Women’s Lingerie – How to Shop for Sexy Underwear

Women’s Lingerie – How to Shop for Sexy Underwear

Wearing beautiful lingerie really can make any woman look great and feel desirable. Quite simply, it makes a woman feel good and can boost her self-confidence as a result. Yet there is such a vast range of women’s bras, thongs and briefs that choosing the right women’s lingerie can sometimes be difficult – women are spoilt for choice. We have put together a few tips that will truly help any woman looking for sexy lingerie.

Women’s lingerie – There’s something for everyone

Whether you are slender or curvaceous and have a smaller or larger cup size – the vast array of women’s lingerie on offer means there is something for everyone. The important thing is knowing your own body and knowing what kind of bra and briefs suit you and your shape. Here are a few tips that will help any woman looking for sexy lingerie.

Small breasts

If you have small breasts, it is important to show them off to their best advantage. Women with small breasts should reach for the following women’s bras:

  • Push-up bras
  • Strapless bras
  • Balcony bras
  • Triangle bras

Balcony bras can visibly lift the breasts, whereas push-up bras are intended to make them appear bigger. The advantage of having small breasts is that you don’t need a women’s bra with underwires for support. Instead, you can go for ones without wires. They are available in lace, which can of course be very sexy.

When choosing the material and the colour, you should go for something striking. Whether it’s lace, frills or a seductive red – fancy materials and striking colours can be used to distract from a small cup size.

Here are a few tips that will help any woman looking for sexy lingerie.

Large breasts

If you have large breasts, there are a few things you need to bear in mind when choosing the right bra. Your new bra should have thick shoulder straps so that the bra can support the weight of your breasts. Women with large breasts should opt for an underwired bra, because a wireless bra cannot give large breasts the right support. Triangle bras are also not an option since they would be bad for your back. In addition to underwires and thick straps, women with large breasts need bras that simply sit well, as bras which don’t sit well can lead to painful back problems. If you have large breasts, you should make sure that the underwires fully enclose your breasts. The centre of your women’s bra must lie against your skin and there must be enough room for the whole breast in your cup. Women with large breasts are best opting for half-cup and balcony bras. These show a lot of the breast and are particularly popular with men.

The larger a woman’s breasts, the more difficult it usually is to find beautiful lingerie. However, thanks to specialist retailers, even women with an extremely large bust size can strike gold and drive men over the edge with sexy lingerie. Cup size and chest measurement can also be measured precisely, allowing women to find a bra that fits perfectly.

Once you’ve found the perfect bra, all that is left is to find a thong or briefs. To ensure that nothing pinches or cuts in unpleasantly, there are a few things to bear in mind here, too.

Feminine curves

If you have feminine curves that you want to package in sexy women’s lingerie, you should always make sure that your pants do not cut in. It is better to choose a size larger, because if you have sexy underwear that fits well, it makes you look slimmer. To show your curves off to their best advantage, choose pants with a higher cut. Pants with this style can conceal a slight stomach and, because they sit high, they particularly emphasise the waistline. A skirted thong can also be a good idea. These have a little skirt that can be the perfect way to conceal problem areas. For those who don’t feel comfortable in a bra and pants, there is also the option of a teddy. This can emphasise the cleavage particularly well and simply shave several pounds off.

Wearing beautiful lingerie really can make any woman look great and feel desirable.

Broad hips

Whilst some women want to show off their sexy curves, others have particularly broad hips and the problems that come with it. Here, too, there are a few tips to enable women to wear sexy lingerie. Instead of the pants recommended for women with feminine curves, which would only emphasise the hip area unnecessarily, women with broad hips should go for briefs, tangas and thongs. They should be cut with a high leg, which will make your legs seem longer, putting the focus on them. Choose briefs, tangas or thongs with lace edging for the best effect. This can also divert attention from the problem area of the hips. It is usually much more comfortable than an elastic waistband, too, which can cut in uncomfortably.

Problem tummy

A slight tummy can be another reason why some women simply don’t feel comfortable in beautiful lingerie. But even this is something that can be concealed with the right underwear. If you feel your tummy is your problem area, avoid hipster thongs and hipster briefs at all costs. These will only emphasise the stomach further. Instead, choose pants with a high waistband, such as jazz pants or high-waist briefs, for example. Lace edging can also conceal an unwanted tummy and make women feel good.

Don’t let the vast array of women’s lingerie put you off. It is precisely this variety that means there truly is beautiful lingerie to suit every woman and to drive your partner over the edge!

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