Micro-Dating – How to Nurture Your Relationship With These Four Tips

Micro-dating – How to nurture your relationship with these four tips
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We all know how it works – we fall in love, and then normal life takes over again. Sometimes we completely lose touch with each other. Appointments, housework and constant tiredness – over time, it can all make us start to drift apart. All our relationships need is a little TLC. But how do you form new habits, creating little moments where you can escape the humdrum of everyday life to keep your relationship fresh? We take a look at all the hottest tips and tricks for Micro – Dating here. Stay tuned. 🙂

Micro-dating as a new routine

Micro-dating is the hot tip when it comes to nurturing relationships. Micro-dating is exactly what it sounds like – it’s all about having ‘mini’ dates that are easy to incorporate into your daily life, alongside those date nights or holidays you’ve had planned for a while.

It’s not just because simply saying ‘we have regular micro dates’ helps put the relationship firmly back on the list of priorities for both partners. More importantly, micro-dating also helps you to identify common hobbies, make time to talk to each other and look forward to spending time together again. Most importantly of all, no matter what you decide to do for your micro date, mobile phones are strictly forbidden. 😉

Creating shared moments

This can be a cuddle in the morning, a get-together over coffee, a shower together in the evening or your own little shared evening ritual. Whatever it is, it should make you feel good and it shouldn’t take much planning. After all, the aim of micro-dating is not to spend a lot of time planning. Relaxation should be top of the agenda so that you can really enjoy the time you spend together.

Creating shared moments

Escaping the humdrum of everyday life

It doesn’t matter how you do it, it’s good to escape the humdrum of everyday life, however you look at it. Escape is always a good way to strengthen your relationship, as it is almost like running off together and doing something spontaneous. Escaping the monotony of daily life is twice as good then – after all, who doesn’t like to get away from it all from time to time anyway? And when it’s with the person you love most, all the better.

The moments you spend together can be very unique to you, and there are lots of different ways to leave the daily humdrum behind. We’ve taken a closer look at a few tips and ideas and picked out the best suggestions for various times throughout the day.

The early bird  

We’ve all been there – your bed is warm and cosy, you’re still sleepy but soon you’ll be getting up to start the day. Why not set your alarm ten minutes earlier and spend some time snuggling up with your partner? Not only will it do you good, but it will also get your day off to a good start. Alternatively, instead of cuddling you could wake your partner up with a fresh cup of coffee and then crawl back under the duvet. Then you can tell each other about your night or just enjoy each other’s company. If you like morning sex, skip the coffee and see what happens if you try stripping off instead 😊

Take a break together

Yep, that’s right. Even if you don’t work in the same office or work different hours, you can still start working in micro dates. It could be a quick phone call on your lunch break, a special text message or a photo. If you work near each other, you can also meet up on your lunch break for a micro date. Why not try a small café nearby and have lunch together?

Cosy moments count

As well as having dinner together, there are lots of other things you can do in the evenings as a micro date. Running a bath for your partner can really work wonders, for example. Perhaps you could prepare a light evening meal afterwards and talk about the day over a glass of wine. Giving your partner a foot massage or simply making a cup of tea before bed can become a nice ritual, too.

Quick tip: Are you planning a surprise micro date? Send your partner a message around midday to tell them about your idea ­– that way they can look forward to it.

Can micro-dating bring you more satisfaction?

In a word, yes! A study in the US found that 120 students in monogamous relationships reported increased levels of satisfaction in their relationships when they consciously shared moments and experiences with their partners. According to the study, micro-dating – that is, escaping the humdrum of everyday life – can improve relationships.

Now that we know what micro-dating is and how we can incorporate shared moments into our everyday lives, we’re going to leave you with four more exclusive tips to help you master micro-dating.

  1. Identify shared interests and focus on them
    Watching a TV show together in the evenings can be nice, but if you can find something to watch together that you have both been interested in for a long time, that’s even better
  1. Make even the smallest moments special
    Instead of just eating together, think of a theme or an interesting dish you can enjoy together
  1. Micro dates and lovemaking
    It doesn’t matter what you come up with – anything goes. Do you actually just want to start a ‘sitting by the fire’ ritual, but you fancy spicing up your sex life as well? How about keeping some condoms or personal lubricant hidden somewhere in your living room? Give it a try and see if you can incorporate it into an existing ritual.
  2. Relax and let yourself go
    A massage for a date? Absolutely – after all, a massage is incredibly relaxing and makes the perfect micro date. You get to choose whether you just want to unwind and enjoy your massage or catch up with each other about what happened during the day – both can be really nice. And of course there’s nothing to stop you indulging in a little lovemaking too.

So micro-dating isn’t just some new trend that keeps our relationships fresh in the long term. It has also been shown that incorporating little dates into your day-to-day life makes your relationship more satisfying – so what are you waiting for? Get creative and have some fun 😊

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