Masturbation—Why You Should Do It


Somehow it’s still a taboo subject—masturbation. Statistics tell us that 86 per cent of women and 95 per cent of men do it regularly. Hardly anyone likes to talk about it though, so why is that? This article will look not just at this question but also at why you should definitely feel free masturbating and at the best ways to satisfy yourself.

Masturbation—a taboo?

Unfortunately, that’s the way it is still seen these days. Not just because masturbation is still illegal in some countries, but also because masturbation had a bad reputation right up until the 20th century—even in our corner of the world. Masturbation was not only said to be a selfish act, but it was also blamed for a whole host of ailments, including acne, cancer and psychiatric disorders. All absurd assumptions that still plague the subject of masturbation today. Even though people no longer believe masturbation is to blame for medical conditions, two people in a relationship feel they are betraying their partner by masturbating, for example. As a result, masturbation is often not practised at all within a relationship. Masturbation has the ability to transform a couple’s sex life though. And even single people sometimes have inhibitions about masturbating. Yet it’s far easier to masturbate than to go out on the hunt for a one-night stand, isn’t it? It seems masturbation is still a long way from being taken as a given—even in this day and age. Yet there are lots of positives that come with masturbating.

Why you should do it yourself

Masturbation - Why you should do it yourself

We all know what it’s like when we climax: we experience a feeling of happiness afterwards and for a moment feel completely and utterly relaxed. Orgasms actually have lots of positive effects. When you have an orgasm, endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin are released. These hormones can brighten our mood. And that’s the exact aim every time we masturbate. Besides releasing hormones during orgasm, there are other positive effects associated with masturbating, too:

  • When you masturbate, you explore your own body. This helps you get to know it better and develop a better relationship with it.
  • If you know what floats your boat, you can express yourself much better to your partner and tell them how you like it best. If you’ve already tried it out on yourself, nothing can go wrong, can it?
  • When we masturbate, it stirs our imagination and can make us more interested in sex. So couples experiencing a drought in the bedroom can find it useful to try to use masturbation to add a little spice to their sex life.
  • Masturbating can reduce the amount women suffer from menstrual cramps and menstrual disorders. That’s what a lot of medical professionals say, at least.
  • Women in particular usually reach orgasm earlier when they masturbate, because the focus is on stimulating the clitoris and they are able to concentrate solely on themselves.
  • Masturbation is also said to help combat headaches.
  • Masturbating regularly can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which can help prevent potential urinary incontinence.
  • Emptying the epididymis regularly improves sperm quality in men.
  • When you masturbate, it stimulates your circulation, gives your heart a work-out and relaxes your brain and your muscles.
  • Masturbation is fantastic for stress-relief generally.

Lots of positive effects that you should take advantage of! Which is why we take a quick look at how to do it yourself below.

How to do it yourself    

Men usually simply use their hand. They find a quiet corner, relax and stimulate their own penis until they orgasm. Women need a quiet corner, too, and should use their fingers to stimulate their clitoris. Of course, the entire entrance to the vagina is sensitive, though, and touching this area can be arousing. As well as using their fingers, women can also use a vibrator or a dildo to pleasure themselves. It can also be arousing to masturbate in the shower, using the jet of water from the shower head to produce an orgasm.

When it comes to how you choose to masturbate, the sky’s the limit. Just experiment with what feels good! Just remember to leave household appliances and tools (yes, there have actually been people who have misused these to pleasure themselves) out of it 😉

Not only can masturbation do you good when you’re single, but it can also rekindle your sex life in a relationship. If it feels good, it’s allowed. The important thing is to make sure you don’t see it as a taboo. Everyone should be able to enjoy their sexuality—and if you pleasure yourself more, it’s easier to define what you like and what you don’t!


Editor’s note: The content of this blog always includes same-sex relationships, even if the examples given are of heterosexual relationships.

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