Which Personal Lubricant Is Best for You? With 5 Different Love Formulas, You’re Sure to Find the One

Which personal lubricant is best for you? With 5 different love formulas, you're sure to find the one

Do you love life, adventure and cosy nights in with your partner? You enjoy the time as a couple, the wild sex and the tenderness and are open to making the most of your sex life. But have you so far found it impossible to work out which is the right lubricant for you? If so, you are certain to find something to suit you among all the many love formulas described below. So you too will be able to find the right personal lube to enjoy many more hours of spine-tingling fun as a couple – and that’s a promise!

Your sex life – your personal lubricant

Your personal lubricant - Relaxed and sensitive

Relaxed and sensitive

Do you like a laid-back atmosphere, full of emotion and without all the frills? Are you romantic when it comes to sex, and do you like to spoil yourself and your partner? Is foreplay important to you and do you like to take your time to consciously appreciate your partner’s caresses, perhaps using toys as well? Are you highly sensitive and is it important for you to have a personal lubricant that feels light? In that case, a natural water-based lube that contains no glycerin and is free from preservatives, parabens & paraffins is perfect for you. With its light, water-based formula, our pjur WOMAN Nude personal lubricant is ideal for tender caresses, for using with sex toys, and for both oral and vaginal sex – and it leaves your delicate intimate area feeling light and fresh.

Adventurous and nourished

Your personal lubricant - Adventurous and nourished

Do you like to keep things well looked after – also in adventurous moments? Is hydrated skin and long-lasting lubrication important to you? Why should you have to compromise? Whether it’s spine-tingling foreplay or passionate analsex, it should feel good afterwards too and give your skin a little extra TLC.  Water-based personal lube with nourishing ingredients are perfect for you. Our pjur analyse me! WATER is a water-based personal lubricant containing hyaluron, which is designed to enrich your sex life. It regenerates your skin with lasting results and, thanks to its extremely long-lasting lubrication properties, enhances foreplay, provides moments of pure bliss and can be used with all erotic toys.

Wild and long lasting

Your personal lubricant - Wild and long lasting

Do you enjoy trying out various positions one after the other, do you get turned on by long periods of mutual masturbation and massage, and do you like long endurance sessions? Do you love to try new things and are you always on the look-out for hot sex positions? Silicone-based personal lubes with long-lasting lubricating properties are particularly well-suited for your sex life. When sex gets a bit excessive, you should use silicone-based lubricants with long-lasting lubrication. Our pjur ORIGINAL  premium silicone-based personal lubricant provides exceptionally long-lasting lubrication in the intimate area, is very economical and is also suitable for long massages – so it’s right up your street.

Thrilling and powerful

Your personal lubricant - Thrilling and powerful

Do you prefer anal sex and do you enjoy always doing exactly what feels right for you, without any limits? Do you like sex that is a little out of the ordinary and do you enjoy intense penetration? Due to the delicate nerve endings in the anus and the lack of natural lubrication in the anal area in particular, it is important to use the right kind of perso nal lube to avoid any injury and pain. Silicone-based relaxing lubricants are therefore ideal for your sex life. These personal lubricants have additional skincare properties and are specially designed for intense anal intercourse. Our pjur BACK DOOR Relaxing Silicone Anal Glide contains jojoba and provides extra long–lasting lubrication and coverage, making it just right for you and your adventure. Want to find out more about anal sex and the best positions? Then take a look here.

A little bit of everything

RELAXED, SENSITIVE, WILD, LONG LASTING, TENDER, ROMANTIC, AND INTENSE. It goes without saying that your sex life is as unique as you are! You simply like sex in all its different forms and you are completely committed to your partner without any particular preferences or limits. Sometimes you want it hard with no foreplay, and other times you just feel like touching or having slow sex. It is your sex life – and you can decide which personal lubricant is right for you!

Try pjur’s best personal lubricants out now!

Your sex life is… Your personal lubricant is…
Relaxed and sensitive pjur WOMAN Nude

  • Premium water-based personal lubricant
  • Free from preservatives, parabens & glycerin
  • Suitable for use with sex toys
Adventurous and nourished pjur analyse me! WATER

  • water-based personal lubricant
  • extremely long-lasting lubrication
  • Contains regenerative & moisturising hyaluron & is suitable for use with sex toys
Wild and long lasting pjur ORIGINAL

  • Premium silicone-based personal lubricant
  • Exceptionally long-lasting lubrication & very economical
  • Suitable for sex and massage
Thrilling and powerful pjur BACK DOOR Relaxing Silicone Anal Glide

  • Silicone-based anal personal lubricant
  • Extra long–lasting lubrication
  • Contains relaxing jojoba

And now a quick note on how to use it correctly…

You’ve found out what kind of intimate personal lube is the best for you. Now all you have to do is use it correctly. Don’t worry, though – the way personal lubricant works is simple 😉 it’s best to test the lubricant briefly on your fingertips or the palm of your hand first, by applying a small amount and rubbing it onto your skin. Or you can skip this step and use your hand to apply some personal lubricant to your intimate area, massaging it in gently before you really get down to business 😉 If you want to know more, we reveal more on this subject in the following blog articles:




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