What Men Can Learn from Vibrators

What Men Can Learn from Vibrators

Finding a vibrator or dildo in your girlfriend’s bedroom can often be a shock. You might start asking yourself some serious questions: Why does my girlfriend need this when she has me? Aren’t I good enough for her in bed? But these are completely the wrong questions to be asking. You should use this discovery to your benefit. After all, the type of vibrator or dildo your girlfriend has can say a lot about her preferences in bed. We’ve taken a closer look to find out what you can learn from your other half’s sex toys.

What you can learn from different vibrators and sex toys

The classic vibrator

If you find a classic vibrator, then, really, you don’t have to make too much of an effort. It means that your girlfriend loves your penis and everything you can do with it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. Try different angles of penetration or different speeds – you’ll soon find out what your girlfriend likes. So get inventive and impress your lady!

The clitoral vibrator

If your girlfriend has one of these, then you need to put her clitoris front and centre – and really take your time with foreplay. She obviously loves having her intimate area stroked – in fact she loves being touched in general – and she may not even need penetration to be satisfied in bed. She might even be one of the many women who can only climax through clitoral stimulation. In any case, the next time you get intimate, focus on her clitoris – you might be able to give her orgasm number one before you even get to penetration.

The G-spot massager

If your girlfriend has a G-spot massager then you should really go looking for her G-spot yourself in future – if you haven’t already done so, that is. The G-spot is reportedly located on the front vaginal wall behind the opening to the vagina. Every woman is different but it is supposed to be between 2.5 and 7 centimetres behind the vaginal opening. This is a particularly sensitive area for women as there is a greater concentration of nerve endings here. If you’re looking to stimulate her G-spot during penetration there are a number of positions that will raise your chances of success: the spooning position, doggy style or the riding position. These are all positions that allow you to stimulate the vaginal wall. You can also stimulate the G-spot with your fingers. You’re most likely to find it, though, if your partner is already aroused. This is because the area around the urethra swells up when a woman is aroused, giving you a better chance of hitting the sweet spot.

What you can learn from different vibrators and sex toys

Vibrating eggs

If you find vibrating eggs in your girlfriend’s bedroom you might be wondering what on earth they are. These vibrating love eggs are inserted in the vagina and can be activated by remote control. The strength of the vibrations can be regulated, just like a normal vibrator. And because this sex toy can be worn and activated anywhere, there’s every chance that your girlfriend could be a bit of a thrill-seeker. Maybe it’s time for sex in a public place? Or you could at least ask her if you can use the remote next time around 😉

The finger vibrator

Identifying a finger vibrator as a sex toy is no easy task – so kudos! But if your girlfriend does have one, then she may not be a fan of hard sex. There’s a good chance she prefers gentle seduction. A finger vibrator is designed to be placed on or between any finger and can be used to stimulate almost any erogenous zone. Touch and vibration can stimulate many different areas on the body, for example, directly on the clitoris, the intimate area in general, the neck, ear, nipples or anus. It’s all about finding out what she likes. For all you know, she might love being touched behind her ear but you’ve just never tried; until now, that is. So stroke and touch your girlfriend – not just in her intimate area but all over her body. See what hits the spot for her. Then, you’ll know exactly what to do to get her really aroused in future.

The rabbit vibrator

If your girlfriend uses a rabbit vibrator, then she likes – maybe even needs – to be stimulated in two ways: clitoral and vaginal. Once you know this, you can put theory into practice the next time you get it on and give your partner double the pleasure. In the right position, you can penetrate your girlfriend and stimulate her clitoris at the same time. Doggy style is great for this. You can also use your tongue during oral sex to stimulate her clitoris while your fingers stimulate her vaginally. That’s guaranteed to blow her mind!

As you see, it’s no bad thing to find out that your girlfriend has a vibrator or other sex toy. It can tell you what your girlfriend likes. You can use this knowledge to surprise her and make your sex life even more exciting. And, of course, you can also include the vibrator or sex toy in your love life. After all, they’re not the competition. They can really spice up your bedroom antics. So give it a go and enjoy 😉

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