Love Is in the Air – Put the Butterflies Back in Your Bellies

Do you also have the feeling that your relationship has become a bit humdrum lately? Then why not take a breath of fresh air this summer! It’s the perfect time to do it – with the warmer weather, a snatch of sunshine and everyone flaunting a bit more skin. The following tips can help you and your partner rekindle the romance – both in your day-to-day lives and between the sheets!

1. Snogs & snuggles

We all remember those butterflies in our bellies at the beginning of a relationship. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to keep that feeling alive forever? In long-term relationships however, it is usually the everyday same old, same old that prevails and we forget to snog and snuggle. But it can be quite easy to bring a bit more love into your daily routine. Try snogging and snuggling with your partner again as you did when you first fell in love. Just take back those intimate moments you had at the start!

2. Spend some quality time together

A couple should spend some quality time together

Do you often have the feeling of being together, but apart? Unfortunately, many couples are living parallel lives. Instead of talking to each other over dinner, they play on their mobile phones and essentially eat alone. Try having a conversation again! Everyone has their own individual experiences every day that are worth sharing. Show some interest in each other and spend real quality time together!

3. Create rituals to spark intimacy

A good night kiss, a coffee together before work, a nice long breakfast on Saturday morning, have dinner together, take a walk and hold hands – there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate rituals into your relationship. Create your own rituals and give your relationship more grounding, strengthen the trust and find more happiness.

4. Free space for more tenderness

You can only miss your partner when you spend time apart. Moments of desire will be few and far between if you are constantly hanging around each other. Do something alone every now and again and learn to miss your partner. Why not have a weekend away with the girls in another city or go on a football trip with the lads? You will miss your partner, appreciate them more and rekindle the passion!

5. Lavish foreplay

Sex is something of a side note in our daily routines – and not necessarily the greatest side note any more. Take time out for your sex life. Foreplay can strengthen intimacy. Give each other a nice, slow massage!

6. Different times, new positions, varied places

Rather than just jumping right in, many people in long-term relationships ask themselves: does my partner want to have sex now, too? Maybe I’m too tired – I do have to wake up quite early in the morning? Most of the time these situations do not end in love making. But making small changes is often enough to keep the passion alive in your love life:

  • Instead of only making love in the evenings, why not set your alarm a little earlier in the morning every once in a while? What a perfect start to the day!
  • Make an appointment for a sex date after work. And look forward to it all day long 😉
  • Try out some new positions. You can both decide which position you’d like to try out together or choose a new position on your own and surprise your partner.
  • Limiting your sex life to the bedroom is anything but exciting in the long run. Why not try it in the shower, on the couch or on the living room carpet?

Spice up your love life

7. Spice up your love life with sexual aids

Have you ever tried a personal lubricant or a sex toy to help spice up your love life? No? Then it’s about time you did. As a couple, sexual aids offer a number of new possibilities that you may not be familiar with. Why not try a personal lubricant from pjur? Our pjur ORIGINAL is one of the most sold silicone-based lubricants in the world. The silicone molecules it contains are not absorbed by the skin but remain on the surface. This allows for extra long-lasting lubrication – and extra long-lasting fun! Our pjur WOMAN is suitable for the areas of sensitive skin on a woman’s body. Give it a go. We offer a number of additional products, which can all open up new experiences for you.

8. Take some initiative and open your minds up to a new experience!

Surprise your partner with sex at a time or maybe even a place that they aren’t expecting. That will help bring more excitement into your love life 😉 Keep your minds open to new ideas and try to fulfil your partner’s desires. Have a chat about what you like and have a go at something new!

We hope you fall head over heels in love again this summer and have plenty of fun!

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