Easy Sex Positions for Lazy Couples

Easy Sex Positions for Lazy Couples
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At some point, especially in relationships, routine begins to creep in. Instead of spending hours between the sheets, couples tend to get a bit more comfortable and start having less sex. Often, you’re just so exhausted at the end of a long day that you’re not in the mood, added to which, of course, some people are also just always too lazy to move much during sex. But never fear, dear readers! We reveal the best easy sex positions for the lazy couples among you 😉

8 easy sex positions – so even those of you who’re lazy can have fun

  1. The spoons position: The spoons position is always very close and intimate. The man and woman lie on their sides next to each other, both facing the same way, and he can then penetrate her easily from behind. No-one has to move much, and the man can even use his hands to touch his partner’s breasts or clitoris. Nice and laid-back, right? And the best thing about the spoons position is that you can get a great angle for stimulating the G-spot, too. Easy and effective – just what you want in a sex position!
  2. The elephant position: In this position, the woman lies flat on her stomach with her legs together or very slightly apart. The man lies on top with his legs either side of hers and penetrates from behind. A relaxed lie-down together that can be a lot of fun. And of course there are a few variations on this position, too. The woman can squeeze her thighs together, for example, cross her lower legs or bend one of her legs. None of this is a lot of effort, either, so it’s the perfect position for lazy, comfy sex.
  3. The deckchair: The name even sounds relaxing. In the deckchair position, the man lies on his side while the woman lies on her back at a 90 degree angle facing him. She rests her legs on him and he is able to penetrate her easily. Because he is able to get really deep in this position, it doesn’t take a lot of movement for both partners to be satisfied.
  4. The sitting sex position: Just take a seat and enjoy. The man sits down – on the bed, for example – and his partner simply sits on top of him. Some kind of backrest for him to lean against is useful, too. Not only is this sex position easy, but it’s also very intimate. As well as providing a lot of physical contact, this position also makes it very easy to include some passionate kissing.
  5. The foetal position: This is a slight variation on the spoons position. The man and woman lie next to one another, the woman with her back to her partner. The only difference with this position is that they both draw their legs up, so they can have sex in the foetal position.
  6. The side-by-side position: This position gets its name from the fact that the man and woman both lie on their sides, facing each other. The woman then simply wraps her leg around her partner and off they go. This easy sex position offers plenty of opportunity for kissing and cuddling, as you can engage in some passionate kissing without having to perform any contortionist tricks. And because there is a lot of physical contact and an intense closeness with this position, it doesn’t require a lot of movement for it to leave you deeply satisfied.
    8 easy sex positions – so even those of you who’re lazy can have fun
  7. Netflix and chill: At least that’s what we’re calling this easy sex position. To do it, the man lies on his back with his partner straddling him, resting her upper body down between his legs. The practical thing about this position is that, if you don’t want to miss the latest episode of your favourite show, you can watch it at the same time – no problem! That’s probably where the inspiration for the name came from, too 😉
  8. The hang loose position: This is basically just a variation on the missionary position. The woman lies on her back, but at the edge of the bed, so that her head and arms are hanging down over the side of the bed. Just like with the missionary position, the man then lies on top to penetrate her.

In our opinion, these are a few possible easy sex positions you can experiment with in future to achieve an orgasm – and they’re far from taxing. Of course there are also those positions where one person lies back while the other one does all the work:

Missionary position: In this classic position, the woman can simply lie back and relax and let her partner get to work. Just lie on your back, open your legs and off you go!

Cowgirl position: This one requires the woman to do the work, while her man gets a treat.

Read up on other sex positions and how much physical effort is needed to do them in our blog post Popular Sex Positions – and a Few Worth Trying.

Being too lazy or too inactive is no longer an excuse for not having sex. Simply try out the easy sex positions. Have fun 😉

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