How to Survive a Break-up

How to Survive a Break-up

It’s always hard when a relationship comes to an end—whether the decision to split up is by mutual agreement or one person has decided to end it. Although it’s even harder for the person left behind, a separation is never easy to deal with. However, pjur love has gone on the hunt for ways to help both men and women to get over a break-up more easily.

Before we give you a few tips on how to come to terms with the end of a relationship more easily, there are said to be two types of people when it comes to how we deal with this:

  1. Those who abandon themselves to their heartbreak. Ice cream, tearjerkers and romantic films—they don’t offer any escape. These types wallow in the pain they feel over the break-up and find it extremely difficult to find a way out of this behaviour. Many women deal with a break-up in this way.
  2. Those who frantically try to distract themselves. Simply by avoiding spending time on their own, or preferably by always having something to provide a good distraction. Often, this also means diving straight into the next adventure—often in the form of one-night stands. This group includes lots of men. Yet usually it doesn’t help any more than the first type, as replacing an ex-boyfriend or an ex-girlfriend simply isn’t that easy.

How to handle a break-up better

Cut them out of your life

When you’re feeling heartbroken, unfortunately it can often be very tempting to wear your sweetheart’s favourite jumper again, to watch your ex’s every move on social media and maybe even to turn up somewhere where you know they will be. Unfortunately, this only makes things worse. That’s why the first rule following a break-up should always be to cut your ex out of your life. Although many may think this is a drastic step, it can help a lot to unfriend them on social media and even to delete their phone number to remove the temptation of contacting them again. After all, ‘Out of sight, out of mind,’ as they say. This will mean you are reminded of your ex-partner less and may help you to move on more quickly. This also means getting rid of their things or giving them back. Anything that serves as an unnecessary reminder of the break-up should be removed.

Express your emotions

If you feel like crying, let yourself cry. People who suppress their emotions usually find it takes longer to come to terms with the past. So instead of always being strong, it’s important to give free rein to your emotions. It can also help to talk to someone about how you’re feeling and about just how tough you’re finding things at the moment.

Remind yourself why

Relationships end for a reason. We usually forget these reasons when we’re feeling truly lovesick. In these cases, it can help to write down the reasons why the relationship came to an end. It can also be helpful to talk to someone who can list the reasons why it’s good that the relationship is over for you. Did your best friend never like your partner? Great, then they’ll be able to tell you again why you’re better off without your partner.

How to handle a break-up better

Rediscover yourself

After a long-term relationship, people often can’t remember what it’s like only having themselves to think about. You’ll quickly discover how great it can be! You can decide for yourself what you eat in the evening, what film you watch and where you go on holiday. Above all, during this difficult time you should look after yourself and only do things that are good for you.

Enjoy the single life

That doesn’t just mean snapping up the next best guy or girl. Instead, make a conscious effort to look at other people again and flirt. When you’ve been in a long-term relationship, it’s easy to forget how exciting it can be to get to know new people and slowly get closer to them.

Time heals all wounds

‘It will pass. Time heals all wounds.’ Anyone hearing this old adage when they are nursing a broken heart will find it hard to believe. But it is actually true. At some point, the pain will start to fade. Even though it usually takes a huge effort to get through that time until things get better, you won’t be sad about your ex-partner for ever. Promise!

Desperate attempts to win them back—a very bad idea

If someone decides to split up, it’s usually after careful consideration and the person who has ended the relationship is highly unlikely to have a change of heart. The worst thing you can do is to chase after your ex-partner and beg them to come back. Not only will you push your former partner further away from you, but it’s completely the wrong thing for yourself too. Instead of getting over your ex, it only makes the feelings of heartbreak and desperation worse. That’s why you should always follow our first tip, to cut your ex out of your life. That’s the only way to survive a break-up as easily as possible.

It always takes a little time to get over a break-up. Everyone has their own way of dealing with it when a relationship ends and some people take longer to get over it than others. We hope anyone struggling with a break-up will find the approaches in this article help them at least a little to get over the split more quickly. After all, when you’ve survived a break-up it’s even more special when you fall in love again

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