Massage Tips for Enjoying Some Time with Your Partner

Enjoying some time together with a massage
Enjoying some time together with a massage

A massage can be relaxing, release tension and have a positive effect on the body. So it’s little wonder that, time and again, we’re advised to have a relaxing massage. But why is this the case, and how can a massage really help you recover from the stress of everyday life? We’ve put together a few massage tips for you, revealing how you too can easily enjoy a restorative massage at home!

Why massage?

As we’ve already mentioned, massage has a positive effect on wellbeing. Pressure, stretching and pulling movements are applied to different areas of the body to promote circulation in the skin and muscles. In addition, massage also stimulates cell metabolism in the body’s tissues and lowers the blood pressure and heart rate. The right massage strokes will release any tension or knots, resulting in an improvement in wellbeing.

More than enough reasons to treat yourself to the occasional massage at home, don’t you think? Well then, our massage tips below are sure to help 😉

10 Massage tips for you – take some time out to enjoy together

Massage tip 1: First, you should prepare the room accordingly. The atmosphere during a massage is extremely important for relaxation. The room for the massage can be prepared with the help of candles or special scents. Dimmed light also contributes to creating a special atmosphere. Ideally, the person getting the massage should already be relaxed when they enter the room.

Massage tip 2: The room where the massage is given should already be warm. It should be at least 22 °C (71°F). After all, large parts of the person’s body will be naked.

Massage tip 3: You can play relaxing music. While some people prefer stillness during a massage, others enjoy listening to relaxing music so they can unwind. The music selected should always be quiet and not too fast. Music with a strong bass is not really appropriate during a massage 😉

Massage tip 4: The parts of the body that are not massaged should be covered with a blanket or a towel to prevent the body from cooling down.

Massage tip 5: Sometimes, skin on skin contact can be more unpleasant than relaxing. You should use a gel if this is the case. And instead of going on a search for a massage gel, just use one of our silicone personal lubricants, like pjur Original. It is super for an enjoyable massage, because it remains on the surface of the skin due to the silicone it contains. Try it out. It is perfectly suited for a sensual massage!

Massage tip 6: Before the massage, always warm up your hands by rubbing them briefly. After you have applied the lubricant gel on your hands, you should also rub it a little in your hands first so that you can distribute it over the entire hand surface and warm up your hands accordingly.

Massage tip 7: Hands are not the only part of the body that can be used to give a massage. Elbows or lower arms can be put to use as well. After all, everything that feels good is permitted during a massage. But in the process, you should pay attention to the reaction of the person being massaged. Not everyone likes it when you use your elbow or lower arm.

Massage tip 8: A lot of people do not give or like getting massaged because they are scared of injuries or doing something wrong. And yet they only have to be cautious around the spine and bones. Hence, our massage tip is: These areas should only be massaged gently. It is best if you stick to the softer parts of the body, which can be kneaded, stroked or even treated with the elbow and hand surfaces.

Massage tip 9: The five basic massage strokes are:


There are five basic massage strokes
There are five basic massage strokes
  • Effleurage (stroking): This massage stroke is basically just stroking and lightly touching the skin. A massage will generally begin with this technique.
  • Petrissage (kneading): Petrissage involves kneading the skin between the index finger and middle finger to release tension and improve circulation.
  • Friction (rubbing): The massage stroke known as friction consists of small, circular movements. It is said to release knots and tension in the muscles.
  • Tapotement (tapping): Tapping is meant to encourage circulation. The fingers, palms or sides of the hand are used to tap on the appropriate part of the body.
  • Vibration (shaking): This massage stroke is supposed to relieve cramp and loosen the muscles. A quivering sensation is generated in the muscles of the person receiving the massage using the fingertips or with the palms laid flat.

Massage tip 10: A massage is really effective if you warm up the body as well as the muscles ahead of time, by taking a hot bath, visiting the sauna or using a fango pack for example.

And finally, all of our 10 massage tips are summarized briefly again here:

  1. Get comfortable
  2. Make sure the room is warm enough
  3. Listen to your favorite music or a relaxing playlist
  4. You should protect the parts of the body that are not being massaged from becoming too cold
  5. Use our silicone personal lubricants as a massage product
  6. Warm up your hands and the lubricant beforehand by rubbing your hands together
  7. Also use your elbow and lower arms during the massage
  8. Concentrate on the soft parts of the body that can be kneaded or stroked without any fear
  9. Effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement and vibration are five fundamental massage terms
  10. It makes sense to warm up the muscles before the massage by taking a bath for example

Now you are optimally prepared for your next massage. Have some confidence and give your loved one a relaxing massage with our 10 massage tips!

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