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pjur love. gives you more to discover

Do you want to experience more sensations or maybe live out more of your preferences? Do you long for more touch or do you simply want a greater sense of wellbeing when using your products? Then choose pjur. We are specialists in all things related to love. Whether you’re enjoying sensual foreplay, a relaxing massage or sex itself, our products bring more passion and more feeling to those extra special moments.

Here, you can find out what else our slogan stands for and what exactly pjur gives you more of:

more passion
We’ve all been there – a thousand caresses yet still nothing happens. With pjur, you can supercharge your love life – turning seemingly run-of-the-mill positions into extra special moments bursting with passion. Backed by our mission to improve the love lives of all our customers, our pjur products make you feel great and add more passion to everyone’s favourite past time.

more choice

We also give you more choice. We've got something for everyone in our different application areas. What's more: all of our products can be used together.

Our portfolio now comprises over 60 products from silicone- and water-based personal lubricants through massage lotions and products for toys, for stimulation and for delay performance right through to niche products for extra special preferences plus intimate hygiene products.

Find out for yourself which of our products suit you best and how you'd like to combine them. More choice, more fun - pjur has it all!

more personality

The pjur group is a family-run company. For over twenty years, we’ve put our heart and soul into developing and distributing our products. We develop everything in house to create highly innovative and exclusive products.

more quality
Our products are Made in Germany. We only use ingredients that meet the highest purity and quality levels in our manufacturing processes. Quality is a top priority for us and we are not prepared to make any compromises on this.

more safety

products are certified and registered in accordance with official international requirements for the relevant product categories. Our products are distributed in around 70 countries. This means that we comply with a host of requirements, including those set down by the European Union, the FDA in the US and the TGA in Australia.

more fun

Regardless of whether they're for you alone, for couples, for the really curious or the really experienced, we want our products to make your love life more fun. And that’s exactly what they do. Find out for yourself!

Take a look at our website and find out how pjur gives you more!