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pjur celebrates at the Seoul Queer Culture Festivalpjur’s partner Greenshelf presents the company at its stand

Seoul/South Korea, Wasserbillig/Luxembourg, August 2022. After a two-year hiatus, the Seoul Queer Festival finally took place on 16 July 2022 in Seoul, South Korea. Greenshelf, pjur’s exclusive partner in South Korea, had a stand at the festival, where it presented the pjur brand and product range to visitors alongside several other brands. Thousands of people gathered to celebrate love, diversity, variety & tolerance.

In July 135,000 people gathered in Seoul with rainbow flags and colourful outfits to celebrate all forms of sexual orientation and join the march for LGBTQ rights under the slogan “Let’s live, unite and go forward”. Taking place in Seoul for the 23rd time, the festival was attended by members of the LGBTQ community who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer, as well as their allies and human rights activists. Greenshelf spoke to 2500 visitors at its stand alone. While presenting pjur and other brands to the visitors, the company also used a “Sex Orientation” brochure to explain how to use personal lubricants and sex toys.

This year pjur has again focused on love, diversity and tolerance with the “Love is Love” campaign it ran in June and July. All its channels are oriented around this topic and the rainbow, with its many colours that stand for diversity in love. Because everyone deserves love and should feel able to have the love life they desire.


About “LoveIsLove”

The #loveislove campaign aims to empower people and give them self-confidence about their sexuality. Publicised by pjur throughout the summer, the campaign aims to encourage people to celebrate life and love in all its diversity, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, preferences, appearance and capabilities. pjur wants to set an example of variety, acceptance, tolerance and diversity.


About Greenshelf

Greenshelf has been pjur’s exclusive partner in South Korea since 2021. Devoted to delivering the best and safest products for health-conscious consumers, it has been striving to introduce the premium brand pjur and its product range to the South Korean market. Greenshelf aims to reach outside the erotic market into the non-erotic market, building pjur's brand awareness.