Other Things We Use Our Personal Lubricants for Here at pjur

Other Things We Use Our Personal Lubricants for Here at pjur

Virtually everyone should know what a personal lubricant is used for, right? But why should you only use it in the bedroom? Both silicone-based and water-based products have a whole lot more to offer. Wondering what else you can use your personal lubricant for? We’ll tell you all our secrets – and we promise you’ll always want to have a spare bottle in the house from now on 😉

Personal lubricants and what they can be used for

  • For skincare: Water-based personal lubricants are absorbed by the skin’s outer layer, hydrating it. Anything that can provide the moisture we need in our intimate area will be beneficial
    Personal lubricants for skin care

    for the rest of our skin, too. Our water-based personal lubricants can therefore be used as part of your everyday skincare routine. Silicone-based products are not so well suited for skincare, however, as silicone does not absorb into your pores but stays on the surface instead.

  • For oiling your bicycle chain: Instead of covering your bicycle chain in lubricating grease, you can simply use silicone-based personal lubricant. Your bicycle chain will move just as smoothly, and it can even protect against rust.
  • For taming your hair: Do you have curls that you want to tame? Then just get hold of some silicone-based personal lubricant. Our pjur WOMAN will do the trick nicely, for example. No joke – it actually helps minimise frizz for people with curls. It’s all down to the dimethicone
    Personal lubricants for taming your hair

    found in silicone-based personal lubricants, and it’s in lots of straightening and styling products as a result. So now you don’t need to buy anything else to tame those curly locks!

  • As a primer under your make-up: Anyone who knows a thing or two about make-up will know that wearing a primer under your make-up can not only make it last longer but also magically gives you a smooth complexion. What you may not know yet is that primers usually contain silicone to achieve these very effects. That’s why it’s also fine to simply use a silicone-based personal lubricant under your make-up instead of a primer. So why not just reach for your lubricant next time if you’ve got some lying around anyway?
  • When something’s jammed: Whether it’s your key that’s got stuck in the lock or the lock itself that’s rusty and stiff, experts recommend using a silicone spray. Whatever silicone spray can do, however, silicone-based personal lubricants have long since been able to do as well. Just apply a few drops of personal lubricant to your key or the inside of your lock, and your key or lock will no longer jam.
  • For surfaces: Silicone-based personal lubricants are also great for cleaning the controls in your car or surfaces in general. And what’s more, it leaves them gleaming, too 😊
  • For your shoes: Can’t find any shoe polish but desperately need to clean your shoes? No problem, as long as you have some silicone-based personal lubricant lying around. Just a few drops will do the same job as a bit of shoe polish. Just apply a few drops to your shoes, then wipe down with a clean cloth to leave your shoes shining like new once more!
  • For the rubber seals on your car: You can also use silicone-based personal lubricant to lubricate the rubber seals on your car. Why should you do that? Well, not only does it stop them becoming porous, but silicone also doesn’t freeze as it is resistant to both high and low temperatures. So silicone-based personal lubricants are ideal, especially if you want to protect your door seals in winter.
  • For your Christmas tree topper: Christmas may only just have been and gone, but one of the members of our team always uses a bit of our pjur ORIGINAL on her Christmas tree topper. What does she use it for? Well, she has a turned wooden Christmas tree topper made of parts that fit together by twisting them. To help them fit back together nicely, she uses a bit of silicone-based personal lubricant – just a few drops and it’s turning more smoothly in no time! Of course, there probably aren’t very many of you out there with a turned wooden Christmas tree topper, but there’s no shortage of screw tops around. You can be creative with this one. Personal lubricant can be used virtually anywhere 😉
  • For those tiresome blisters and chafing skin: Oh yes, we no longer use our personal lubricants for wearing in new shoes or for those times when our skin rubs against other skin or
    Personal lubricants for blisters and chafing skin

    against our clothes. Even though a silicone-based personal lubricant can protect against blisters or irritated skin in these scenarios. Because if you apply a silicone-based personal lubricant, it forms a protective film. And the reason why we don’t have to use our personal lubricants for this anymore? Well, now we have a new product that is specially formulated to help protect against blisters and chafing: our pjuractive 2SKIN offers protection against the punishing effects of rubbing.

  • When you can’t get your ring off your finger: A little bit of silicone-based personal lubricant can also work wonders when you can’t get your ring off your finger.
  • For annoying price stickers: Getting the price sticker off something you’ve just bought can be a tricky business sometimes. A few drops of lubricant and you’ll have it off in no time – promise! Simply smear some personal lubricant over the price sticker and it’ll lift away as if by magic.

Have you found any other uses for our personal lubricants? Tell us in the comments below! We’re sure you must have some more useful tips about other things lubricant can be used for. We look forward to reading them 😊

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