just as you can bake your own cake, you can also make your own present for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s a picture frame with nice photos of the two of you, a homemade Valentine’s card, paper flowers or anything else you think your partner might like – just get creative!

A few hours of passion

Valentine’s Day gifts

Why not spice up your love life this Valentine’s Day? Our personal lubricants are ideal for this, as well as our stimulating products, toy lube or our range of personal lubricants designed especially for anal sex. Try something new on Valentine’s Day and enjoy a few spine-tingling hours as a couple!

Spending time together is a great idea generally on Valentine’s Day! That way you can show your partner you care about what they like 😊

Switch gifts for time together on Valentine’s

This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday. The perfect opportunity to spend time together in the evening on Valentine’s Day:

  • Go to the cinema together: When did you last make time to go to the cinema? Probably far too long ago. Then Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to have a cuddle at the cinema again, isn’t it?
  • A candlelit dinner for two: You can cook a meal for your partner at home and have a romantic evening in by candlelight.
  • Eat out at your favourite restaurant: Spoil yourselves with a meal out at your favourite spot.
  • A pamper evening for two: Run your partner a bath and enjoy some time relaxing together. Then you can indulge your sweetheart with a massage. Our silicone-based personal lubricants are perfect for this 😊
  • Have breakfast together: If you’re able to have breakfast together before you go to work, you can start Valentine’s Day just the two of you.

Whether you’re looking to impress with classic Valentine’s gifts, come up with something a bit unusual or just spend some time together – everyone likes a little something on Valentine’s Day ♥

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