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Every year on 1 December, World AIDS Day focuses global attention on the fight against HIV and AIDS. Considering the figures below, this appears to be urgently needed. Alarming statistics reported in a German study conducted by the market research institute show that around 19.3%, or one fifth of all German men, don’t use a condom during one-night stands. They thereby run the risk of unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and in the worst cases, HIV infections. A total of 15.6% of the German population do not use a condom during sexual intercourse. Internationally it seems to be the same: too many people don’t use condoms during sexual intercourse. pjur takes a closer look at why the use of condoms is so unpopular among men and how this is mainly caused by incorrect condom size, and explores how to achieve great sex with condoms.

Why men prefer it without

Men seem to feel that using a condom decreases sensitivity and can cause erectile dysfunction or allergies and many protest against having protected sex with the standard line, “Oh come on, not with a condom”. These are all too familiar arguments heard by most women. But why is that?

  • Men believe that using a condom decreases their sensitivity. But this can mostly be chalked up to bad experiences they have had with condoms in the past. Our tips on finding the right condom size and achieving great sex using condoms can help change all that.
  • Men seem to like to jump right in with sex. Having to stop to use a condom can change the mood entirely.
  • And many no longer feel that sexually transmitted diseases pose a real threat. Men (and many women) seem to believe that sexually transmitted diseases are easily treatable. But there are no two ways about it – they are underestimating the risks.

Why condom use is beneficial…

More Fun with the Right Condom Size

… because those are all just lame excuses and it usually just boils down to the wrong condom size. Unfortunately, many men wrongly (over)estimate the size of their greatest asset ;). Also, and of course most importantly, there is the risk of infection with a sexually transmitted disease. Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV are just a few of the STDs you are at risk of contracting when having unprotected sexual intercourse. These diseases are caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses that thrive in the warmth and moisture of the genital area. See below a small sample of what you can expect if confronted with a sexually transmitted disease:

  • Chlamydia: The bacteria responsible for this sexually transmitted disease cause inflammation of the urinary and reproductive organs. For women, the initial symptoms of the infection include a severe and occasionally purulent vaginal discharge as well as an itching and burning sensation while urinating. If the infection spreads, it can also infect the uterine cavity and the fallopian tubes. This can result in fever and abdominal pain. For men, chlamydia also initially causes inflammation of the urethra. It can also cause a purulent discharge in men, as well as an itching and burning sensation while urinating. If the inflammation spreads in men, it can infect the intestines, the epididymis as well as the prostate. In the worst case scenario, this can cause infertility. Chlamydia can be treated with antibiotics.
  • Syphilis: The bacteria that cause syphilis enter the body through tiny cuts or abrasions in the mucous membrane and are highly contagious, especially in the initial stages. If the disease is not detected and remains untreated, this could drag on for a long time. Inflammation caused by syphilis can occur in the genital area, mouth or anus – depending on sexual practices. After a few weeks, flu-like symptoms may develop and rashes may appear on the skin. If the disease continues to go undetected for years, it can even cause paralysis and attack the organs. Once detected, syphilis can be treated with antibiotics.

Those are only two (frightening) examples of the potential consequences of not using a condom. What many don’t know is that you can have really great sex with condoms. The reason behind the perception that sex is more fun without a condom is usually just having the wrong condom size.

What different condom sizes are available?

Currently, most condoms are made of latex. Some men are allergic to latex, but latex-free alternatives are also available. So the excuse of being allergic to latex, is just that – an excuse. Condom sizes generally range from slim, small, large and king size. The standard condom size is 52 mm wide and 185 mm long. But this condom size is only the right choice for a very small percentage of men.

How can men calculate the right condom size

Going in and buying the first pack of standard size condoms you see at the local petrol station is unfortunately not the solution to the problem. It is important for every man to really get to know his own assets. Choosing the right condom is not about the size, but about the girth of the penis. That means it’s important to measure your penis!

This measurement should be done when the penis is erect. You can measure it best with a flexible tape measure. As girth is important in choosing the perfect condom size, this should be measured first. Simply place the tape measure at the thickest point of the penis and measure. After measuring the girth, the length should be measured as well. Here, place the tape measure closely against the penis in order to measure the length accurately.

Once you have that information, there is only one more issue. Unlike clothing, condoms don’t come in uniform condom size units. The following table shows a few examples:

Length Girth/Circumference Condom size
8.0 cm 9.0 cm 47 mm
9.0 cm 10.0 cm 49 mm
10.0 cm 9.0 cm 47 mm
11.0 cm 9.5 cm 69 mm
12.0 cm 11.0 cm 53 mm
13.0 cm 12.0 cm 57 mm
14.0 cm 9.0 cm 47 mm
15.0 cm 12.0 cm 57 mm
16.0 cm 10.0 cm 53 mm

Those are just a few examples. You can find condom size calculators online. Enter your own individual measurements to find out what condom size is just right for you.

The condom size is usually listed on the side or back of the condom packaging. Take a bit of extra time and have a closer look at the condom sizes listed. It might also be a good idea to order your next condoms online. The internet offers a large selection of condoms. Buy condoms that match your size. You can find your custom condom size online.

Tips for even better sex with condoms

You’ll soon notice that sex with condoms can be fantastic once you have the right condom size. But there are more tips that can help you have even better sex with condoms:

  • Most people are not keen to waste much time in those moments of ecstasy. Make sure you always have a condom within reach for when the moment is right.
  • Never use your teeth to put on a condom. Always use your hands or have your partner put the condom on for you. That’s an exciting prospect for a man, right? And never use your teeth to open the condom wrapper!
  • Make sure the condom is the right way round. The roll of the condom should face outward. That will help speed things up a bit 😉
  • You can also use a condom to control sex in a number of different ways. If you want to extend your fun, use a slightly thicker condom. This will help you delay the climax. Or use a thinner condom if you’re more in the mood for a quickie.
  • Try a flavoured or ribbed condom. There is a large variety available, passionate fun to be had with condoms!
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