Lip Service – Have You Had Your Kiss Today?

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Today is World Kiss Day. Have you already had a kiss today? If not, then you ought to get one quick. Kissing is considered by many to be almost the greatest extracurricular activity in the world, even better than sex. But why is that, and are there different ways of kissing?

Kissing is one of the most intensive forms of bodily contact that you can experience. Our feelings are especially intense when it comes to kissing, as it is not only an expression of affection, but also of sexual interest. There is a feeling of elation in our bodies when kissing. The cardiovascular system accelerates and adrenaline and dopamine hormones are released. In addition, breathing speeds up and the immune system is stimulated because of the exchange of saliva. The reason is that the bacteria exchanged via saliva causes a boost in the body’s defence system. But there is a lot more to say about kissing besides the health aspects.

Kissing facts – Did you know…?

  • An intense kiss burns approximately 12 calories. But only if it lasts for three minutes 😉
  • When kissing, women perceive an increase in trust between partners. Men on the other hand, perceive an increase in the likelihood of sex.
  • Most people, two-thirds to be exact, turn their head to the right when they kiss.
  • At 97 percent, virtually all women keep their eyes closed while kissing. Whereas this is only true for 30 percent of men.
  • On average, a man will kiss about 100,000 times throughout his lifetime.
  • About 70 percent of men and only 50 percent of women are prepared to kiss someone they have just met.

Types of kisses – What are they?

Types of kisses - What are they?

A kiss on the hand

A kiss on the hand is typically given by a man to a woman and is intended to show his appreciation toward her. Although it might be considered a little old-fashioned nowadays, a kiss on the hand is still the proper traditional way to propose marriage. With the man kneeling down in front of the woman, of course.

A kiss on the cheek

Giving a kiss on the cheek to your partner or a good friend is also a sign of affection and simply means that the one giving the kiss is fond of the other person. A kiss on the cheek is used as a greeting or even a congratulatory gesture in some countries, such as France.

Greetings with a kiss

In some cultures, a kiss on the cheek is used as a greeting – the number of which depends on the region and country. Some kiss only once on the left and once on the right, whereas others kiss four times. There is often confusion over how many kisses should be given and on what side you should begin. If you are travelling in regions with this custom, it’s a good idea to find out beforehand what rules there are regarding kisses and greetings.

The Eskimo kiss

Gently rubbing your noses together is known as an Eskimo kiss. That’s why the Eskimo kiss is also called a nose kiss. The lips aren’t used at all in this case. This form of kissing is a sign of mutual trust and love and is based on the practices of the indigenous people of the Arctic region.

The butterfly kiss

As opposed to most other types of kisses, the lips are not used at all for the butterfly kiss. Instead, the eyelashes are fluttered while touching various parts of your partner’s body.

The French kiss

Partners use their tongues when French kissing each other. This is a very intimate form of kissing, which new couples are particular fond of. It is generally associated with sex and certainly arouses passion. Whether the kiss is delicate and sensual or hot and heavy, all depends on the people kissing.

The tender kiss

A tender kiss can be used in circumstances like a farewell kiss on the first date, or a goodnight kiss before bedtime. The lips gently touch each other without the tongue being used.

Blowing a kiss

Blowing someone a kiss from a distance is a very common gesture to show mutual affection. As there is no touching, blowing someone a kiss has a mostly symbolic meaning.

Kissing pitfalls – What should you watch out for when kissing?

If you have already found your perfect kissing partner, we hope that you continue to enjoy your good fortune. You’ve both played your cards well and made all the right moves when it comes to kissing. But if you’re still searching for the right kissing partner, then bear the following in mind before you get smooching:

  • Too much tongue: If too much tongue is used from the get-go, what starts out as an affectionate snog could turn into a rather unpleasant endeavour for your partner. Take it slow and find out how much tongue your partner uses and prefers.
  • Too much lipstick: Looking good can be particularly important for women, especially at the beginning. That’s why some like to wear quite a bit of lipstick. But after a passionate kiss, lipstick can look anything but nice. Our tip to the ladies: less is more. You don’t want both you and your partner to end up with lipstick everywhere but on your lips, do you?
  • Scratchy beard stubble: Whereas lipstick may be a bit excessive for some women, for some men it is the beard that can cause issues when kissing. Scratchy beard stubble can put a real damper on your kissing experience, especially when there is too much scratchy stubble for the woman. So guys – make sure you shave well and ask your kissing partner what beard length they prefer.
  • Mind your oral hygiene: It’s never an enjoyable experience to kiss someone who has bad breath, smells of garlic or has scraps of food in their mouth. Pay attention to your oral hygiene and warn your kissing partner if you have eaten garlic or onions.

No matter how you express your affection and who you express it with – we at pjur hope you can enjoy heaps of kisses both on World Kiss Day and beyond 🙂

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