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pjur AQUA awarded top marksProduct rated as “very good” by ÖKO-TEST.

Wasserbillig, Luxembourg, October 2022.

In its latest issue (10/2022), ÖKO-TEST put a number of water-based personal lubricants to the test. pjur AQUA received top marks and was rated as “very good”.


pjur AQUA is a premium water-based personal lubricant. The water in this product is completely absorbed by the skin, providing particularly soft, long-lasting care. It is suitable for use with condoms and sex toys.


“At pjur, we don’t compromise on product quality or safety. As a creator of premium ‘Made in Germany’ intimate products, pjur has over 27 years of experience in the production of intimate products and campaigns for greater transparency and higher standards of quality and safety across the industry. The ÖKO-TEST rating recognises all the hard work we’ve put in”, says Alexander Giebel, CEO & founder of the pjur group.


About pjur

pjur’s vision is to improve the quality of people’s relationships and lives all over the world, helping them to discover their true passions and happiness, to enjoy carefree sex and to increase their sexual wellbeing. Its product portfolio includes over 60 premium intimate products across various categories, including premium water-based and silicone-based personal lubricants.

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