Celebrate Your Love on Valentine’s Day – 7 Gift Ideas That Really Hit the Spot


Love is in the air! And Valentine’s Day is just around the corner again. In the midst of all the rules and restrictions in place this year, Valentine’s Day is definitely something worth celebrating. And while it still has its detractors, arguing that Valentine’s Day is merely something invented by florists and the confectionery industry, this year we can all agree that we need to make the most of every opportunity to shower each other with love and affection. After all, if we can’t go out and do much anyway and we’re spending far too much time in each other’s pockets, why not indulge in some everyday escapism in our relationship? In this post, we look at why customs and traditions are so important right now, and how a few small gestures can help us nurture our relationship.

Why customs and traditions are so important right now

You can read all about why we celebrate Valentine’s Day and which tradition it can be traced back to in our earlier blog post. But why are customs and traditions so important at the moment? People have been paying tribute to their sweethearts and giving them flowers since 269 AD. With current restrictions meaning we can’t just meet up, throw parties or go to weddings, it’s especially important that we keep our customs alive and adapt them to suit our own needs. And this includes Valentine’s Day customs. After all, we all know that the COVID-19 crisis is tough on relationships and families. Which is why it is even more important to look forward to the good things, even if those things still have to be on a smaller scale, often keeping us confined to our own four walls.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas that work in lockdown too

Sure, we’re having to spend a lot of time together right now, and sometimes that can take its toll on a relationship. But Valentine’s Day, the celebration of love, is the perfect time to strengthen your relationship and do something special for your partner. This year, instead of just chocolates and sexy lingerie, why not do something a little bit different? And of course, that goes for all those singles out there, too. 😊

Here are 7 gift ideas that definitely deserve a closer look – whether you’re single or in a relationship:

  1. Create a unique love book
    Set aside a little time and get writing! What you love most about your partner, why you love them or why they make your life richer. You can write this and much more in a love book for Valentine’s Day. Cute anecdotes, quotes, pictures and true declarations of love always go down well, and you’ll have preserved them for eternity too. And if you’re single, a love book can still be a refreshing idea, either for a friend or for yourself. After all, your relationship with yourself is more important than anything else, so why not write down what you love about yourself and use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to write down a few compliments that you can use as mantras?
  2. Treat them to a themed meal instead of a trip to a restaurant
    Want to get creative? No problem! How about a themed menu at home on Valentine’s Day? Either just the two of you, or on Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp if you’re single? Let your imagination run wild – all that matters is that you can enjoy a special evening. Here’s the idea behind it: a culinary theme or colour theme always adds a little extra sparkle to a meal at home or over a Skype call. How about a ‘red dinner’ for Valentine’s Day, for example? And not just the food – you could dress all in red, too. 😊
  3. Surprise your partner with a micro date playing love games
    Fancy using Valentine’s Day to give your special someone some exclusive pampering? If it isn’t something you already talk about, how about having an honest chat about personal lubricant? You could try choosing a pjur WOMAN personal lubricant and treating your partner to a few hours of fun experimenting together. Explore each other more intimately and share your fantasies, because that’s exactly what this special day – and night – is for! <3
  1. Indulge them with a private cinema trip
    Unfortunately, we still can’t make plans to go to the cinema. So, if you miss the romantic atmosphere, how about becoming the usher or usherette yourself this Valentine’s Day? Not only does homemade popcorn taste delicious, but the smell can be pretty seductive too. And if you dress up for the occasion as well … wow! Why not stock up on popcorn, sweets and special drinks and welcome your favourite person into whatever room you choose 😉.



  2. Give them a voucher for a movie marathon
    Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings or something a bit more erotic? No matter which films you like, a movie marathon is always a good gift idea. Not only do you get to spend some time together watching films, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to snuggle up together. Alternatively, you can also give yourself a movie marathon as a gift. Simply set aside the day for yourself and watch your favourite films in peace and quiet. Of course, you can enjoy some tender caresses too, whether it’s the two of you together or just you by yourself 😊
  3. Be the gift yourself
    Haven’t found the right one yet? Don’t let all the outpourings of love on Valentine’s Day get you down. This year, how about an ‘advertised’ online Valentine’s date on Tinder, Bumble or a similar platform? Be the gift yourself and let your hair down. Write exactly that in your profile, too. Buy yourself a more expensive bottle of wine or even some champagne for a change and dress up for a Valentine’s date. Maybe someone special will be on there today and read your message. The same goes for all you couples out there too, of course – well, apart from the bit about Tinder and Bumble. Sometimes the old ideas are the best, so why not give yourself away as a date?
  4. Give ‘nothing’
    The ‘nothing’ can be ANYTHING in this case 😉 Write a personalised card, give an instant camera for a special photo shoot, bake some homemade biscuits and decorate them all with the word ‘nothing’ or ‘…because you didn’t want anything’. This idea is guaranteed to go down well and is especially good for anyone whose partner constantly tells them that they don’t want anything.

Of course, you can also make the ‘nothing’ something a bit bigger and make a love box based on this theme. We’ll take a look at what you need for this in the next section.

A love box on Valentine’s Day


So now we’ve seen which gift ideas can also work in lockdown. But do you want to make something that will last for the whole year and nurture your relationship long-term? No problem! How about making a Valentine’s love box for a really personal gift for your favourite person?

What do you need?

A small box of your choice

52 small pieces of paper

1 or 2 nice pens

Ideas 😊

What do you put in the box?

You can use the box like a kind of Advent calendar. You can either write a romantic note for each week of the year or fill it with personal compliments, poems and mantras. Depending on how big the box is, you can also include a few small items, such as sachets of personal lubricant or stimulating products, and decorate them with romantic messages. You can also give away some quality time together with a voucher for a cinema trip, spa day or a meal out at a restaurant, in the hope that these lockdowns will be over soon. Your best bet is to put together a good mix of romantic messages, compliments, items and activities. Not only will the gift itself be appreciated, but it also gives you some potential dates to look forward to.

So, darling lovers, singles, couples and married couples everywhere – whatever your shape and whatever your age. Give the gift of love, love each other and let your creative ideas and proclamations of love spill forth! This way you will nurture your relationships a little bit more each and every day. 😊


Editor’s note: The content of this blog always includes same-sex relationships, even if the examples given are of heterosexual relationships

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