Love Eggs – Much More Than Just a Sex Toy

Love eggs are much more than just a sex toy
Love eggs are much more than just a sex toy

You’ve probably already heard about love eggs. But do you have any at home and do you use them regularly? If you don’t, then you really should because they are much more than just a sex toy. They strengthen your pelvic floor and can also help you achieve better orgasms. Yes, you heard right. Targeted training with love eggs can really benefit you and your pelvic floor. In this article, we tell you exactly why you need to make some space for love eggs in your bedside table.

What actually are love eggs?

Put simply, love eggs are egg-shaped spheres that you insert into your vagina. You might also see them marketed as love balls, vagina eggs or Kegel balls. Choosing the right love egg, though, can be more complicated than you think because there are big differences between eggs. They come in different weights with different circumferences and numbers of eggs, and can also be made of different materials.

The lightest love eggs start off weighing around 25 grams and there are models that weigh 160 grams. The thing to remember here, though, is that the heavier the love egg, the more intensive workout. So when you first start off, choose a lighter weight and slowly work your way up.

Our tip: You’ll know if you’ve got the right weight if you can easily hold the love eggs inside your vagina 😉 If you can’t, then they are too heavy for you and you should choose lighter eggs.

Love eggs come in different forms
Love eggs come in different forms

You should also factor in circumference or diameter when choosing love eggs. Many love eggs have a diameter of 40 mm or 4 cm. This is a good size for beginners. Once you’ve gained more experience, you can start using smaller eggs. This is because smaller love eggs are more difficult to hold.

Different models also have different numbers of eggs. Some just have one egg (uno), some have two (duo) while others come with multiple eggs. These usually comprise three to five elements. If you are new to love eggs, we recommend starting with just one.

It’s even more difficult to choose between the different materials used for your new love eggs. They can be made of:

  • Silicone: Silicone love eggs are really comfortable to wear. They have a silky smooth surface, quickly warm up to your own body temperature and are easy to clean. Silicone love eggs are great for beginners.
  • Metal: Metal love eggs are also very hygienic and are a great way for you to tone your pelvis. However, love eggs made of this material are also very heavy and are therefore more suitable for advanced users.
  • Glass: Glass love eggs also have a smooth surface, which makes them easy to insert and clean. However, glass love eggs are also very heavy. What’s more, they don’t have a strap for retrieving them from your vagina, which makes them more suitable for experienced love egg users.
  • Plastic: Most plastic love eggs are relatively cheap to buy. But they also often contain harmful plasticizers, which is definitely a downside for this material.

Some love eggs are also made of wood or semi-precious stone.

There’s another important thing to remember if you’re new to love eggs: Make sure your first love eggs have a retrieval strap. Once your vagina and pelvic floor are well toned, you can try models without a retrieval strap.

How do love eggs work?

Love eggs are designed to stimulate you sexually while at the same time strengthening your extremely important pelvic floor muscles. We’ve already looked at why it’s important to tone your pelvic floor in this article. Read it to find out more.

To achieve the goals we mention above, insert the love eggs into your vagina in the same way you would a tampon. Personal lubricant can make it easier to insert love eggs. All you have to do is apply it to the eggs. If you’re using silicone love eggs, though, make sure you use a water-based personal lubricant. Our pjur med SENSITIVE glide is a great option here. Our silicone-based personal lubricants have been tested and approved by renowned toy manufacturers. However, we cannot completely rule out the risk of a reaction. Alternatively, you can test our silicone-based personal lubricants on a small area of your love eggs before use.

Once you’ve inserted your love eggs you can then wear them for approximately fifteen minutes. Ideally, you should move around when you do this. You can go for a walk, for example, or do the shopping or a similar activity. It’s easy integrate all of this into your day-to-day schedule. When you move, the weights inside the eggs oscillate and stimulate your pelvic floor muscles. This is similar to a workout in a gym. Doing this two to three times a week will be really good for your pelvic floor 😉

Don't forget to clean your love eggs
Don’t forget to clean your love eggs

Once you have finished wearing your love eggs, you can remove them using the retrieval strap. Don’t forget to clean them though! Just like other sex toys, you should thoroughly clean your love eggs after every use. Soap and water removes general soiling, but to hygienically clean every part, you should really use a sex toy cleaner. We recommend reading up on this subject in our article Cleaning sex toys – A how-to guide. Then you’ll be good to go 😉

Reasons for using love eggs

So, we now know how love eggs work. But when and why should you use them? We’ve put together a list of the most important reasons why you should use love eggs:

  • To strengthen your pelvic floor
  • A toned pelvic floor should boost your energy and endurance levels and improve your concentration and digestion
  • A toned pelvic floor can help relieve pain during childbirth
  • It prevents bladder weakness
  • Gives you some exciting moments in everyday life
  • Recovery after pregnancy and childbirth
  • More intense sexual sensations
  • And the most important thing for us: better orgasms for you AND your partner

Getting better orgasms with love eggs and a strong pelvic floor

We can confirm that regularly using love eggs pays off. A well-toned pelvic floor can protect against incontinence, help postnatal recovery and give you some exciting moments in everyday life. It can also improve sex for you and your partner and allow you both to achieve more intense orgasms. This is because:

  • …when you regularly exercise your pelvic floor, it will contract more firmly around your partner’s penis during sex, intensifying the sensations you and your partner experience.
  • …regular pelvic floor exercises increase your chances of having an orgasm. This is because healthy pelvic floors have a better flow of blood to the tissue.
  • …a well-toned pelvic floor ensures that the brain’s pleasure centres are activated more rapidly. The connection between the spine and the hypothalamus is improved, enabling you to relax more rapidly. And as we know, this is the best way for us women to orgasm.

As you can see, love eggs are much more than just a sex toy. So it’s high time you got yourself some, don’t you think? 🙂

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