What Intimacy Can Mean For You and Your Relationship

What does intimacy mean to you?
What does intimacy mean to you?
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What does “being intimate with each other” mean to you? Does it only mean sex or does it also mean being really close to your partner? We know that intimacy means much more than just sex and think it is necessary to explain more in detail what intimacy is and why both physical as well as emotional intimacy are important in a relationship. Additionally, we know how you can ensure there is more intimacy in your relationship. We will explain more about this below.

What does intimacy really mean?

Intimacy is defined as the state of close familiarity and connection; in other words, it is an intense interpersonal relationship. Two people reveal their innermost thoughts and feelings to each other. People show their partner who they are with all their facets. Unlike what people think “being intimate” means, i.e. having sex, intimacy not only concerns the physical closeness a couple has with each other, it also covers the emotional closeness that exists between both partners. Both the physical as well as emotional components are important for a happy relationship.

Physical vs. emotional intimacy

Physical vs. emotional intimacy
Physical vs. emotional intimacy

Theoretically, physical and emotional intimacy can exist separately from each other. In a one-night stand, for example, you can be physically intimate without being emotionally affected. Friendships are usually based solely on emotional intimacy without the respective physical components. On the other hand, a long-term romantic relationship involves both forms of intimacy. The more emotional closeness there is, the better and more intimate your sex life will be.

Intimacy develops in long-term relationships – from getting to know each other to building a future together:

  • Attraction: When two people are getting to know each other and there is a certain power of attraction, this represents the first step towards emotional and physical intimacy.
  • Approach: We get to know someone little by little; once the first kisses and touches are exchanged, we develop intimacy with each other slowly over time.
  • The first time of physical intimacy: The first time with a new partner is always something special. After all, we give ourselves to them the first time and show ourselves completely “naked”.
  • Building trust: Building trust in a partner can take varying lengths of time. This frequently depends on our past experiences. This is a decisive phase, because intimacy can only be established with great difficulty when we do not have the trust required in our own partners.
  • The future as a couple: Imagining a future together is another important step in an intimate relationship. After all, if we do not open up to our life partner, who else can we open up to?

While physical intimacy develops relatively quickly in most relationships, developing emotional closeness usually takes a long time. In some relationships, partners still do not fully open up even after years, which usually leads to unfulfilled desires and frustration. If you open up fully to your partner and share all of your thoughts and feelings, your time together as well as your sex life will improve!

How important is physical and emotional intimacy in a relationship?

Have you asked yourself this question before? Usually in long-term relationships, emotional intimacy is even more important than physical intimacy, i.e. sex. It is quite difficult for couples who no longer open up to each other or no longer particularly trust each other to have a happy relationship. However, the amount of intimacy in every relationship is different. After all, everyone has different needs. For a relationship to work, there must be balance in the partnership. You should ask yourself this question from time to time: Am I satisfied with the intimacy in my relationship – both physical and emotional?

How much intimacy does your relationship need
How much intimacy does your relationship need

How much intimacy does your relationship need

This question is also quite difficult to answer because as was mentioned above, everyone thinks a different amount of intimacy is important. While it is important for some couples to have mutual trust and to fully open up with one another, other couples might focus more on physical intimacy, in other words, the sexual components. There is enough intimacy as long as both partners are satisfied with the relationship and degree of intimacy. To find this out, you should regularly reflect on it and communicate with each other!

How you can create emotional closeness

Even in the best relationship, the situation may arise where couples drift apart and there is no or little intimacy left in the relationship. Or, there may be physical intimacy, but emotional intimacy just does not seem to really work. This is where physical and emotional intimacy influence each other. In most cases, the less emotional closeness there is –in other words, frank discussions about our own feelings and our own ego–, the less likely it is that there will be physical intimacy. This is why it is especially important to reflect and communicate with your partner on a regular basis. In this article , we have included important questions which you and your partner should answer for yourselves, while we also address in general terms, how you can nurture the intimacy in your relationship.

In addition, we also have the following tips on how you can reinforce the emotional intimacy in your relationship:

  • Establishing trust is not only a long process, it may also have to be worked on over the course of a relationship. For example, if someone’s trust was broken due to their partner’s behavior. Thus, you should steadily work on your trust in each other.
  • Opening up about your most intimate thoughts and feelings with your partner is the main component of emotional intimacy between two people. Does your partner really know your feelings and desires?
  • Every relationship faces difficult times. Being there for each other in these challenging times, reinforces your emotional intimacy with each other.

In terms of your emotional intimacy, we can only offer limited assistance (other than give you explanations and tips with our products). However, in terms of physical intimacy, we offer great high-quality lubricants, which can help you fulfill your desires. Because we care about your wellbeing and intimacy!


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