What Do Women Really Want?

What do women really want?

It’s the ultimate question. Statistics tell us it’s that tall, dark, athletic man who is two or three years older, has both feet on the ground and will go to the ends of the Earth for them. Yet these are obviously things that we can’t make sweeping generalisations about, and they certainly don’t help men understand how women work. In fact, as different as women are, in reality it’s hard to make universal statements about what all women really want. Nevertheless, there are at least a few points to bear in mind if you want to understand – and above all impress – the fairer sex a little better in future 😉

What women want – the key points

  1. Be attentive: Women like it when they realise you were listening to them the last time you spoke, for example. Ask her again about something you were talking about before. Being attentive can also mean holding the door open for her or taking her jacket for her. Stay alert, boys 😉
  2. Dependability: Dependability is particularly important, especially when it comes to starting a family. It all starts with showing up on time for your first date and not cancelling or rearranging dates. After all, if you’re unreliable right from the start, then you’ll probably be just as unreliable in everyday life…
  3. Have a sense of humour: This can sometimes be even more important than a lot of other things. Can you make them laugh? Do you share the same sense of humour? Unfortunately, there are usually enough serious things to deal with in life, so it is very important for women to be able to laugh with the partner they want to share their life with. So make her laugh, guys 😊

    What women want – the key points
  4. Honesty is king: Whilst you may not be sure at first if she is the one, don’t play your cards close to your chest. By being honest from the very beginning, you can build the kind of fundamental trust that is indispensable for a long-term relationship. Even little white lies can destroy trust when they come out. Make sure you always tell the truth – even if it’s just a simple question on the first date!
  5. Tenderness: A casual touch on the shoulder or the small of the back to make her want more. This is something women like, at least when they’re first getting to know you, as opposed to a brash chat-up line and sexual advances on the first date. Once you’re in a relationship, women want you to hold them in your arms, kiss them on the forehead or give them a goodnight kiss before going to bed.
  6. Manliness: This doesn’t necessarily refer to the physicality of a man, but more to being true to who you are. Essentially, this means being self-confident and standing up for what is important to you. This also means making the first move when you talk to her, for example. Women want to be approached by a self-assured man!
  7. Fidelity: This is probably the most important factor when it comes to choosing a partner. After all, a man who cheats isn’t cut out for a committed relationship. Women pay attention to all the little details right from the start to help them judge a man’s ability to be faithful. Would you rather spend time with other women, or is she the one for you – no matter where you are and who you’re with? You can send clear signals right from the start here.
  8. A taller man: Apart from the points mentioned so far, this is probably the only real physical feature you will find in our list. There may be exceptions, but most women are still attracted to taller men. According to statistics it is best to be between six and ten centimetres taller. So keep your eyes peeled for shorter women, guys.
  9. Both feet firmly on the ground: Have you got a steady job, friends, hobbies and a love of life? Then you’ve already got quite a few qualities that women look for in a man. A couch potato who perhaps even still lives at home with mummy is far from appealing.
  10. Trust: This is something you have to earn. Trust develops slowly and the more things you do right, the more she will trust you and be able to imagine a long-term relationship with you.

    What do women really want?

These are probably the most important things women want from men, and they will likely be true for the overwhelming majority. We also already revealed the opposite – a few character traits in men that don’t go down so well with the female sex. Obviously we cannot and do not want to speak for all women 😉 But if you can score points with the elements mentioned here, then you should have a good foundation for winning over the queen of your heart – and not just at the beginning of a relationship, but in the long term, too.

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