That’s Good—the Best Sex Positions for Anal Sex

That’s Good—the Best Sex Positions for Anal Sex
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Gone are the days when anal sex was a taboo subject. Anyone who tries it will quickly find they enjoy it and do it more in future. However, it can be boring if you always do it in the same sex position. We’ve put together the best sex positions for anal sex for you, to make sure it really is fun.

Popular sex positions for anal sex

Doggy style

Doggy style is one of the classic sex positions – and that goes for anal sex, too. One person goes down on all fours, with the other kneeling behind. This puts the bottom at exactly the same height as the partner’s penis. You need to be careful with this position, however—especially if you’re new to anal sex—as it allows the penis to penetrate very deep, which many people initially find uncomfortable. Women also often find that this sex position makes it difficult for them to relax their pelvis, and a relaxed pelvis is key to good anal sex. For those who are somewhat more experienced, however, this is definitely a thrilling sex position. For those new to anal sex, it is important for women to know that they can easily control how deep their partner enters them in this position. If it becomes too deep and uncomfortable, you can simply lean further forward to help you keep control.

The elephant

In the elephant sex position, one person lies on their front. Placing a cushion under the hips raises the pelvis, which means that the bottom is in the perfect position. This allows the man to penetrate without any problems. And the best thing about it? Women can really relax their pelvis in the elephant sex position. And don’t worry, it isn’t possible to penetrate too deep in this position—which is a good thing, as that can sometimes be painful.

Popular sex positions for anal sex

The cowgirl

The man lies on his back, whilst the woman takes control. She sits on top of him, giving her perfect control over how deep he can enter her and how quickly things move. Initial penetration can be a bit of a problem with the cowgirl sex position, however, as the woman’s bottom and legs are tensed in this sex position. With a little practice, however, this shouldn’t be a problem.


The spoons position can be used for both vaginal and anal sex. The man simply lies behind his partner, puts his arms around her, and both partners then draw their legs up. This is a very intimate sex position, making it particularly good for relaxation and intimacy. It is ideal, especially if you’re trying anal sex for the first time.

The missionary

This classic sex position is also great for anal sex. The woman may want to place a cushion underneath her bottom to make it easier for her partner to enter her. But watch out: because the man is lying completely on top of the woman in this position, it is virtually impossible for her to have any control or to decide how deep he should enter her. This makes it a sex position that is less suitable for beginners.

Standing up

Anal sex isn’t just possible lying down—you can do it standing up, too. You just need a table or the backrest of a piece of furniture to brace yourself against. Similar to the doggy position, the man stands behind the woman, who leans forward and braces herself. Many people find the change from lying down to standing up adds something special, making anal sex even more exciting.

In principle, you can try anal sex in virtually any sex position, though novices should be a bit more cautious to start with, as otherwise it can actually be painful rather than enjoyable. It’s best to start by trying out the easy sex positions first. Then, with a little experience, anything is possible. No matter how experienced you are, though, you should always remember to use personal lubricant. Anal sex isn’t possible without it.

Anal sex—the astonishing results from a survey on behalf of pjur group

Anal sex—the astonishing results from a survey on behalf of pjur group

Good anal sex starts and finishes with personal lubricant. Since there is no natural lubrication in the anal region, it needs a helping hand. That’s probably also why a survey commissioned by the pjur group found that around one in three people said they use personal lubricant for anal sex. To be more precise, this was 29 per cent of the 2,099 respondents over the age of 18, 374 of whom were users of personal lubricants.

The survey also showed that couples in full-time employment are more likely to use personal lubricants for anal sex than those who are not in work. 38 per cent of those in full-time work use personal lubricants for anal sex, compared with just 21 per cent of those who are not in work.

When it comes to the age of respondents, it is clear that people probably need a little time before they have the courage to try anal sex: the age group most commonly having anal sex with personal lubricants is the 35 to 44-year-olds, at 40 per cent. Just half that number—20 per cent—of those aged 18 to 24 are having anal sex using personal lubricants. That figure is 34 per cent amongst those aged 25 to 34. The number of people using personal lubricants for anal sex drops off again from the age of 55.

The data used is based on an online survey by YouGov Deutschland GmbH, in which people participated between 06/11/2017 and 08/11/2017. The results have been weighted and represent the German population over the age of 18.

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