Anal Sex – a Taboo That Can Be Lots of Fun

Tips for anal sex that’s fun
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Taboo or not – according to a US study on anal sex, 36 percent of men and 42 percent of women have tried it at least once. Very few people talk about it, because it isn’t seen as socially acceptable. Here at pjur love, we want to break the taboo. This article therefore takes a closer look at anal sex, as well as how to enjoy it pain-free.

What exactly is anal sex?

Although most people will already know, we want to explain it again briefly here. With anal sex, a man’s erect penis is inserted into the anus of his sexual partner – either a man or a woman. There is always one active partner and one passive partner. The active partner penetrates the anus, whilst the passive partner is penetrated. The special thing about anal sex is that both men and women can find anal penetration extremely stimulating. In men, the sensitive prostate gland is stimulated, and in women it is the so-called A-spot. This is behind the G-spot, just in front of the cervix. In addition to the A-spot, anal sex also indirectly stimulates the vagina in women, as it lies directly behind the anus. Of course, anal sex should be lots of fun for the active partner, too, because the anus is much tighter than a woman’s vagina, resulting in particularly intense stimulation.

Common false assumptions about anal sex

The taboo subject of anal sex is surrounded by lots of preconceptions and myths that we would want to debunk. Firstly, lots of women worry about pain and even the possibility of tearing the sphincter muscle. It is true that there is no natural lubrication in the anal region, making penetration more difficult than it is in a woman’s vagina. Help is at hand, however – you must ensure appropriate anal lubrication yourself. More on that later. Secondly, there are lots of women who still think that anal sex primarily benefits men and is particularly stimulating for them. And if a woman doesn’t want it, then it usually won’t result in the special orgasm that women are capable of experiencing with anal sex. There are also lots of people who think that anal sex is only possible in one position – doggy – but that is far from the only position for enjoying good anal sex. There are virtually no limits here, and you can try anything – depending on what you prefer, how agile you are and what you fancy trying. Cowgirl position is a good one to start with, for example, because the passive partner can start by deciding how deep and how fast they want it.

What exactly is anal sex?

Tips for anal sex that’s fun

If you haven’t tried anal sex yet but are curious to find out how it feels, follow our tips to help you to enjoy anal sex without any pain, and maybe even with some completely new sensations:

  1. When it comes to anal sex, hygiene is always especially important. The anal region is a sensitive area for a lot of people. You should therefore have a shower or even a bath before having anal sex. Not only will it help to ensure you are properly clean but it will also help you to relax. Which brings us to our second tip.
  2. Relaxation is key – both for you and your partner. If the passive partner is not relaxed, anal sex can quickly become painful. Take it slowly and let yourselves go. That’s the only way to make sure anal sex is an exciting adventure.
  3. We have already touched on the fact that the anal region has no natural lubrication. It is therefore vital that you use a personal lubricant. This is the only way to prevent excessive rubbing and guarantee the slippery feeling that is needed. One example is the silicone-based pjur analyse me! Relaxing Silicone Anal Glide, which not only ensures long-lasting lubrication but also contains extracts of jojoba, which softens and moisturizes the skin, making it soft and smooth, thereby relaxing the sphincter. It is important to note that the pjur analyse me! RELAXING silicone anal glide can also be used with latex condoms, because…
  4. …protection is also vital when having anal sex. It is possible to catch sexually transmitted diseases during anal sex, too. So it is best to use a condom. Just as there are with lubricants, there are also special anal sex condoms, which are especially suitable for anal sex and are a little sturdier than the ones designed for vaginal sex. Women shouldn’t forget birth control with anal sex either, as sperm can enter the vagina from the anus, too.
  5. Before penetrating the anus with the penis, it can be a good idea to stimulate the anus first and prepare it for anal sex. This can be done with your finger. Simply stimulate the anus with a little anal sex massage using your finger. There are also lots of anal sex toys available, which can be used for anal sex massage. If a finger or anal sex toy has been used, it must be cleaned before being used to stimulate the vagina.
  6. The passive partner who is to be penetrated should determine the speed, particularly at the beginning. It is best to take it slowly at first, as otherwise it can be painful rather than pleasurable.
  7. Talk to each other about what feels good – and what doesn’t. If one partner is finding it too uncomfortable, you should stop and try again another time instead.

Anal sex can be a lot of fun. But it does take a certain amount of preparation. Relax, follow our tips, have an exciting adventure, and maybe you’ll discover a completely new sexual experience. Have fun!

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