Things Women Find Unattractive in Men

Things Women Find Unattractive in Men
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A person’s looks may be the first thing we notice, but there’s a lot more to whether or not we find someone attractive. There are other characteristics that can make a partner unattractive – and that goes for men and women. In our last blog post, we looked at what really turns men off about women. This time, we explore what women really find unattractive in men.

Things that make men unattractive to women

Men who talk too much: Talking lots is something we women prefer to do ourselves, so men who jabber away without letting you get a word in edgeways rarely have much success with the ladies.

Men who talk about themselves all the time: Men who talk constantly are already guaranteed to come across as unattractive, but if they then spend the entire time talking about themselves, pretty much every woman will find that irritating.

Narcissists: He’s forever posting vain photos on himself, no-one else is better-looking than he is, and there’s no way he’s going to let the woman at his side steal the show. Men like this are known as narcissists, and many women find they lose their appeal more and more as time passes.

The low V-neck: Stylish and well-groomed men are very popular with women, but if they’re sporting a lower neck-line than us then the whole thing is just going a bit too far. Sadly, there are actually some V-necked T-shirts where that’s the case. So, a piece of advice for you men out there: steer clear of those really low-cut V-necks – it’s a look we women find anything but attractive!

Men who agree with everything: Granted, we’re happier if someone admits we’re right than if they contradict us. Yet most women’s dream man is not someone who will simply agree with everything, without exception. On the contrary! We don’t want yes-men – we want men who are true to themselves and who will stand by their opinions, too. Even if sometimes they’re different from ours 😉

Mortally ill men: There’s a reason why we talk about ‘man flu’ when, yet again, men catch something and are laid up in bed with a cold. Men who are particularly self-pitying, who are of course suffering with the worst pain ever and are actually on their death bed are really quite unattractive. Pull yourselves together! It’s just a cold 😉

Men who take longer in the bathroom than women: Having a well-groomed man by our side fills us women with pride. But if he uses more lotions and potions than we do ourselves, takes an eternity in the bathroom, and then – when things get really silly – at some point even starts to hog your little pots of cream, then clearly it’s too much of a good thing.

Things that make men unattractive to women

Wearing baggy clothes and looking scruffy: OK, so it’s absolutely fine to wear joggers around the house or when you’re doing sport, but if they’re the only clothes you wear and you go around looking scruffy too, that’s not a look we women find attractive. After all, you wouldn’t like to be seen with us if we went out wearing joggers and looking sloppy and dishevelled, would you?

Mummy’s boys: Has his mother always taken care of everything for him, and he’s even out of his depth cooking a bit of pasta? Congratulations! You’ve got yourself a mummy’s boy, who has had everything done for him until now. There’s virtually nothing worse a woman can have in her home. A complete turn-off!

Drinking too much: We can all have one too many once in a while. But if men come home drunk every weekend, most women will start finding it a turn-off at some point. When they’re drunk, they might declare their love for their partner over-enthusiastically. That’s a complete no-no, guys 😉

Shaven legs: OK, so there may well be some women who like a man with clean-shaven legs and some athletes simply need to shave their legs for their sport. Being honest though, shaven legs aren’t the most attractive thing on a man.

Flirtatious men: Always ready with a witty remark and anything but averse to a bit of flirting – many men simply can’t leave it alone, even when they’re in a relationship. They flirt with other women – and they do it a lot. Beware, men: this certainly won’t impress your partner – and plenty of other women will be unimpressed too!

Unreliability: It is especially important for us women to be able to rely on somebody. Men who are forever promising things that they don’t deliver on spark feelings in women that are far from positive. Quite the opposite – over time, it simply makes men unattractive.

Lack of drive: If you prefer to sit and watch yet another TV series rather than going for a walk around town in the sunshine, or if you don’t even have any plans for the future, that’s a sure-fire way to make yourself unattractive. Women don’t like lying around on the sofa all the time – even if it can be quite nice every now and again on a Sunday – and they certainly don’t like it when there are no plans for the future.

All women will have their own particular idea of what makes men attractive or unattractive. The points on our list will apply to most women, though. So, guys, simply avoid the things we’ve discussed and it’ll all work out fine – with most women 😉

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