7 Types of Female Orgasm – Which Have You Had?

7 Types of Female Orgasm – Which Have You Had?
7 Types of Female Orgasm – Which Have You Had?
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Even today, the female orgasm is a mystery and, unfortunately, there is still an “orgasm gap.” In heterosexual relationships, women generally just don’t seem to orgasm as often as men. Why is that? Frequently it’s a case of not knowing how women can orgasm, ignorant men who are more interested in their own fun than their partner’s, or even that women don’t want to admit that they haven’t orgasmed or how they could climax. We want to start by doing something about the first reason, and tell you about the different types of orgasm women can have and how they can reach them.

The female body and the ability to have an orgasm

It might not seem like it at times, but women definitely have several erogenous zones and opportunities to have an orgasm. And even the assumption that women take longer and simply don’t orgasm as often is wrong. The problem is usually that each female body is different, and to some extent women need to understand their own body to know exactly how they can achieve an orgasm. And of course, women also need to talk about what they like and how they can be stimulated. So, why don’t you make life easier and find out for yourself first where your erogenous zones are and what feels good for you. Read on to find out where to focus your energies.

7 types of female orgasm and how to have them

The clitoral orgasm

The clitoris is more sensitive than any other organ in the female body. Many thousands of nerve endings converge there. Women who cannot orgasm through vaginal stimulation alone can often climax with the help of, or even solely through, clitoral stimulation. Many sex toys are designed with this type of orgasm in mind, and enable you to stimulate the clitoris too. However, for some women direct stimulation of the clitoris is too uncomfortable. Very few people know that the clitoris is actually made up of a shaft, shank, and erectile tissue around the entrance to the vagina. Many women find stimulation of parts of the clitoris arousing, and this can lead to an orgasm. This is sometimes called a vaginal entrance orgasm, but is actually a clitoral orgasm.

The vaginal orgasm

The vaginal orgasm is the source of much speculation. Sigmund Freud even wrote about it, describing vaginal orgasms as the only “mature” orgasm. For a long time, men in particular interpreted this to mean that the only real orgasms for women are vaginal orgasms. But in fact, for many women vaginal orgasms are rare, or even non-existent. This is because there are far fewer nerves in the vagina than there are in the clitoris, for example. But that doesn’t make vaginal orgasms impossible. According to experts, the vagina is home to the G zone or G spot, which can definitely help cause a vaginal orgasm when stimulated. To feel your G spot, insert your finger into your vagina and press toward your belly. Generally, the G zone feels rougher than the surrounding tissue. Masturbation can really help you find your G spot, and even give yourself a vaginal orgasm.

Women need to understand their own body to know exactly how they can achieve an orgasm
Women need to understand their own body to know exactly how they can achieve an orgasm

The anal orgasm

If you enjoy anal sex and it’s already a regular feature of your sex life, then maybe you’re no stranger to the anal orgasm. Unfortunately, anal sex is still a taboo for many people, even though with the right preparation it’s both a great way to spice up your sex life and a chance to experience an anal orgasm. Many women describe them as being stronger and more intense than a clitoral or vaginal orgasm. You can have an anal orgasm by stimulating the anal opening, the anus, your buttocks, and also the clitoris area. Special muscles in the anus can even send the stimuli to the vulva area, which can in turn trigger multiple orgasms. It’s something you need to try out for yourself, and talk to your partner about anal sex. Anal sex can only be enjoyed with the consent of both partners. And it’s also important to always use enough personal lubricant for anal sex!

The nipple or breast orgasm

It shouldn’t be news that women’s nipples are erogenous zones. However, not many people are aware that some women can climax just through nipple stimulation. Actually, not every woman can experience this kind of orgasm. The sensitivity of a woman around the nipples can play a role – as can their cycle. Because the sensitivity of the nipples varies depending on where a woman is in her cycle. In any case, it’s worth giving it a go. We put together a few tips for you in this older post about how you can have a breast orgasm (breastgasm) or even nipple orgasm.

The cervix orgasm

A special, fairly unknown orgasm that only women can have is the “cervix orgasm.” The cervix is at the top end of the vagina. More specifically, it’s the lower part of your uterus. Stimulating this part of the body can induce particularly long and intense orgasms. Unfortunately, for many women the cervix can feel numb, and touching it can even be painful. The reason for this is simple: the womb area is sometimes not associated with positive feelings, maybe as a result of painful sex or giving birth. To be able to feel your cervix better and more positively again, repeatedly touching it can help it learn how to feel. This requires patience, but it can be really worth it!

The coregasm

An orgasm during a workout – yes, you heard that right. Extreme contractions of the core can exert pressure on the clitoris, resulting in an orgasm. In the US there are even special workouts that place particular stress on the belly, legs, and buttocks with the aim of inducing a coregasm. That sounds pretty strange to us, but it’s worth trying it once in any case, right? 😉

The full-body orgasm

Experience a full-body orgasm
Experience a full-body orgasm

This is less about how you reach an orgasm, and more about how you experience orgasms. Have you ever felt like the orgasm isn’t just in your vagina, but throughout your body? If the answer’s yes, then you’ve already experienced a full-body orgasm. The ecstasy lasts a lot longer, and, as the name suggests, you feel it in every part of your body. How can you have one? Simply by relaxing. Many of us tense our body during sex, so this is actually easier said than done. But try to relax your entire body during sex, and maybe you too will soon be talking about full-body orgasms. 😉

So, as we’ve seen there are many different ways for women to have an orgasm. But every female body is different, so you need to TRY DIFFERENT THINGS! Get to know your body with your partner or even through masturbation and get the orgasms you deserve!

And some more good news for the women out there: your orgasms generally last longer than men’s. You can enjoy a climax that last around 20 seconds. For men it’s generally all over and done after just 10 seconds. 😉

Have fun reaching your own, very personal orgasm!

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