Sex Dictionary – Would You Have Known These?

Sex Dictionary – Would You Have Known These?
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Do you know what is meant by the term rimming or where exactly to find the A-spot? No? We may make personal lubricants, but some terms even had us stumped. To help make sure both you and we know exactly what these terms mean in future, here are a few helpful explanations in a little sex dictionary.

Sex dictionary – a few terms you should know

Rimming: It’s a long time since anal sex was a taboo subject. That’s because of the exceptional stimulation you get around the anus, as lots of nerve endings all come together here. Rimming involves using the tongue to stimulate precisely this area.

A-spot: Have you only heard of the G-spot before now? Then you should get searching for the A-spot. It is said to help women have even more amazing orgasms than the G-spot. It stands to reason, that the A-spot is located even deeper in the vagina than the G-spot—to be precise, right in front of the mouth of the cervix.  This is known as the ‘anterior fornix erogenous zone’. This sensitive spot is best stimulated with the fingers or with a sex toy.

‎Venus Butterfly: The so-called Venus Butterfly also involves satisfying your beloved and giving her a real treat. The Venus Butterfly is actually a special finger technique. To do it, you bring your hands together and cross your ring fingers. All the other fingers can then be used to pleasure your partner—the thumbs stimulate the clitoris and the index and middle fingers enter the vagina, whilst the little fingers can be used to stimulate the anus at the same time. There’s something for everyone here, and the combination can be especially arousing.

Edging: The fact that orgasms always feel different is mainly down to how you are stimulated to bring you to climax. Edging brings about a particularly intense orgasm. Each time you get close to coming, you stop. Men already do this regularly anyway, simply to stop themselves coming straight away, but women can also reach new heights of ecstasy with this method. However, the trick is to reach the point of extreme arousal and then stop. You mustn’t reach the so-called Point Of No Return, where it’s just a matter of seconds and an orgasm is unavoidable. But if you’re able to tell your partner when you’re close to having an orgasm, they can stop briefly and then carry on again. You can keep repeating this for up to 20 minutes. Your orgasm will then be more intense than ever before. To practice, it may be worth trying it out on yourself first when you masturbate. This will make it easier for you to recognise the right moment for edging

Pegging: With pegging, the tables are turned. The woman is the man and penetrates her partner from behind using a strap-on. Anal sex, just different. The aim here is to stimulate the male G-spot—the prostate. ‎It may sound very strange at first, especially for many men. But it’s worth abandoning the traditional roles occasionally and trying something new.

Cunnilingus: Cunnilingus is the oral stimulation of the external female sex organs. The tongue, lips and even teeth can be used for this, getting to work on the clitoris, the labia, the entrance to the vagina and even the anus.

Satyriasis: Whilst we are very familiar with the term nymphomania, satyriasis is not so well known. Satyriasis is essentially the same as nymphomania but in men. Men can suffer from abnormal addiction to sex as well, and this is known as satyriasis.

Sex dictionary – a few terms you should know

Smothering: Smothering involves a woman sitting on her partner’s face. Why? Because it’s a particular way of adding variety to sex that some men find a real turn-on.

Katoptronophilia: It may sound almost like some kind of insect but it’s actually the term used to describe a predilection for doing it in front of a mirror. People who do this find it arousing to strip, masturbate and even have sex in front of the mirror.

Simultaneous orgasm: Couples keep trying this one time and again, but it rarely happens. Simultaneous orgasm is when both partners reach orgasm at the same time during sex.

Zipless fuck: People who like zipless fucks like having sex with people they don’t know. To be more precise, they don’t even know the name of their sex partner.

Harem complex: As the name suggests, a harem complex describes the predilection for having sex with as many partners as possible and being dominant over them.

Intermammary: The term intermammary describes when a man’s penis slides between a woman’s breasts.

Viennese Oyster: We’ve already showcased this special sex position in our article ‘Popular Sex Positions – and a Few Worth Trying’. Yet it has such an extraordinary name that there’s no way we can leave it out of our sex dictionary. Just like the missionary position, the woman lies on her back. She then wraps her legs around her partner’s neck, enabling him to penetrate very deep.

Well then, how many of the terms in our sex dictionary did you already know or were you able to guess? Now we’re all definitely a tiny bit smarter 😉

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