Tips for Better Sex – Sex Tips for Men and Women

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Sex is the greatest pastime in the world. What makes sex great is when two people are able to open up to one another. If both partners pay attention to what the other enjoys, then pretty soon they will be enjoying better sex. We want you all to have great sex, so we’ve put together some tips for both men and women.

Sex tips for a woman

Sex tips for women – how to have better sex

If you follow these sex tips, both you and your partner will enjoy better sex:

  • Communication is the key. How can your partner know what you like unless you tell him? Just let your partner know if what he’s doing feels good, or if he should try it in a different way. This will help you both enjoy better sex. If your partner tries for a long time to make you climax but you can’t, neither of you will feel satisfied.
  • Let your partner know when you are about to come. Make sure he keeps going with the same movement. Otherwise he could distract you and stop you having an orgasm.
  • Ask your partner whether what you’re doing or what you’re doing to each other feels good. You may be able to give him an even more intense orgasm too.
  • Women often cramp up because they’re thinking too much about coming. Don’t focus on this too much. Turn your mind to something else instead: think about how warm your partner’s skin is, or how good his hair smells.
  • Multiple orgasms? – of course! Make sure to slow down after your first orgasm. Women are very sensitive straight after an orgasm, so if your partner continues stimulating you straight away, you will not achieve multiple orgasms.
  • Maybe you’re not actually sure what you really enjoy. Well why not try it out on yourself first? Masturbation is not only a great way of really getting to know what you like, it also makes you want more and better sex with your partner. Once you know what you really like, you can help your partner bring you to climax.
  • Use your imagination to increase your desire for sex. Fantasising about sex with your partner usually makes you want it. Since women may often be less in the mood for sex than men, getting the imagination involved can really help.
  • Don’t fake it! Most women don’t come every time. This isn’t always a problem as many women get satisfaction from foreplay or the penetration itself. Reassure your partner that you love sleeping with him so that he doesn’t feel disheartened.

Sex tips for men – so you know what women want

Sex tips for men

Follow these sex tips and both you and your partner will enjoy better sex:

  • For women, penis size is not important. Nor does it matter that the sex lasts a particularly long time. Women enjoy sex more if a man opens up to experimentation and makes sure the woman feels appreciated during sex. For most women, it is much more important that their partner asks them what they like and takes the time to satisfy them.
  • Every woman is different. Just because one woman has always come through stimulation at a certain spot does not mean that every woman will automatically come in this way too. Really engage with your partner and pick up on certain signals, or even just ask her whether something feels good.
  • Most women need to be stimulated in different ways before they can come. For many women, penetration alone is not enough. Most Women also need clitoral or other types of stimulation, so get experimenting! You’ll soon pick up on what really excites your partner and what doesn’t work quite so well.
  • Arousal in women increases in stages. The harder you work in each stage, the more intense the climax can be and the better the sex will become. If you see that your partner is close to orgasm, keep going with the same movement. Changing now could distract your partner and stop her having an orgasm.
  • Every clitoris is different, so each one can be stimulated differently. Some women like their clitoris to be touched directly, others prefer to be touched on the left or right side of it. On average, one in five women prefer to be touched on the right or left side of their clitoris. If you know what your girlfriend prefers, it is much easier for you to stimulate her. Ask her about it, or watch how she reacts during sex when you pay more attention to one side of the clitoris.
  • Your girlfriend’s orgasm can be especially intense if you stop just before she climaxes. Take a break for a moment, then get back into it. Or, instead of taking a break, why not concentrate on another spot just before she comes?

pjur love hopes our sex tips will help you have better sex. Have fun!

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