How Do You Actually Use Personal Lubricant Correctly?

What ingredients does a personal lubricant contain?
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Using personal lubricant shouldn’t really be such a big deal, should it? But what is the right way to use it? What do you need to remember? What about using it during pregnancy, and is it okay to use it with condoms? There are still plenty of questions that can come up when you’re using lubricant. To answer these questions, we have taken a closer look at the best way for you – and us – to use personal lubricant.

How to use personal lubricant correctly

So now you have this bottle of lubricant lying around at home – then what? There are two basic steps to remember:

Step 1: Apply as much as you need to your fingers or the palm of your hand. It’s best to rub it on your hand a little at this point. This will help make sure you don’t apply too much in one place, as well as warming it up a bit so that it doesn’t feel too cold on your skin.

Step 2: Next, apply the personal lubricant you have on your hands to the areas where you need extra lubrication. This could be your intimate area, your toy or your partner’s back to give them a massage.

That’s basically it. With time, you’ll know exactly how to use personal lubricant. Yet these are by no means all the questions that can crop up when it comes to using lubricant.


How much personal lubricant do you actually need?

That always depends on your needs and on what you’re using it for, of course, but we usually recommend a hazelnut-sized amount of personal lubricant. The best thing to do is simply put a little on your finger and see if that’s enough. You can always use a little more 😉

How long does personal lubricant last?

Like many other cosmetic products, personal lubricants have a best before date. In other words, a date up until which they can be used if they haven’t yet been opened. This date changes once they are open, however. pjur lubricants generally have a shelf life of 5 years. All of our products have a best before date on them. Once you have opened our personal lubricants, you can use them for another six months, provided the best before date shown is not earlier.

Personal lubricant for oral sex

If you incorporate personal lubricant into your sex life, you may find your mouth or your partner’s mouth comes into contact with it sometimes. This leads many people to wonder whether it is safe to ingest lubricant. If the ingredients in your lubricant are completely harmless, then yes. So you should make sure your lubricant contains only safe substances. Generally speaking, there are a few things to look out for when you buy personal lubricant. We explain more on that here.

As a result, we believe strongly that our lubricants should contain only carefully selected, pure ingredients. In addition, all our products are Made in Germany and are subject to strict quality controls. This means that pjur lubricants can be ingested safely.

Personal lubricant and condoms

You need to be a bit careful when you use personal lubricant and condoms together. Some lubricants can damage condoms, which of course means they are no longer safe. Oil-based lubricants, for example, can corrode condoms. But with our lubricants you can rest assured, as they have all been through condom testing and are compatible with latex condoms.


Using personal lubricant with sex toys

Water-based personal lubricants can be used with sex toys without any problems. A little caution is always advised with silicone-based personal lubricants. There are some silicones that can corrode silicone toys. We have tested this with our silicone-based personal lubricants and renowned toy manufacturers have so far confirmed our silicone lubricants as suitable following extensive testing. We are not aware of any cases that contradict this. We use extremely high-quality silicones which are also used in the cosmetics industry. Even so, we always advise testing our lubricants on a small area of your toy before using them 😊

Using personal lubricants before and during pregnancy

The time during which women are trying to get pregnant, perhaps already are or have already had a baby and are still breastfeeding is a special time, when women are even more concerned about what products they can use and would like to use. Women often ask whether lubricants are safe to use before they get pregnant, during pregnancy and while they are breastfeeding. Although we can’t generalise about all personal lubricants, with pjur lubricants women don’t have to worry about them having any negative effects. This is because pjur lubricants contain only carefully selected, pure ingredients that are subject to high quality standards. What’s more, our lubricants have a ‘neutral’ behaviour, are extremely kind to the skin, and have no positive or negative impact on any possible pregnancy.

When to use personal lubricants

You can basically use lubricant whenever you feel like it. But here are the situations where we think lubricant is most likely to be used:

  • When you want to spice up your sex life.
  • When you and your partner are giving each other a massage.
  • When you need a little extra moisture.
  • When you’ve got your toys out to play.
  • When you’re satisfying yourself.
  • When you’re using the back door.

Here at pjur, there are a few other things we use our lubricants for, too. A bit different perhaps, but very useful 😉

Stains from silicone-based personal lubricants?

If you use silicone-based personal lubricant regularly, it’s something you probably know already. Unfortunately the silicone in the lubricant can leave nasty stains on some materials. So you need to be a bit careful when you use silicone-based lubricants. If it has happened to you and you have a stain – on your bed sheets, for example – we recommend washing them three or four times with standard washing powder. If the stain still hasn’t gone, it may help to use a stain remover for silicone/oil from the chemist.

That should answer any questions – we hope 😊 Have lots of fun using your personal lubricant!

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