What Men Find Unattractive About Women

What Men Find Unattractive About Women
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There are lots of things women want, but being considered unattractive by men is not one of them. Yet despite all their efforts, there are still some situations or character traits that really don’t go down well with the male sex. Want to know what they are? pjur love knows what women should refrain from doing if they really want men to find them attractive and sexy.

Things that make women unattractive to men

Women who are withdrawn: Women who have put up a defensive wall and barely even let their own partner in are not a man’s best choice. After all, it can be difficult enough understanding the female of the species as it is anyway. If a woman really is incredibly uncommunicative, it can lead to problems and is likely to scare men off.

Dominant women: An overbearing manner doesn’t go down well with the male sex. Instead, many men would even cut and run when faced with this kind of woman. And it certainly isn’t sexy. Nothing spells the end of eroticism more than when women start behaving in a controlling way towards their partner. Yet because exceptions prove the rule, there are also those men, of course, who even find domineering behaviour in their partner a turn-on.

Letting yourself go: You’ve barely been together long enough to call it a long-term relationship before you completely let yourself go and stop making an effort with your appearance. After all, you already have a partner and you no longer have to dress up for them. Unfortunately, men usually don’t find that sexy. They may not demand that their partners wear make-up and make themselves pretty every day. But any man would probably be happy to have a pretty woman on their arm whenever they go somewhere.

Women who swear: We all get worked up about some things. Yet when a woman starts swearing and using four-letter words, it can make them completely unattractive and will scare many men off. So the fairer sex should hold back a little instead and perhaps not fully vent their anger towards their sweetheart 😉

Women who are obsessed with their diet: Picking at their food and only ever ordering a salad at restaurants – it’s something men find far from appealing. Unfortunately, many women pay far too much attention to exactly what they eat and to making sure they don’t have too many calories. Men generally find it quite annoying and they’d much rather have a woman who can eat a burger and enjoy her food without feeling guilty!

Constantly watching their weight: This goes hand in hand with the point above. There are just as many women who worry about every pound and who think they are overweight. This also includes incessantly complaining about their own bodies and checking the scales on a daily basis. It’s something that all men will find irritating at some point and makes women unattractive – guaranteed!

Chatterboxes: Talking without pausing for breath. Unfortunately, this is actually how it sometimes is with women. Men find it quite irritating and a turn-off. It’s best for women to let their partners get a word in often enough – or even arrange to have a chat with their best friend instead of with their other half.

Too much make-up: Men also find it a turn-off when women wear too much make-up. Several layers of make-up, smoky eyes and red lips – it may be fine for a party, but men tend to find it unattractive when it’s your day-to-day look. After all, men want to be able to recognise their partner when they come out of the bathroom without their make-up on in the evening.

Things that make women unattractive to men

Clingy women: ‘What are you doing, darling?’; ‘Are you coming home soon, baby?’ Rather than being likeable and sexy, women who constantly want to know where their partner is and when he’s coming home and whose thoughts are all about themselves and their partner eventually become exhausting. Women should give their partner space – and still have their own life, too.

Too much of a party animal: Do you go out partying every weekend? And do you want to carry on like that in a relationship, too? You may find it rubs your partner up the wrong way. After all, he doesn’t know what might happen at a party. Women shouldn’t stop going out, but continuing to do so excessively despite being in a relationship is something that men can understandably find a turn-off.

Too much self-confidence: On the one hand, most men tend to like self-assured women who know what they want and have both feet firmly on the ground. Yet women who overdo it and have far too much self-confidence also don’t really go down too well with men. So when it comes to self-confidence, too much of a good thing seems to scare men off!

That sounds like quite a lot of character traits that can make women unattractive to men. But in most cases, we’re talking about exaggerated behaviour that women exhibit on a regular basis – though rarely as exaggerated as we’ve portrayed it here. So even if women have a few of these traits, it doesn’t necessarily mean men will find them unattractive 😉 But fear not – in one of our next blog articles, we’ll reveal a few character traits in men that don’t go down so well with the female sex and make men unattractive.

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