“Menstrubation”?! Masturbate During Your Period

Why You Should Masturbate During Your Period
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Unfortunately, masturbation is still a highly taboo subject, especially when it comes to masturbating during your period*. And it’s not just taboo among women, it’s also a difficult subject to raise for couples. Yet menstruation just part of the body’s natural process of shedding the womb’s lining. So, sex and masturbation are definitely not “unhygienic” or “dirty”. Although “menstrubation” might sound a bit strange at first, masturbating during your period is safe and completely normal. Also, there is no scientific evidence to say that you shouldn’t be sexually active while menstruating. In fact, there are actually benefits to it. So let’s take a look at why you should masturbate during your period.

Reasons for masturbating during your period.

Say goodbye to cramps and painkillers

One of the benefits of masturbating during your period is that it can help relieve cramps and headaches. Many women suffer from unpleasant, and in some cases, very painful cramps in the abdomen and labia when they are on their period. When you masturbate (whether on your own or with a partner), you orgasm. This releases a host of endorphins, which can have the same effect as painkillers. Orgasms can relieve pain and cramps and also act as natural pain relief for other ailments such as headaches.

Experience intense orgasms

Another very real benefit is that our desire for sex increases during our periods. “Menstrubation” is a real blessing here. It is thought that the hormonal changes during your period are responsible for this increased desire for sex. Testosterone levels increase during your period, which results in an increased sex drive. In addition to this, the vulva is much more sensitive, which can lead to more intense orgasms when “menstrubating”. Some women even report that they have experienced their most intense orgasms during their periods. So to masturbate during your period is really worth trying out. At the same time, however, every person is unique. So if you don’t — or never — want to have sex or masturbate during your period that’s also totally normal.

What’s the best way to masturbate when menstruating and what things should you look out for?

Reasons for masturbating during your period.
masturbating during your period


Let’s take a look at the best ways of dealing tampons, sex toys and the like:

Stimulation during menstruation

How to masturbate when wearing a tampon or menstruation cup

Yes, you can masturbate even if you’re wearing a tampon or menstruation cup. However, you should also use personal lubricant to prevent any skin irritation or chafing. This is because a tampon or cup can absorb some of your natural moisture which could make stimulation with your fingers or sex toys uncomfortable.

Personal lubricant makes “menstrubating” even more pleasant

Regardless of how you stimulate yourself during your period, personal lubricant can help by making every touch feel more intense with any masturbation technique. What’s more, your clitoral area may be slightly drier than normal when you’re on your period for the reason described above. Personal lubricant can really help here. If you decide to use a sex toy too, make sure that you have the right water-based personal lubricant to hand.

Good to know: Your immune system may be slightly weaker during your period and your sensitive mucous membranes more prone to infection. So before you “menstrubate”, always wash your hands thoroughly, change your tampon or menstruation cup, disinfect your sex toys and, where possible, use a certified personal lubricant without any additives.

Vaginal stimulation during your period is possible.

Once you’re ready, it’s time to find the best stimulation points.

Get hands on and find your best stimulation points to masturbate:

  • Clitoral stimulation during your period
    If you want to stimulate the external area of your vulva, then make sure you focus on the entire clitoral area. You can stimulate different points here using a range of techniques and also include your nipples if you like. You can also try out different positions. Find out more about these here. The clitoris is the queen of female passion. So just do what feels good and you’ll have a great time.
  • Anal stimulation during your period
    Anal stimulation can also feel exceptionally good during your period. You can either masturbate anally, use sex toys or try out other anal techniques with your partner. The nerve endings in your anus, which are connected with the vulva, can also be more sensitive during your period, leading to intense orgasms. Whatever you do here, make sure that bacteria from your anus do not get into your vagina.
  • Vaginal stimulation during your period
    Depending on how heavy your period is, you can also go for vaginal stimulation. If you don’t use tampons or a menstruation cup, you can stimulate your vagina any way you want. Your vagina is particularly sensitive when you menstrubate so it’s really important to find out what feels good for you. It also makes sense to have towels ready in case you get a bit of blood on your fingers or toys. Nowadays, you can also buy menstruation cups and soft tampons that can be easily worn during sex or while masturbating. So, if you or your partner want to have sex after “menstrubating”, you can do it easily by wearing one of these alternatives. Whatever you decide, you should always talk openly about it with your partner and prepare yourself properly for sex when menstruating* to avoid any unwanted surprises.

* From a medical standpoint, there is also no reason not to have vaginal, anal or oral sex during your period. It’s not even a problem during the first few days when bleeding can be particularly heavy. As always though, it’s down to your own personal choice. Be aware, however, that you can also become pregnant during your period. In terms of your cycle, the days when you menstruate are not your most fertile days but sperm can survive for several days and fertilise an egg later on. So if you don’t want children, contraception is still important when you have sex during your period.

Best stimulation points to masturbate

Don’t worry about stains

As mentioned above, you should also rethink the way you stimulate yourself depending on how heavy your flow is. But don’t be put off by stains or other marks. If you have a heavy flow and you’re worried about stains, you could try external stimulation while wearing a tampon or menstrual cup. If you have a light flow, are coming to the end of your period or decide to use a soft tampon, vaginal stimulation shouldn’t be a problem. You can also lay on a towel if you are still worried. Or you can masturbate in the shower or put a condom over your fingers or sex toy.

There are also a few other things to remember:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly beforehand
  2. Disinfect your sex toys
  3. Have condoms ready
  4. Wear a tampon or menstruation cup and stimulate yourself externally
  5. Use a menstruation cup or soft tampon specifically for sex
  6. Talk openly about this subject beforehand with your partner

If you take note of these tips, there’s nothing to stop you masturbating during your period. So ladies, it’s time to get hands on and try it out because you don’t have to go without the benefits of orgasms during your period, no matter how heavy you bleed.

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