Anal Sex Prep: The Right Way to Use an Anal Douche

Analsex Prep: Nicht die Analdusche vergessen
Analsex Prep: Nicht die Analdusche vergessen
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Involving the butt in your lovemaking can be very pleasurable, but you need to prepare properly, as we all know. We all have a butt with a lot of very sensitive nerve endings, so it’s always worth getting the preparation right. At pjur, we’ve looked into why an anal douche is the perfect way to prepare for anal sex and the best way to do it.

Preparation: the be-all and end-all

Personal lubricant, communication and hygiene are absolutely the be-all and end-all when you’re preparing for and having anal sex. Because anal sex simply doesn’t work without personal lubricant! And of course, it’s also important to prepare “hygienically”. Because whether it’s your first time or your 21st time, lovemaking should always be clean. 😉

Maybe you’re already familiar with butt plugs or anal sex toys and know how important hygiene is! But even if you only want to be sure, and “extra” clean, you should definitely look into anal douches in more detail to prepare.

Anal douche: a “must have”

“Anal douche” is a very particular phrase, and many people might associate it with the discomfort of an enema – but that’s absolutely not the case! Because, unlike with an enema, the small gadget only cleans a small part of the rectum, so it’s very comfortable and easy to use. In fact, anal douching can even have a positive impact on intestinal health, and help with constipation and haemorrhoids.

An overview of the benefits of anal douching

  • Easy and comfortable to do
  • Helps you prepare perfectly for anal sex
  • Alleviates worries and blocks
  • Guarantees cleanliness and hygiene for anal sex
  • Contributes to intestinal health
  • Helps prevent inflammation, burning and itching
  • Can also prevent constipation & haemorrhoids

An anal douche is not just a great way to keep your anal area healthy – it’s also a great way to prepare for anal sex. As we’ve just described, an anal douche only cleans a small part of the rectum, so it can be done comfortably and help maintain good intestinal health. Naturally, using an anal douche can also help alleviate any worries or blocks you may have, which in turn is an enormous help making sure you have a relaxed adventure. Another potential benefit is that anal douches can prevent or reduce discomfort, itching and anal fissures. An anal douche and using personal lubricant are the perfect addition to your preparations for anal sex.

As the butt doesn’t have any natural lubricant, please make sure you use enough personal lubricant. And that means when anal douching too! You can use a water-based personal lubricant for your anal douche, and then one that’s silicone-based for anal sex.
Try to see what feels best.

An anal douche and personal lubricant - perfect preparation for anal sex.
An anal douche and personal lubricant – perfect preparation for anal sex.

Which material is best for an anal douche?

Just as important as the choice of personal lubricant or sex toys is the choice of material quality for an anal douche. There’s a big difference between cheap plastic models and douches made from stainless steel or rubber.

First, stainless steel: stainless steel has a high level of purity, because it is anti-allergenic and rustproof. If stainless steel is used for (anal) sex toys, it needs a particularly smooth surface. This also applies to an anal douche. Anything with “Made in Germany” quality is known for being made from particularly pure (surgical) steel.

Advantage: high level of purity, very hygienic, good cleaning properties.
Disadvantage: hard, cold, and quite heavy. Takes a long time to warm up.

Alternative: medical rubber is a natural raw material that is manufactured synthetically nowadays which makes the manufacturing costs significantly cheaper. Both the natural and synthetic variants have the same properties. Although it’s a relatively heavy material, it’s very flexible and extremely durable.

Advantage: hygienic, very flexible and extremely durable.
Disadvantage: not antiallergenic

Before we look at the right way to use an anal douche, please note:

  • Only use personal lubricant to insert the anal douche to avoid injuries.
  • Only use tepid water (ideally between 34 and 36 degrees)

What you should prepare:

  • 1 bowl & tepid water
  • Toy Clean
  • Personal lubricant

The right way to use an anal douche

Before you start, you need to clean the anal douche. Inspect the material, and ideally use a special cleaning product, like our pjur Toy Clean. However, you should check the description carefully and never use an anal douche that hasn’t been cleaned first.

First fill a bowl with tepid water, and then put the anal douche nozzle into it, holding it under the water. The suction when you let go fills the vessel with water.

You can also fill the anal douche directly under the tap, but a bowl makes it easier.

Insertion: Is it filled with tepid water? Now take a handful of personal lubricant and gently “wet” the nozzle and your butt with it. This makes it both more comfortable and safer. You can use the anal douche either on the toilet or in the shower. Leaning forward slightly is usually the best position, but check what angle works best for you when inserting the douche.
Douching: Once the nozzle is firmly and comfortably positioned, put some pressure on the top / bag to pump the liquid into the rectum. If this doesn’t feel good, adjust it again slightly and use a bit more personal lubricant. If you use the right water temperature, rinsing the rectum should be a gentle and relaxing experience.
You can control how fast or slow the water goes in with by exerting more or less pressure.
Finishing off: The water should only stay in the rectum for a couple of minutes! Pay attention to how your body reacts at this point, because it’s best if you dispose of the rinsing fluid down the toilet, following the natural urge. Make sure that you maintain the pressure on the bag until you have disposed of the water, because otherwise the fluid inserted in the rectum will flow back down into the douche and contaminate the vessel.

You can carry out an anal douche up to twice a week! Always make sure that you repeat the steps above until the water runs clear.

Please take care when rinsing with the shower hose

Instead of using an anal douche, many people use the shower hose and even unscrew the shower head. We absolutely do not recommend this! You have no control over the water temperature or pressure, and you’re likely to hurt your butt on the edge of the hose. So please don’t be careless – either stick with the anal douche or use a suitable shower attachment.

If you follow our instructions, it’s unlikely that anything will go wrong. Making your next anal sex adventure the chance to discover something new and experience special orgasms without worrying or experiencing a block.

We’ve looked at why an anal douche is the perfect way to prepare for anal sex and the best way to use it. So, what are you waiting for? No need to feel ashamed, have a go – with an anal douche too 😊


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